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MY DIARY-LEAVES   K. S. venkataraman 1928 August 13 Recently S. Doraiswamy gave a copy of Uma Sahasram for Sri Aurobindo's perusal who seemed to have deeply appre­ciated it. And the Mother expressed on her own: "If Ganapati Sastri is inclined to come for the August 15th Darshan he is welcome." It was communicated to Nayana¹ at Tiruvanamalai. Sri Ramana seems to have said 'When this sugges­tion by the Mother came unsought by Nayana, it must be a Daiva Sankalpam.'   August 15     Sri Aurobindo's birthday celebration on the Ashram — and all of us had the privilege of Darshan of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Nayana, though pessimistic at first, after he had the