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PART II SOME PERSPECTIVES OF THE SAVITRI UPAKHYANA The story of Savitri narrated by Rishi Markandeya to Yudhishthira appears as a minor episode or upakhyana in seven cantos of the Book of the Forest in the Mahabharata (Pativrata Mahatmya, Chapters 293-299, Vana Parva, Gita Press, Gorakhpur). The immediate purpose of the narration seems to be the alleviation of grief of the eldest of the Pandavas, afflicted as he was by the sad helpless plight of his brothers and more so by the plight of their common wife Draupadi. This virtuous daughter of Drupada, the king of Panchala Desh, was born in the purity of a sacrificial flame and was radiant and beautifu
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Deshpande, R. Y./English/Vyasa^s Savitri/Vyasa^s Savitri Canto-3.htm
-03_Vyasa^s Savitri Canto-3.htm The Marriage of Satyavan and Savitri; by her Work and Service Savitri's Keeping the In-Laws and Everybody Happy and Pleased. Markandeya said: Then the King paid attention to the details of giving his daughter in marriage; by arranging for the needed materials he got everything ready for the wedding. Page – 22 He invited the elderly Brahmins, and all the priests officiating at the holy sacrifice, and the reciters of the Riks; choosing an auspicious day and hour he, along with them, and his daughter, set out on the journey. On reaching the de
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Deshpande, R. Y./English/Vyasa^s Savitri/Vyasa^s Savitri Canto-5.htm
-05_Vyasa^s Savitri Canto-5.htm The Dialogue between Savitri and Yama; with Savitri's Commendable Utterances Yama's Getting Pleased and his Granting her Several Boons; Satyavan's Coming back to Life and, after Some Talk Amongst them, their Setting forth towards the Ashram. Markandeya said: Then he, lustrous in strength, and helped by his wife, collected a basketful of fruits and began chopping the firewood. But, while hewing the branches, he started sweating profusely and, as a result of that hard labour, suffering a severe headache. Distressed as he was, he went closer to his loving wife and in t
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Deshpande, R. Y./English/Vyasa^s Savitri/Vyasa^s Savitri Canto-7.htm
-07_Vyasa^s Savitri Canto-7.htm Request from the Citizens of Shalwa to Dyumatsena to Return and to Rule over the Kingdom, the Coronation Ceremony, and the Fulfilment of the Boons by Getting a Hundred Sons and a Hundred Brothers. Page – 85 Markandeya said: When the night was over and the solar orb had well ascended they, all rich in austerities, performed their morning rituals and gathered again. All those great Rishis spoke to Dyumatsena of the extreme good fortune of Savitri and were not contented even though they expressed it again and again. About the same time, arriving, the citizens of Shalwa inf
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Deshpande, R. Y./English/Vyasa^s Savitri/Vyasa^s Savitri Canto-1.htm
-01_Vyasa^s Savitri Canto-1.htm Vyasa's Savitri R Y Deshpande ********* Publishers' Note The work being presented here had first appeared in Mother India, the monthly review of culture, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry. We are thankful to its editor for serialising it in his periodical. Our thanks are also due to M/S Amravan Group for the financial support to bring out this book. ************ King Aswapati's Receiving a Boon from Goddess Savitri, the Birth of a Daughter to him, Named Savitri, and her Sojourn in Different Countries in Search of a Husband.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Deshpande, R. Y./English/Vyasa^s Savitri/Vyasa^s Savitri Canto-2.htm
-02_Vyasa^s Savitri Canto-2.htm Savitri's Firm Decision to Marry Satyavan. Markandeya said: O Yudhishthira, on one particular occasion, afterwards, the King, the ruler of the Madra country, was in the company of Narad; seated in the royal Hall, he was engaged in conversation with him. Then, about the same time Savitri, after visiting all the holy places and the cloistered ashramas, returned along with the ministers back to her father's house. Seeing there her father seated in the company of Narad she, the bright and graceful one, went around and bowed respectfully at the feet of both of them. Page – 12 Narad said:
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Deshpande, R. Y./English/Vyasa^s Savitri/Vyasa^s Savitri Canto-6.htm
-06_Vyasa^s Savitri Canto-6.htm The Grief-Stricken Parents, the Rishis Consoling Them and Giving Them Assurances, the Return of Satyavan and Savitri, and Savitri's Narration of the Reasons for their Coming Back Late. Page – 72 Markandeya said: At about the same time the mighty King Dyumatsena got back the sight, clear and pellucid, with which he began seeing everything very well. But, O Yudhishthira, greatly perturbed as he was, for his son, he along with his wife Shaibya went to the several hermitages enquiring about him. That night they, husband and wife, went to the
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Deshpande, R. Y./English/Vyasa^s Savitri/Vyasa^s Savitri Canto-4.htm
-04_Vyasa^s Savitri Canto-4.htm The Three-Night Vow of Savitri and, with the Permission of the Parents-in-Law, her Going to the Forest along with her Husband. Markandeya said: O Yudhishthira, with the rolling of several lunar" days as the time was passing, the fated hour when Satyavan was to die, was also approaching soon. Savitri was counting down the day with each lost day; what Narad had foretold about the impending doom, those words were ever fixed in her heart. The virtuous and noble lady, now much worried, when she saw that only four days were left, undertook Page – 29 the t