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Johannes Hohlenberg's Painting A splendid painting I saw long ago And the soul in it seemed to say, That the heavenly gleam in those eyes Watches over us night and day. A soft breeze carried its perfume And calm the deep sense of its songs; A memory awoke of the past, And crumbled the embodied wrongs. From it an authentic voice surged, — Like a great wave on a shoreless sea; A new world is born, it proclaimed, A world of love which is death-free. Through the ages someone toiled, To claim the flames of the sky, There was the God's sacrifice Willing the Will of the High. He lit an
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Deshpande, R. Y./English/Passing Moments/Poems.htm
PASSING MOMENTS Passing Moments Once I went to the garden And found that there were no flowers; I looked into my watch But from it had vanished all the hours. From sky to deeper sky In search of a home the birds flew; Although twinkling in night Depth of the night the stars never knew. I read many a book Yet of meaning the words were devoid; I saw in the nothing Only strange reasons of nothing employed. But then I seized the arrow Whizzing through the vacuous air; And made it a rushing flame Who could life's swiftnesses bear. With a master-key in hand,