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Tributes to Abhay in Bengali Page-81 Page-82 Page-83 Page-84 Page-85 Page-86 Page-87 Page-88 Page-89 Page-90 Page-91 Page-92 Page-93 Page-94 Tributes in French Sumitra-di bonsoir, Je n'avais pas marque ce que j'avais vu a propos de Abhay Singh. Je te dis done ce qui ne s'efface pas de ma memoire: Abhay Singh s'eloignait dans la lumiere sur un chemin en or solide. II s'est tourne et j'ai vu son sourire qui etait tres doux. Quant au
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Memorial Service Today, we have assembled here to pay homage to Abhay Singh Nahar, and it is a privilege to get an opportunity to pay my respects to him and say a few words about the life of my beloved grand uncle. He was born on 30th April, 1924 in a house in this very Indian Mirror Street. When he was five years old, his father, Prithwi Singh Nahar, in order to provide better education to his children, took them to Santiniketan, established by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. Abhay Singh's sister, Sujata Nahar, narrates a notable incident during their stay at Santiniketan in an article written by her: "On the eve of the Durgapuja holidays, the Harijans
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Foreword This short memorabilia is presented by the dear relatives of a departed person. But its appeal surpasses one single individual. For death has an ever widening net. It some way or the other affects every family. Interestingly, when death of a person evokes a response from a wider circle of people it tends to give it immortal character. This baffles the rough hand of death. It even revives the dead. The Greeks spoke of Katharsis, tears that wash clean a grieving heart. I intimately knew Abhay for a long time. It gives me immense joy when I am associated with this touching tribute. Samir Kanta Gupta Page-15 Page-16 Page-17
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Abhay Recalls From 1936, at the age of twelve, whenever I visited Pondi-cherry to see Mother, I used to fall ill, specially with high fever, cough and cold. But this could not deter my trip to Pondicherry as I was determined to see Mother. As soon as I reached Pondicherry, I would be cured and normal! When the same thing went on repeating thrice before my coming to Pondicherry I informed Mother about it. And Mother said that since I had informed Her now about my sickness, in future I would be in normal health during my trip to Pondicherry. Since then I had no sickness before my departure from Calcutta for Pondicherry. In the year 1952, I was shifted from "
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Mother and Abhay edited by Samir Kanta Gupta, Sujata and Suprabha Nahar Published by Abhay Singh's brothers and sisters This book was first published under the title Abhay Singh Nahar © Suprabha Nahar 2002 This enlarged trilingual second edition copyright © Suprabha Nahar 2006 All rights reserved. Second revised edition, August 2006 Printed at All India
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-05_Mother^s Birthday Messages.htm Mother's Birthday Messages 30.4.63 a Abhay Singh Bonne Fete! avec 1'appreciation de tout le bon travail que tu as fait l'année dernière, et mes benedictions pour que cette année-ci soit encore meilleure. * to Abhay Singh Happy birthday! with the appreciation of all the good work that you have done last year, and my blessings so that this year be still better. Mother 28 May 1963 Abhay Singh, mon cher enfant, je suis tout à fait satis-faite de ton travail qui est excellent à tous les points de vue, et je n'ai nulle intention d'utiliser l'ate
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Two Dreams of Abhay (Retold by Sujata) In 1969, Mother gave the Manakula Vinayaka temple in Pondicherry an extra space of 130 square metres. The old boundary wall was demolished, a new wall was constructed. Mother had given this job to Abhay. A few days later Abhay had a visit from Ganesha himself! "A radiating golden Ganeshji with a football in his hand..." The god looked fondly at Abhay and invited him to play football with him! Abhay was a good football player. A delighted Abhay played with Ganesha till he was tired. The kind god smiled and said, "You see, I am now able to move about freely because of the extra space. 1 am pleased with you a
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Acknowledgements The most prominent among those who have contributed to prepare this memoir are Smt. Jharna Ghosh, Sri Robi Gupta, Sri Sitangshu Roy, Sri Bhupal and also Nabajyoti Press. Those who have helped from behind the scene remain unmentioned as they so preferred. We are immensely indebted to all of them. Page-12 Page-13
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Abhay-the achiever by Raman Reddy Abhay Singh Nahar, who was a student in our centre of education from 1943 to 1950, made important contributions to the Ashram's development over the years. Abhay Singh Nahar passed away on 14 August 2001. He collapsed in front of the Ashram Laundry gate at around 5 p. m. Though he was rushed to the Ashram Nursing Home in an auto, he didn't survive the massive heart-attack which was the cause of his death. Strangely, the auto driver didn't take any payment; on the contrary, the auto drivers' association brought a big wreath to pay him their last respects. The CITU (CPI (M) Page-135 premises in
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French Homework Come, would you like to share a part of our life? A wondrous life. With each breath we inhaled joy. We did not then know it, but we were living history in the making. So, instead of writing history's footnotes, I believe it would be better to relate it. And what better way to do it than through Abhay's activities? It was the summer of 1940. Abhay was on a visit during his summer vacation. His school was "South Suburban School Branch", Calcutta. He was in class VIII, we think. On April 30, he turned sixteen. After his interview with the Mother, he did not go back to Calcutta but stayed on. That is why our dada, eldest brother, sent Abhay hi