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Money From the beginning Mother used to count the money offered, carefully separating the notes according to the denominations, clipping them and so on. She would arrange notes in a uniform manner - heads up, same size notes in one bundle etc. If anyone had put together notes topsy turvy and somehow packeted them, she would at times exclaim: Clumsy ways of people! She said that she herself was handling money because when it was so treated, money tended to flow in more and more. ‘Champaklal Speaks’ P. 36
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Dining Room Food Some one had complained to the Mother that some people were taking their food in carriers and sharing it with unauthorised persons in their rooms. Mother: People are dishonest. (She repeated this remark thrice and showed her displeasure by her expression.) She remained quiet. After some time that day I asked: Suppose I take my loaf which comes to me as my quota, I give it to somebody who has permission to stay here but is so poor that he cannot afford to pay for food from Dining Room. The person is very anxious to stay here. If I give my share to him, under these circumstances, is it still dishonest, is it stealing? Mother: Yes. C: Mot
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Waste Food … A strong, ardent, sincere campaign against the waste of food is essential and full-heartedly I approve of it. Let the inmates of the Ashram show their goodwill and collaboration in never eating more than they can digest and never asking for more than they can eat. The Mother 17:270
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Refusal I asked “Prosperity" for two hard-cover notebooks, but they weren’t given. Did You refuse them? No, I didn’t refuse anything; they must have run out of note-books and new ones will have to be made. But to tell the truth, you use a fantastic number of notebooks. I am sure that you have a large number of them in which only a few pages are written on, and they could well be used for something else. It is never good to waste things --- too many people in the world do not have what they need. The Mother 17:154
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Work – Cooking – Waste Too strong a fire burns the food, spoils the vessel and wastes the fuel. A slow fire means a little longer time for the cooking but also a nicer result in cooking. Hurried work is always bad work; time must be given if you want good results. The Mother ‘Champaklal Speaks’ P. 245
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-006_Mother^s ways.htm Mother’s Ways Someone once gave to Mother small bits of fine paper. Mother used it. And the next time that person came, she showed and told him: see how I have used your paper. Naturally he was very happy and went on to share the happy news with others. Very soon people started sending all kinds of paper, blocks after blocks of paper began to pour in. One day someone brought old paper. And Mother was obliged to use that paper first because that would be spoilt earlier. So it was kept on Mother’s table. I saw it but what could I do? Still I said: Mother, people like to keep your writing and they preserve the papers on which you write to them. These papers are old. Why
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Mastery of the Material Wanton waste, careless spoiling of physical things in an incredibly short time, loose disorder, misuse of service and materials due either to vital grasping or to tamasic inertia are baneful to prosperity and tend to drive away or discourage the Wealth-Power. These things have long been rampant in the society and, if that continues, an increase in our means might well mean a proportionate increase in the wastage and disorder and neutralise the material advantage. This must be remedied if there is to be any sound progress. Asceticism for its own sake is not the ideal of this yoga, but self-control in the vital and right order in the materi
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Old Soap-Bits and World’s Economy Mother gave a new soap for Sri Aurobindo’s use and asked me if I had kept the little bits of old ones. She knew I must have preserved them. I said: Yes. Mother: Then bring them; they will be given to Pavitra and he will make a nice big cake out of them. I give all my bits to him and he prepares a big cake out of them. (It was war-time and there was difficulty in getting soaps from France.) Mother noticed from my expression that I was not enthusiastic. She went on to ask me: Are you using them? C: No, Mother. Mother: Then, why waste? If you were using them it would be all right; otherwise why not use them this way? Now ha
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Prevent Waste When I first joined the Ashram there was a wonderful organization there to prevent waste. Bits of soap or candle, empty match boxes, even half burnt match-sticks, pieces of paper, old envelops, pieces of cloth, all the things we normally throw away were collected at the Ashram in a very organized manner. There was a special place or receptacle where each group of things had to be kept and they were then put to use in some form or other. Bits of soap were melted and made into soap for our use. The same with candles. Used envelopes were turned inside out and re-used. Scraps of paper went to the making of hand-made paper. Pieces of cloth were joined together and m
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Wastage …The ways of Nature are slow, obscure and complicated. She takes a very long time to do a thing which could probably be done much more rapidly, easily and without wastage by means of the spirit. At present there is a terrible wastage in the world. But the thing is done. The Mother 5: 343