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24th April 2007   Let beauty be your constant ideal.      Beauty of the soul,      Beauty of feelings,      Beauty of thoughts,      Beauty of action,      Beauty in work, so that nothing comes out of your hands that is not an expression of pure and harmonious beauty.     And the divine help will always be with you. The Mother      
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24 NOVEMBER 1956 Without care for time, without fear for space, surging Out purified from the flames of the ordeal, we shall fly Without stop towards the realisation of our goal, the Supramental victory. THE MOTHER       Previous                                                    HOME        
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4th April 1985                     ***********   24th April 1985             Previous                              Home                                 Next
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4th April 2010   I need some place of refuge in which I can complete my Yoga unassailed and build up other souls around me. It seems to me that Pondicherry is the place appointed by those who are Beyond. Sri Aurobindo     Sri Aurobindo came to tell the world of the beauty of the future that must be realised.      He came to give not a hope but a certitude of the splendour towards which the world moves. The world is not an unfortunate accident, it is a marvel which moves towards its ex
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17th November 2003       17 November 2003   Sitting calm and quiet remember the Mother and open yourself to Her. This is the rule of meditation.   Sri Aurobindo     Assis, calme et tranquille, souvenez-vous de la Mére et ouvrez-vous à Elle: tel est le principe de méditation.   Sri Aurobindo   Previous                                          Home                                          Next
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24 APRIL 1969   The best possible way is to allow the Divine Grace to work in you, never to oppose it, never to be ungrateful and turn against it-but to follow it always to the goal of Light and Peace and unity and Ananda.   SRI AUROBINDO                                                                                                                                                                   Previous                            Home                         Next
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29th February 1992   29 February 1992   When superman is born as Nature's king His presence shall transfigure Matter's world: He shall light up Truth's /ire in Nature's night, He shall lay upon the earth Truth's greater law; Man too shall turn towards the Spirit's call.   — sri aubobindo   fSovitri, Book XI, Canto 1, p. 709}     Quand le surhomme naîtra monarque de la Nature, Sa présence transfigurera Je monde de la Matière : II allumera Je feu de la Vérité dans la nuit de la Nature, II établira sur terre la loi plus grande de la Vérité ; L'homme aussi repondra à l'appel de l'E
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24 NOVEMBER 1950 The Supramental is a truth and its advent is in the very nature of things inevitable. SRI AUROBINDO   Previous                                      HOME  
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24 APRIL 1972   He comes unseen into our darker parts And, curtained by the darkness, does his work, A subtle and all-knowing guest and guide, Till they too feel the need and will to change. All here must learn to obey a higher law, Our body's cells must hold the Immortal's flame.   Savitri 1. 3                                                                             SRI AUROBINDO   Previous                                Home                                NEXT