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October 8, 1969 (Regarding a letter from the healer in which he asks Mother if he could contact the Indian government and obtain its collabo ration to spread the "Spiritual message" as he understands it.) I got a letter from A.R. You should read it .... I am absolutely convinced that he can't do ANYTHING with the government, absolutely nothing. But just to please him, I arranged a meeting with N.S. [[N.S. is a disciple of Mother's who accompanied Indira Gandhi during her visit of October 6, and who holds a minister's post. ]] and she accepted, but she had something else to do and couldn't be there. Did he tell you anything? He didn't mention it to me, but he did
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/April 26_1969.htm
April 26, 1969 (Mother first shows a note she has written about religions:) The attitude to be taken towards religions: A benevolent goodwill towards all worshippers. An enlightened indifference towards all religions. All religions are partial approaches to the one simple Truth that is far above them. Then replies to questions from the New Age Association: In what sense is our Yoga an adventure? We may say it is an adventure because it is the first time that the yoga aims at the transformation and divinization of physical life, instead of aiming at escaping from it. Why is faith supremely important in the yoga? Because we are
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/February 5_1969.htm
February 5, 1969 I have a feeling there was something, and then ... (Mother searches for something on the table beside her). There was positively something to be done ... and you'll see, once you've left, I'll find it again! I remember having said, "Ah, I will do this on Wednesday with Satprem." Oh, maybe it's here (Mother looks at her cluttered table), there's a heap of letters ... frightening! Too bad. It was something interesting .... (long silence) At the same time, I remember a vision of the night in which I did a work with numbers and put the numbers - figures and groups of figures - in a certain position. That's what I wanted to tell you. In Page 44 the "d
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/December 17_1969.htm
December 17, 1969 I've had a revelation. Ah! It was very interesting. That is, I was completely silent, and all of a sudden, it came, and as always it kept insisting until I noted it down. It came in the wake of a question: "What is death? ..." But then, the answer wasn't at all on the ordinary plane, which means that the mind was perfectly silent. It came like this, imperative (Mother laughs): Death is the decentralization of the consciousness contained in the body's cells. Page 475 With a whole world of perceptions at the same time (Mother makes a gesture around her), like a general terrestrial consciousness, with examples showing that it's only w
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/November 8_1969.htm
November 8, 1969 (The conversation begins ten minutes early. Mother hands a "Transformation "flower to Satprem.) <413> Would you like one? Yes, it's necessary! They're pretty ... Only one is necessary: all the way down, this one (Mother gives the flower, laughing). To you (to Sujata) I give four. There. But does it get done independently of our effort? Something is done, that I know. Something is done. The Pressure is very strong, and some people even take it to be discomfort. I made the experiment on my body: the moment of the change of authority - you know, it goes from one authority to another - is always difficult, and if one isn't aware one can t
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/December 20_1969.htm
December 20, 1969 (Mother gives Satprem a Champak flower.) Do you know what it is? ... It's the "divine psychological perfection." So someone asked me, "What's divine psychological perfection?" - A smile in any circumstance ... Good .... You know that I went to the Madras airport yesterdayto bring my mother here. Every time, I really feel as if I had entered a world ... I don't know ... another world. Another world. Really, I've never had in my life that impression to such a point, as if entering a nonhuman world, I don't know what world that is - like a dream world, a world devoid of existence, false, empty. Page 478 Mechanical.
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/September 27_1969.htm
September 27, 1969 (A.R., the healer, enters; Mother gives him a red rose.) (A.R.:) Thank you ... I come to you as a child thirsting and hungering for Truth, Justice, and the Knowledge of spiritual laws. Please give me this nourishment that is the knowledge of the laws, so I may serve the Divine in the most perfect universal Harmony. (silence) (To Satprem:) Did you tell him that I don't speak? (Satprem to A.R.:) Mother doesn't speak. If he has something to say, he can do so. (Satprem:) What is the central question that preoccupies you? (A.R.:) The central question ... The central question for me,with regard to past experiences, is t
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/February 26_1969.htm
February 26, 1969 A few days ago (two or three), Pavitra got a letter from France, from someone who wrote (Mother laughs) that according to a few French people who had visited the Ashram, morals have become quite "lax" at the Ashram and everything is in a pitiful state .... So then, this person sends his "wishes" for "the Ashram's morals to be raised again ...." Pavitra asked me, "Should we reply?" At the time I said (laughing), "Don't bother replying, there's nothing to say" But once he had left, it came (gesture from above), not exactly as an answer to that person, but an answer to a rather common state of mind. It came in French first, in three parts: one sentence, then a whole g
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/July 12_1969.htm
July 12, 1969 The nights are beginning to be interesting! Very interesting, because I have a vision - I don't know where it is, whether it's in the subtle physical (probably so) - a symbolic vision, but active (it's an action), a vision of what's happening, but then ... (Mother smiles) AS IT Is, not as people see it! Things here are always cloaked in a number of clothes, it's never the exact thing, but there, it is the exact thing. Just now ... Last night, I had a long activity, and I wondered, "But why am I seeing all this?" A long activity (I'll tell you what it was), and just now, Z was here and started telling me the difficulties they have with the servants .... "Ah," I thought, "he
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/January 22_1969.htm
January 22, 1969 (Again regarding the descent of the superman consciousness.) I wanted to tell you something, and it's gone .... There's been such a hurly-burly since this morning. (Mother remains absorbed) I told you how I was surrounded [by a rampart] .... Oh, but this Page 32 consciousness is very interesting! It gives me lessons all the time, it's very interesting! He [[He = the mentor. ]] gives me lessons during the night to tell me the things that must change, and with symbolic sounds to make me clearly understand: he makes me LIVE certain situations to know what needs to be changed - what he does is first-rate! It's going on in every detail. I can't