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   In Thy Presence Alone   Guided by my old beliefs (2)       Led by my old beliefs, Blinded by my old habits, (2) If I happen to go against Thy will, (2)       Your Champak prays today,       Prays today: (2)   On this pure, happy auspicious Gurupurnima Day, (2) Spreading Your presence everywhere, in all places, (2) In Your presence only, in Your presence alone, (2) Keep me, keep me, keep me, keep me, keep me,     In Your presence alone, Keep me always constantly at Your feet (3) O .. . Ma, O ... Ma .... Keep me always constantly at Thy feet, Thy feet, Thy feet.                                                                          
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Champaklal/English/Prayers and Aspirations/ The Only Flame.htm
  The Only Flame   I never cared for respect or insult, (2) Never cared, never cared.       I never gave importance to them,       Never gave importance.   I always cared constantly for one aim alone, (2) For the only flame that al"!ays keeps burning in life, (2)       The one flame alone that keeps burning.   The one flame alone that keeps burning constantly     and for ever,(3) Which alone is changing the entire life. (2) The whole life I surrendered at the feet of the Supreme     Mother and Lord, (4) Then what more is left for us to do? (2)   Page-30       Champak prays with one objective alone, Give me Your unshakeable, one-point
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Champaklal/English/Prayers and Aspirations/ For Selfish Ends.htm
     For Selfish Ends     For their own selfish ends all show love, (2)  But whenever something is to be done for the Divine,  They give excuses, give excuses,      give excuses. (2)    This is the mentality of the present society. (2) Ma . . . Ma . . . Ma . . .       Compassionate Mother, shower Your Grace, Shower Your Grace, shower Your Grace,       shower Your Grace.   You alone are our support, Mother, (3) With Your support only, with Your support only, We can free ourselves, free ourselves from all this. (2) Ma, shower Your Grace, shower Your Grace,       Ma, shower Your Grace,       Always shower Your Grace.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Champaklal/English/Prayers and Aspirations/I Started Dancing.htm
     I Started Dancing         I danced and went on dancing  In the sky, I danced in the sky.       I danced in the sky.       My I was made a bonfire, (2)      Higher and higher up in the sky, higher and higher, (2) Higher and higher, higher and higher it made me fly, (2) Consecrated in the golden light of the bonfire It brought me into the golden light in the sky, in the sky.         It brought me into the golden light in the sky, And gave me altogether new experiences, (2)       It set in me a unique stability, (2)       It gave me a wonderful composure, (2)     Page-18       Golden, golden, golden,  Everything is
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Champaklal/English/Prayers and Aspirations/Keep Smiling.htm
  Keep Smiling        Speak, speak, speak with all devotion, With all love, but speak from within, (2) Keep smiling, keep smiling, keep smiling,    Always keep smiling.    But smile from within.        Sing songs, sing songs, sing songs, (2)     All the time, day and night, sing only the Mother's songs, (3)       With love, with love, with love,       With all the feeling, all the feeling, Sing only of the Mother's glory, sing Her glory.       Sing only of the Mother's glory, All the time, day and night,       sing only of the Mother's glory. (2)                                      *      Smiling always, make everyone smile.    
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Champaklal/English/Prayers and Aspirations/ Enchanting Smile.htm
      Enchanting Smile   O Mother! You have given me       Your enchanting, loving, beautiful smile (2) How much of it I have absorbed, You alone know. I know that it has been given for spreading it everywhere.       But only very few people know      That it is Yours alone, only Yours. Actually in every smile, in every smile,       You only are there, You alone are there, (2)   This is experienced only by Your infinite Grace,       Occurs only by Your infinite Grace (2)       Is welcomed everywhere, This welcome is for You, for You only,       For You alone, The whole being blooms fully due to this       And becomes bl
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Champaklal/English/Prayers and Aspirations/Full Grace.htm
  Full Grace      With examples and arguments,       all these secrets cannot be understood, Can't be understood, these secrets cannot be understood, (2)       Even with a lot of discussions, nothing happens,       Nothing happens,   Nothing at all is understood, nothing at all is understood.       Nothing happens, nothing happens,       Despite much reading and reflection       Nothing happens, nothing happens,       Nothing comes, nothing comes.       When the full Grace descends, then alone the             understanding comes,       Then only everything comes, everything comes.   Gracious Mother, Gracious Mother, Gracious M
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Champaklal/English/Prayers and Aspirations/Always remember.htm
   Always Remember    Remember always and at every moment the Supreme Mother and the Lord (3)  With a heart full of love, with a heart full of love With a heart full of love. (2) This is our prayer , (2)  May we never forget Thee  (2)  May we never forget Thee.     Ma... Ma... Ma...  This alone is our prayer       May we never forget Thee, (3)   Ma ... Ma . . . Ma ...       May we never forget Thee, (2)  Blessed verily is their life who live this experience constantly       Who live this experience constantly, (3) Page-1
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Champaklal/English/Prayers and Aspirations/Without Thy Grace.htm
 Without Thy Grace   Without the Supreme Mother's and Lord's will, (2) Nothing ever happens in the whole universe. (2), In vain carries man the burden on his head, (2) Without Your Grace, nothing ever happens. (2) Even Your constant remembrance   can only come by Your Grace, (2), By Your Grace alone it comes.  Day and night is then lived only in Your presence, (4)  Only in Your presence, in Your presence only, (4)  Ma ... Ma ... Ma ... Ma ... in Your presence alone.                                                                                                 (13.11. 73)    Page-2
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Champaklal/English/Prayers and Aspirations/ I Stand Unshaken.htm
 I Stand Unshaken         I stand firm, I stand unshaken.       Let death come to-day or tomorrow or at this very moment  I do not care, 1 do not care, I do not care, I do not care, I care only for my aim,  For my Dharma, for the truth of my being, Keep me always, constantly far away  From the false beliefs full of illusion, Keep me always, constantly at Thy feet alone,  This is my only prayer,  This is my only prayer.    At Thy Feet, at Thy Feet, at Thy Feet, Then let the body leave, body leave, There is joy in this, there is bliss in this. Ma... Ma... Ma... Ma... Ma... Ma... Ma....