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CONTENTS OF EDUCATION FOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Methods and contents of education are interrelated; this is particularly true in respect of education for character development, where methods themselves are in significant measure contents. This is the reason why the treatment of these two subjects tends to have some kind of overlapping. In a sense, the teacher in respect of education for character development has no method and yet every method. Similarly, he has no specific content and yet every content. A simple statement like the one that was given to Shvetaketu by his father, "Thou art That," can become sufficient for the entirety of the conte
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METHODS OF EDUCATION FOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT I At the outset, we need to examine the view that values cannot be taught and, therefore, character development cannot be a subject matter for teaching. It is argued that there is a valid distinction between pursuit of knowledge and pursuit of character development and that while knowledge can be taught, character development falls outside the purview of the teaching process. But when we examine this view more closely, we find that what is meant is that the methods which are valid and appropriate in the field of learning in regard to knowledge are not applicable to the field of learning in th
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Education FOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Education FOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Kireet Joshi Foreword by Ashok B. Gokhale DHARAM HINDUJA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE OF INDIC RESEARCH C-141 Preet Vihar, Delhi 110092 First Published 1991 © DHARAM HINDUJA CENTER OF INDIC RESEARCH All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form, or by any means, without written permission of the publishers. Published by the Acting Director on behalf of DHARAM HINDUJA CENTER OF INDIC RESEARCH C-141 Pr
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ANNEXURE TO KNOW ONESELF AND TO CONTROL ONESELF (An Exploratory Draft Programme) Classes I and II Stories and plays to illustrate the following themes: The ideal of truth: To speak the truth, whatever the consequences. Aspiration for perfection: whatever you do, do it as perfectly as you can. Dreams of the new world: Where truth alone prevails, where beauty and goodness pervade. Special exhibitions on the above themes. Teachers may recommend the following exercises and help each child to practise them: Exercises in remembering and repeating noble aspirations and thoughts. Ex
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DISCUSSION* The Workshop started with the Mangalacharanam presented by Dr. S.C. Goswami, Mrs. Indu Goswami, Mrs. Dheera Verma, Dr. Radhika Singh and Dr. Jayanti Singh. Next, Dr. M.M. Sankhdher, the coordinator of the Workshop, welcomed the participants and requested Dr. Subhash C. Kashyap to kindly preside over the Workshop. He expressed the regret that Shri T.N. Seshan, Chief Election Commissioner of India, who was to inaugurate the Workshop, was held up in a meeting with the Prime Minister. He, therefore, requested Prof. K.D. Gangrade, formerly Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Delhi University, to inaugurate the Workshop. He thanked Kireet Joshi to hold the Workshop in Vaishali a
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LIST OF PARTICIPANTS SHRI ASHU BHARDWAJ: Scholar 218, Vaishali, Pitampura, Delhi-110 034. Tel. 713-3564. DR. A.C. JAIN: Senior Scientist, INSA, CBT, Delhi University. 13, Vaishali, Pitampura, Delhi-110 034. DR. BALWANT RAI SATIJA: Educationist,54, SAtya Niketan, New Delhi-110 021. Tel. 603582 CAPTAIN BODH PRIYA: Educationist, Humanity House, 968/15 Faridabad. Tel. 289 781. BRIJ MOHAN SINGH: Educationist, G-6-A, Green Park Main, New Delhi- 110 016. Tel. 651 1523. DR. B.R. BHANDULA: Scholar, 41, Vigyan Vihar,Delhi- 110 092. DR. CD. BIJALWAN: Formerly, Principal, Sanskrit Vidhyapeeth (Lucknow), 155, Kapil Vihar, Pitampura, Delhi-110 034.
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EDUCATION FOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT I India is today sinking under the weight of problems, some of which, like those of violence, division, corruption and plutocracy are proving to be most obstinate and most difficult to resolve. We are trying to find solutions but there seem to be certain tendencies and factors which require remedies at a level that is far deeper than the level at which we are now thinking and acting. At present, we are engrossed within narrow boundaries, and what we lack most is perception of perspectives. We want democracy, but narrowed down in our adoption of the Western form of parliamentary democracy, we do not go to the ro
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FOREWORD As one analyses the theme of the contemporary degeneration, one comes to the conclusion that the present crisis is a crisis of character and that unless we radically change the objectives, contents and methods of education, we cannot hope to bring about the regeneration of India. While we of the older generation have failed to give the right direction in implementing the dreams of those leaders who sacrificed everything for the freedom of the nation, we can at least partly redeem our debt by helping our children to develop their latent powers for illumination, courage, fearlessness, humanism, dedication to duty and universality - elements that constitute the character tha