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March 30, 1963 Last time, you said, "As that Security was taking root more and more, more and more firmly, and was spreading ..." Do you mean that Sri Aurobindo's very presence ... Yes. Yes. Yet, the world was in quite a turmoil? That's just what I mean: the world wasn't ready, and there was ... (what shall I say?) the paradox of a center of Security in total contradiction with the general world condition. He himself said it: "The world is not ready." So ... That's what I meant, his physical presence was the sign of Security taking root, but the world wasn't ready. So, as the effect Page 103 of his presence kept increasing, it brought about an increasing contradict
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July 31, 1963 Mother seems quite shaken and tired, though smiling as always I've made a discovery - not positively a discovery, but a confirmation. A rather interesting observation. There was a sort of periodicity in the attacks - can I call them "physical "? ... They're not physical, although they're on the body. They didn't recur at exactly regular intervals, because the periods of time in between weren't always the same, but there was a sort of analogy, of similarity in the circumstances. And now I have come to a kind of certainty. The work consists, I could say, in ... either removing or transforming (I am not sure which of the two) all the body's cells that are or have been
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December 25, 1963 (Mother looks tired) How are your nights? Not too conscious. That doesn't matter (!) If you get rest, that's all that is needed. Last night there was a perpetual harassment. (silence) There is at the moment an entire study going on in the subconscient on the cause of illnesses. I am not seeing very pleasant things.... There is a whole zone in the most material vital which penetrates, as it were, the subtle physical - that's where illnesses are formed. You see swarms of completely crooked formations - a lack of sincerity. And it expresses itself in images: I see all kinds of people and do all kinds of things in a special zone - the same people who
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_04/January 9_1963.htm
January 9, 1963 ... How people love to bustle about How they need to bustle about in order to feel alive! Isn't that so? *** (Mother refers to the "Bulletin" and in particular to the Talk of July 3, 1957, in which she narrated her symbolic vision of the "Big Hotel" in perpetual demolition [[See Agenda 1, p. 104. ]]:) But all this seems to me on the outside. I understand it may interest people, but it's still one of the things that make me smile. That's how I see it. Even this vision. I have three or four of them every night, great visions, with all the complications, [[The yoga's collective difficulties. ]] all the symbols, all the explanations. And I meet people ... who are
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_04/July 24_1963.htm
July 24, 1963 (Mother first reads in English an unpublished letter of Sri Aurobindo's:) "About the present civilisation, it is not this which has to be saved; it is the world that has to be saved and that will surely be done, though it may not be so easily or so soon as some wish or imagine or in the way that they imagine. The present must surely change, but whether by a destruction or a new construction on the basis of a greater Truth, is the issue. The Mother has left ... (Mother laughs) this question hanging and I can only do the same." (September 1945) It's marvelous! (Mother laughs) Marvelous. And it was written in '45, that is to say during the war - the war hadn't ended ye
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May May 3, 1963 Did X tell you something about world events, about war? He said what he always says, that there is going to be war. That war is certain. War is always there, it seems! Do you see new things on that level? You know, I live from day to day. With only the feeling of "that" moving on very fast. By "that," I mean a large number of things. It's very hard to say, really. It's the perception of a terrestrial movement more than anything else. So the details are unimportant in themselves, but they are symptomatic of the whole. I mean that difficulties, obstacles, battles, victories, advances are in themselves nothing but indications of a general movement: at times
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_04/June 26_1963_b.htm
M o t h e r's   A g e n d a   1963-06-26 June 26, 1963 (Letter to Mother from Sujata) Wednesday Little Mother, I had a dream this afternoon. I told it to Satprem, who said I should write to you about it. I was on a staircase that looked like the one leading to the meditation room. Two Ashram girls, about sixteen or seventeen years old, were there, waiting to go upstairs to see "mother." When I heard that, I was seized by a sense of great danger. Because I KNEW that You weren't there. So I began to give instructions to the two girls, whom I knew, in fact, one especially. I don't remember what I told them but it was a matter of will - of life and death. The girl who knew me well promised she would
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_04/August 31_1963.htm
August 31, 1963 (Mother looks at Satprem for a long time) I saw a new thing in front of you. Page 292 You were in a sort of golden light, rather solid, and then from here (the throat) down to here (the solar plexus), there were all the Tantric colors, you know, all the shades. I don't know if you have ever seen them: the Tantrics have an atmosphere with all the colors, not mixed together but side by side. It's a kind of "chart of powers," and according to the color they select and pick out, or use, it serves one purpose or another: one is for health, another for progress, another for understanding, and so forth. That chart was with you, and I saw your hand moving as if you wer
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September 7, 1963 (The beginning of this conversation was to disappear, but Satprem chanced on it on a second track of the tape-recording. He found it charming and inserted it back here. Quite often he deleted these beginnings of conversations.... Here the subject was his health, Sujata having written to Mother that it was deteriorating" and proposed that a supplementary diet be given him.) Page 304 So, let me contemplate you! (laughter) How are you, mon petit? There is some improvement. A little better.... And that food, is it all right? Yes, it seems to be helping. Here ... (Mother gives a white hibiscus): it's the "will one with the Divine Will" - when they'
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January 18, 1963 (Satprem suggests to Mother to publish in the next "Bulletin," of February, her entire talk on "God's laughter," and in particular the whole passage in which she said: "It's dreadful to take life seriously! Those who have given me the most difficulties have always been the people who take life seriously.") Oh, no! It's charming, though. I don't think it would be wise to put this in the Bulletin. There are so many people, in fact, who don't care a whit about anything, who don't take life seriously, but in the wrong way: they don't take seriously what they have to do, they don't take their progress seriously, they take nothing seriously - they go to the movie