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Human Relations HARMONY WITH OTHERS I would suggest that in your relations with others, - which seem always to have been full of disharmony, - when incidents occur, it would be much better for you not to take the standpoint that you are all in the right and they are all in the wrong. It would be wiser to be fair and just in reflection, seeing where you have gone astray, and even laying stress on your own fault and not on theirs. This would probably lead to more harmony in your relations with others; at any rate, it would be more conducive to your inner progre
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Human Relations JUDGING OTHERS It is always better to keep a quiet mind and to abstain from rushing to conclusions before you have the necessary information. 12 April 1932 The Mother (Ref: Collected Works of the Mother, Vol 14, P: 291-294) Unless your vision is constantly the vision of the Divine in all things, you have not only no right but no capacity to judge the state which others are in. And to pronounce a judgment on someone without having this vision spontaneously, effortlessly,
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Human Relations LONELINESS The inner loneliness can only be cured by the inner experience of union with the Divine; no human association can fill the void. In the same way, for the spiritual life the harmony with others must be founded not on mental and vital affinities, but on the divine consciousness and the union with the Divine. When one feels the Divine and feels others in the Divine, then the real harmony comes. Meanwhile what there can be is the goodwill and unity founded on the feeling of a common divine goal and the sense of being all children of the Mother.... Real harmony can come only from a psych
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Human Relations Opinions of Others You are quite right in not allowing the moods and fancies of people to effect you. You must soar above all that in the constant feeling of the Divine's Presence, Love and Protection. Mother (Ref: Collected Works of the Mother, Vol 14, P: 299-302) Don't let anything from outside approach and disturb you. What people think, do or say is of little importance. The only thing that counts is your relation with the Divine. 30 April 19
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Human Relations To help others is the best way of helping oneself. For, if you are sincere, you will soon discover that all their difficulties and all their failures are the sure signs of the same corresponding deficiency in you. Indeed, they prove that something in you is not perfect enough to be all-powerful. The Mother (Ref: Collected Works of the Mother, Vol 14, P: 295) No material organisation, whatever its degree of preparation, is capable of bringing a
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Human Relations CRITICISM Do not dwell much on the defects of others. It is not helpful. Keep always quiet and peace in the attitude. Sri Aurobindo (Ref: Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library, Vol 23, P:826) That is quite right. Only those who sympathise can help - surely also one should be able to see the faults of others without hatred. Hatred injures both parties, it helps none. Sri Aurobindo (Ref: Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library, Vol 23, P:826)
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Human Relations SRI AUROBINDO - HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS IN YOGA Personal relation is not a part of the yoga. When one has the union with the Divine, then only can there be a true spiritual relation with others. The inner being turned to the Divine naturally draws away from old vital relations and outer movements and contacts till it can bring a new consciousness into the external being. It is as the love of the Divine grows that the other things cease to trouble the mind.