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Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Poems/Prayer of Soul and Soul _ by Mary Helen.htm
Prayer of Soul and Soul – by Mary Helen     In sunshine bathing green earth smiled At wind caressing trembling locks Of leaves and swaying branches blue- Green brooks cascading drops of honey Dew on upturned laughing flower Faces close embrace of form On form in silent anguish for The pain of throbbing notes on memories' Ears but only blue deep silence hears The song of formless gentle joy Of love from heart to answering heart And silent prayer of soul and soul.  
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Poems/Until the Light _ Poem by Mary Helen.htm
Until the Light – Poem by Mary Helen    The world must pass thru deeper night And death must take the birds in flight, The hallways echo heavy feet, And children weeping in their sleep, Love lies dormant, hides, Until the Light can fill the skies.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Poems/To Love _ Poem by Mary Helen.htm
To Love – Poem by Mary Helen     Rain gives of its own Without hesitation                                     expectation                                                       of return.   We own what we give Hesitating                                     expecting                                                       return And never learn                                                                         to love.                                                                                             Mary Helen  
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Poems/Dimitry Melgunov's Poem to Mary Helen.htm
Dear Narad,   words are useless in such cases... still, please, accept my deep condolences. remembering Mary Helen with most heartful feelings. may her soul rest at peace in Mother's embraces. please, feel my deep sympathy and support.   it is remarkable, that last days i thought of you several times and was going to write a letter to you to know how are things... now i opened my email exactly at 00:00 and somehow i thought that a divine message should come in such an unusual time which is as if out of time. and I got the message from you... sending some lines which I dedicate to Mary Helen. may be they are not so good poetically, but sincere   -d.   A serene sou
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Poems/Reveal _ Poem by Mary Helen.htm
Reveal – Poem by Mary Helen   O night, reveal the secret of thyself, Wherein thy dark, unending, fathomless deeps Can dwell such light as lent these diamond stars.   O sea, thee too must keep the secret hid, For I have seen upon thy jet blown mane, Thy laughing, sparkling dances answer the moon.   O forest, fragrant earth-creation's bed, Thee too, far pregnant luxury of green And leafy shadows cannot hide thy bloom.   O Nature, surely I too am thy child, For deepest darkness dwells within this breast, Here too, I beg reveal thy mystic Light!  
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Poems/Sunday, December 13, 1969 _ Poem by Mary Helen .htm
Sunday, December 13, 1969 – Poem by Mary Helen    Across the imaged vasts of time and space, The figment woven by mind's limiting scope, His winged feet sped scorning all thought's walls Which form this little room of mortal life. She saw him then through sleep-closed lids Of laughing longing joy and disbelief That bodies being far could be so close. His heart in front, a circle of light and gold Spilled stars and ocean foam around their feet; Through hands there passed love's link, a silver thread, And heaven lent her soft light for their head. His smile of greeting melted in her smile And eye's embrace closed all remaining space.    
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Poems/Poem to Mother - Mary Helen.htm
Poem   Dread dissonances now darken These days And night throws a shroud On the Light that may have Kindled those harmonies once apparent to Her Sight.   Hushed now are the sounds of the bird of forest's stillness and brook, And, as I look through the Window of the past Lost, too, are the mountains once symbols of our seeking, Then flaming, mutual and vast.   Can the strings be rewoven The symphony replayed? or is solitude in union the path thou hast laid?   O Mother Divine, if in solitude I stand I am prostrate before Thee and Give Thee my hand In gratitude for all Thou hast Given to me
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Poems/The Sacred Bell _ by Mary Helen.htm
The Sacred Bell – by Mary Helen   Let us go beneath the snow Beyond the streams of mortal dreams Behind the lights of crystal nights   And in the myriad chambers dwell Listening for the sacred bell.   Let us not part from the voice of the heart Nor ever stray from beauty's ways Nor find too steep the path we seek   And in those austere chambers dwell Listening for the sacred bell.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Poems/Dawn Leaned Out _ Poem by Mary Helen.htm
Dawn Leaned Out – Poem by Mary Helen   Dawn leaned out from heavy slumbering depths, Surveyed again the inert silent Om,  – But finding only long impervious night She turned away toward aeons deep with sleep, Then paused, –  as if some giant unseen hand Was laid upon her should to detain. Again her vastness turned, the question loomed, And slowly uncoiled the spirit of her strength; A thunderous might rose up and suddenly A single ray pierced down, set fire the sky And shattered the upturned sleeping soul of man.   And rivers of shimmering molten gold Ran streaming through yesterday's night.    
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Poems/Her Blessed Feet _ by Mary Helen.htm
Her Blessed Feet – by Mary Helen   Though words are few and distance seeming great, And obstacles are laid along the way, There dwells behind the walls a quiet love Which needs no past nor future seeks to bind. Resting not on promises or time But on an inner strength and calm and joy; And even if the path is rugged still, Hid among the stones are blossoms sweet; The golden harmonies play behind the clouds, She's given us the key, Her Blessed Feet.