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Sri Aurobindo and the Hindu-Muslim problem One of the most serious and apparently intractable problems that the Indian subcontinent has been facing for the last century and more has been the Hindu-Muslim problem. This problem which surfaced in a big way at the beginning of the 20th century finally culminated in the formation of Pakistan in 1947. It was thought then by many – and that included most of the senior Congress leaders- that with the formation of Pakistan the Hindu-Muslim problem would ease and finally even cease to exist; it was believed that the Muslims of the subcontinent bound by Islam and having their
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THE HINDU-MUSLIM PROBLEM  The co THE HINDU-MUSLIM PROBLEM   The country is passing through a difficult and critical phase on the vexed issue of the Ayodhya - Babri Masjid problem. It is not really a problem of the temple and the mosque but much more fundamentally the problem of the Hindu - Muslim coexistence. It was the inability to solve this problem that led to the partition of the country in 1947 and unless we face this issue squarely and boldly and solve it once for all on a sure and sound basis it will recur again and again whether at Ayodhya or at Varanasi or in fact anywhere; for there are many contentious issues which can at any moment rai
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The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo In the history of mankind, the advent of Sri Aurobindo represents a turning point; it has opened the world to a new life and consciousness and ultimately to a new race. To attain to that consciousness, he has given us the way – the Integral Yoga. We shall mention briefly in this article some of the characteristics of Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga. For this Yoga as its name implies takes up the whole of human life in its fold. Let us see in Sri Aurobindo’s words the characteristics of the Integral Yoga. The first question that arises in our mind is: what is Yoga?
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Secularism, Religion and Spirituality A new word has recently been cast into the shifty language of politics, — a language of self-illusion and deliberate delusion of others, which almost immediately turns all true and vivid phrases into a jargon, so that men may fight in a cloud of words without any clear sense of the thing they are battling for, —it is the word “secularism”. The Late Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, introduced this word into the Indian Constitution in the mid-seventies, during the Emergency. Since then, the word secularism has become the battle cry of political parties, intellectuals and opinion maker
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Indian culture and Hinduism Indian culture has been from the beginning and has remained a spiritual, an inward-looking religio-philosophical culture. Everything else in it has derived from that one central and original peculiarity or has been in some way dependent on it or subordinate to it; even external life has been subjected to the inward look of the spirit. 1. Sri Aurobindo It is this inward-looking religio-philosophical culture which goes by the name of Hinduism. However, in modern times, both in India and abroad, it is under severe attack and is often branded as communal, n