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TO A PEACE CORPS WORKER IN NEPAL     A LETTER OF SEPTEMBER 27,1972 I believe that what you have gone through lately in Kath-mandu is not something unexpected. Of course, you may not have known it coming, but when one has suddenly burst open to new dimensions of feeling, new depths of being, a return to the old associations and environments is bound to bring a psychological reshuffling, a vision of things and persons as if one either saw them from a great distance that dwarfs their former importance or from very close so that one touches all the grossness and insufficiency and impermanence which one never realised before. But the re
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PREFACE     In regard to Sehra's relation to the Mother I may draw attention to just a couple of points as a brief introduction. Both are contained in the chapter, "What came out of an Easter Egg", in my book, Our Light and Delight: Recollections of Life with the Mother, a chapter first published in Mother India before Sehra passed away. What primarily stands forth as an act of super-Grace on the Mother's part is the letter she wrote to Sehra after I As there were some temperamental hitches, as well as unfavourable-seeming circumstances, in the way of Sehra's entering the Ashram along with me that very year, I told the Mother: "If you directly ask her
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A BIRTHDAY LETTER     TO J.A., AGE ONE ON NOVEMBER 17,1938     I am sure this is the first letter you have ever got. Of course you'll realise the fact many years later, but what I have to say now will perhaps not have grown old by then. I need not wish you a happy birthday: such a wish would be superfluous, since you are so drenched in happiness every hour that your birthday can be no exception. I don't mean that you do not cry: you do that quite lustily, I hope, for it helps you to develop your lungs and throat-muscles. What I mean is that these howlings, even if due to temporary stomach-ache or some such calamity, are really lost in the
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THE HEART AND ART OF THESE STORIES     A LETTER TO A CRITICAL FRIEND   What you say about my two short stories may very well be right. They certainly cannot be as good as my poetry — for the simple reason that poetry is almost my life-breath while fiction is not. Your remarks — "They lack point of concentration, a quality so essential in a short story; then, the background is too philosophical and the final effect always presenting an ethical problem" — are very interesting indeed. You have read with care enough to see things in a certain focus and even if I were to disagree with your pronouncement I would feel flattered
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AIDS TO AN INQUIRING SEEKER     Q: Sri Aurobindo left British India and came to Pondicherry in French India and the Mother came from France to join Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry. Will you explain the significance of their meeting? The meeting of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother appears as if predestined. Events and circumstances have been so moulded as to bring them together. Sri Aurobindo, who had been practising Yoga during his 6-years' leadership of the nationalist fight for freedom in British India, received an inner command to leave the political field and go to French India, first to Chan-dernagore and then Pondicherry, in order to devote himself
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SRI AUROBINDO AND THE RESHAPING OF MAN     1   It is the message of Sri Aurobindo that the real call on men today in a world going wrong is not so much to reshape their machines, their technologies, their institutions, as to reshape themselves. By that reshaping, the outer face of their complex and confused civilisation will be transfigured. It is also the message of Sri Aurobindo that nothing can help the reshaping to the full except what he calls the Integral Yoga. But how does the Integral Yoga set about its gigantic task? Perhaps the easiest approach to an answer is through a correct understanding of the common
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FOREWORD TO THE FIRST EDITION     Most of the writings collected in this book come from the pages of the monthly review of culture, published from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry: Mother India, whose editor the author has been for the last thirty-two years.   They draw, directly or obliquely, the inspiration of their various life-stances from the spiritual truth set shining amongst us by the Master of the Integral Yoga. Each of them aims to transmit, however partially, a touch of that illumination. And it is this touch that shades off their diverse moods into one another and unifies their multiple tones into a single whole.   The rainbow, which they form by
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A MERE MANUSCRIPT   AN INCIDENT OF 1321   A SHORT STORY   "Is there forgiveness for me? Tell me, holy father, what should I have done? My eyes are dimming and my own voice comes from afar as came those sounds that made me hurry across the Piazza. A terrible fire was eating up the house, and when I saw its hungry colours leap madly laughing above and around, and all the crowd helpless in the street, I forgot that I was lame and my body rushed like a moth towards the glare, "Before I knew where I was, 1 found myself plunging through smoke and cracking wood-work, up the stairs to the room where my old mother lay, sick and stifled in a r
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-033_Tennis with the Mother (Poem).htm TENNIS WITH THE MOTHER     She seems but playing tennis — The whole world is in that game! A little ball she is striking — What is struck is a huge white flame Leaping across time's barrier Between God's hush, man's heart, And while the exchange goes speeding The two shall never part. In scoring the play's progress The result of minds that move, One word in constant usage Is the mystic syllable "Love". And the one high act repeated Over and over again By either side is "Service", And it never is done in vain. For, whether defeat or triumph Is the end, each movement goes
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-052_A Crucial Dream and the Mother's Interpretation.htm A CRUCIAL DREAM AND THE MOTHER'S       INTERPRETATION     14.6.1970   Dearest Mother Some time back I said to you that I would like to tell you something about my state of health and mind. In 1956 or 1957 I had a dream. Some being was saying to me what my life would be like if I stayed here with you. I was shown everything. There was darkness, and big stones were thrown from all sides on my body, completely breaking it. Then the being showing me this said: "If you live with the Mother, this is what she will do to you." I replied: "Never mind. Let the body break." Then again the being said: "Not o