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AN ASPECT OF EMERGENT EVOLUTION The theory of Emergent Evolution should be considered no longer as a theory, but as a statement of fact. The fact, at its barest, stripped of all assumptions and even generalisations, is the fact observed and implicit in all evolution, which can be denied only by the perverse and purblind. It is this, that at each crucial step Nature undergoes a sudden and total change, brings forth a new element which was not there before and which could not be foreseen or foretold by any process of deduction from the actual factors in play. At the very outset of the evolutionary march, when material Nature meant only a mass or masses of
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OUR IDEAL OUR ideal—the ideal of Sri Aurobindo —we may say without much ado, is to divinise the human, immortalise the mortal, spiritualise the material. Is the ideal possible? Is it practicable? Our task will be precisely, first of all, to show that it is possible, next that it is probable and finally that it is inevitable. Now to the first question. It is usually contended that the ideal is an impossibility, a chimera, since it involves on the face of it a self-contradiction. For, is not divinity the very opposite of humanity, immortality that of mortality and Matter that of the Spirit? These pairs, all of them, are formed of two mutually exclusive terms. This is wha
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LINES OF THE DESCENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS I THE world has been created by a descent of consciousness; it maintains itself, it proceeds and develops through a series of descent. In fact, creation itself is a descent, the first and original one, the descent of the supreme Reality into Matter and as Matter. The supreme Reality—the fount and origin of things and even that which is beyond— although essentially something absolute, indescribable, ineffable, indeterminable, has been, for purposes of the human understanding, signalised as a triune entity of Existence, Consciousness and Bliss. That is to say, first of all, it is, it exists always and for e
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THE YOGA OF SRI AUROBINDO THE YOGA OF SRI AUROBINDO Part Two NOLINI KANTA GUPTA Sri Aurobindo Library Madras Publishers: Sri Aurobindo Library 369 Esplanade, George Town Madras All Rights Reserved First Edition1943 Second Edition .. 1950 Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press Pondicherry Printed in India PUBLISHERS' NOTE The present volume is the second of a series in which it is proposed to deal with various aspects of Sri Aurobindo's Yoga in their simple and broad outlines. The first two