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Two Poems by Nagin-bhai The Supreme Sun A decimal point in the vastness of Eternity, So it seemed to my first human sight, But here the finite was measuring the Infinite. Even my cosmic gaze failed to contain that orb! The golden Sun was bigger than all our sky, It shadowed the luminous stars of the Way. Calm, serene and joyous were the beams Of the mighty Sun which stood alone, Menacing the very existence of the Inconscient. Lotus Dawn O Light Immaculate! long desired One! With ruthful love Thou comest To capture the worl
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Two Recollections Kailash-bhai Tells Me Nagin never spoke to me about his experiences. We were quite close to each other and would speak about every kind of thing. But he never mentioned to me anything about his inner life. Just one or two small incidents I know, as narrated to me by him. But these are of a general nature. It was a Christmas day. In those early days, it used to be celebrated in the Playground. The Mother used to come there. Nagin was young. The problem of sex was still troubling him. There was a lot of correspondence with Sri Aurobindo regarding this. But he had not yet overcome it. In the Playground he was constantly looking at one girl. Th
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Introduction It was about six years ago, in 1994, that something unusual happened. I got a message through three or four friends telling me that Nagin-bhai wanted to see me as early as possible. I didn't get time and then followed another spate of errands. I was told that I should see him immediately, in the Ashram the next day during the 9:30 School recess. He also told me later that he wished to confide in me something very important and consult me about certain things which were to some extent crucial for him at that time. But my own feeling, in retrospect, is that it was perhaps more in the nature of opening himself out rather than seeking my views in connection wit
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NAGIN-BHAI TELLS ME Nagin-bhai Tells Me R Y Deshpande Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry 1st Edition, 9 May 2001 ISBN: 81-7060-122-3 © R. Y. Deshpande Published by M/S Aurosoorya Printed at Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press, Pondicherry - 605 002 PRINTED IN INDIA J186/19.7.2000/1000
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PART II Apropos of My Poem Prelude I shall give here one instance when Amal Kiran, my elderly friend in the Ashram, was so helpful to me in several respects. I shall particularly narrate the literary help I received from him, how he prompted me to compose a poem. That poem in a mysterious way, and as if prophetically, gets connected with the great Event which took place one year after its composition, the event of 29 February 1956. For a time Amal was in the Centre of Education, our Professor of English Poetry. Once he asked all the students to write a poem as homework. Nobody wrote. He was still very patient and said: "Do you think it is so d
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-09_The Mother^s Force and Its Action.htm The Mother's Force and Its Action From the very day of my arrival in the Ashram I was hearing a great deal about the Mother's Force. Everybody was talking about this Force as if it had been synonymous with the Mother herself! When someone was sick, met with some difficulty in work, faced a problem in study or an obstruction in the inner sadhana, he invoked the Mother's Force and it usually worked. This calling and the intervention of the Force seemed so spontaneous that nobody took it as anything but natural. It assumed the form of a miracle in some rare cases. That was when the problem had already become so complicated that it did not get solved by a mere
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PART I Records 16:02:1994 "I am the Reality. I want to make you a part of my Reality." I am getting the experience after a long time. My sadhana had almost stopped in between. But it seems it has started again. This is happening after a long time. 27:02:1994 But what is Reality? I am here for such a long time and I still do not know it. I tried to read The Life Divine. What is Reality? I do not know. Reality is creative Divinity. 10:03:1994 I went to the Supreme and, while I was coming back, saw just for a quick while a huge golden Form. Yes, it was a huge golden Form. I saw it only for an extremely short duration. 17:03:1994 I was in
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Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo on Avatarhood What is an incarnation? From what plane does it take place? An incarnation is the Divine Consciousness and Being manifesting through the body. It is possible from any plane. When the Divine descends here as an incarnation, does not that very act mould his infinity into a limited finite? How then does he still continue to rule over the universe? Do you imagine that the Divine is at any time not everywhere in the universe or beyond it? or that he is living at one point in space and governing the rest from it, as Mussolini governs the Italian Empire from Rome? I was spe
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Esha-di Tells Me about Nagin-bhai I went to Esha-di's place along with S. and M. and had a fairly long session with her, from 5.40 to 6.50 on 20 January 1998. It was an intimate meeting and there were no inhibitions or reservations in talking about Nagin-bhai's sadhana as far as it was made known to us, or as far as we understood it. Nagin-bhai spoke very rarely about his personal experiences to anyone; in fact he always avoided talking about these. Only during the last few weeks he would speak something, now and then, but that also very briefly. It was 25th April 1997, immediately following the Darshan. Early in the morning Nagin-bhai suddenl