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Sri Aurobindo says ; "There is no greater pride and glory than to be a perfect instrument of the Master"
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THE MOTHER   SRI AUROBINDO     THE MOTHER   Regarded as the Bible or the Gita of the Age of Sri Aurobindo, The Mother is a seminal book of scriptural standing. The main part of the work portrays the Quaternary of the Manifestations of the Mahashakti, the Supreme Divine Mother-Puissance, in their incessant labour for the divinisation of man. It lays down the conditions for evoking their Grace for the elevation and transformation of human life. The hints that Sri Aurobindo threw out in the pages of the Arya on the role of Maheshwari, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati in the evolution of this Creation towards a supramental perfection are her
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LAST POEMS   Page - 1 The Divine Hearing     A LL sounds, all voices have become Thy voice:        Music and thunder and the cry of birds, Life's babble1 of her sorrows and her joys,        Cadence of human speech and murmured words,   The laughter of the sea's enormous mirth,        The winged plane purring through the conquered2 air, The auto's trumpet-song of speed to earth,        The machine's reluctant drone, the siren's blare   Blowing upon the windy horn of Space        A call of distance and of mystery, Memories of sun-bright3 lands and ocean-ways,—        All now are wonder-tones and t
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PUBLISHERS NOTE   The forty-eight poems included in this collection  consisting mainly of sonnets, are among the last written by the Master. He intended to give them all a final revision, but only a few were actually so done. One or two irregularities of rhyming may be noticed, but whether they were purposely meant to be like that or kept only provisionally, it is not possible to say. In several cases, where  it seemed necessary, earlier versions  have been drawn upon for textual collation and the fixing of dates. Where two dates are given for the same poem, the earlier refers to the date of composition  and the other to that of revision. The poems are arranged
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Book SevenThe Book of Yoga Canto One The Joy of Union; The Ordeal of the Foreknowledge of Death and the Heart's Grief Fate followed her foreseen immutable road. Man's hopes and longings build the journeying wheels That bear the body of his destiny And lead his blind will towards an unknown goal. His fate within him shapes his acts and rules; Its face and form already are born in him, Its parentage is in his secret soul; Here Matter seems to mould the body's life And the soul follows where its nature drives: Nature and Fate compel his free-will's choice. But greater spirits this balance can reverse And ma
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Letters on “Savitri” 1 There is a previous draft, the result of the many retouchings of which somebody told you; but in that form it would not have been a "magnum opus" at all. Besides, it would have been a legend and not a symbol. I therefore started recasting the whole thing; only the best passages and lines of the old draft will remain, altered so as to fit into the new frame. No, I do not work at the poem once a week; I have other things to do. Once a month perhaps, I look at the new form of the first book and make such changes as inspiration points out to me — so that nothing shall fall below the minimum height which I have fixed for it. —1931
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April 29, 1973 (Mother sees Sujata. Sujata enters Mother's room after sitting a long time outside, in front of Mother's door, engrossed in the English translation of the "Sannyasin." Mother takes her hands.) Your contact is most pleasant, my child, I can tell you that. Most pleasant. Page 406
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March 3, 1973 We have nothing for the next Bulletin, no "Notes. (silence) One would like to know if one is on the right path ... What path? Your path, the path to the new consciousness. (Mother indicates that she does not want to talk) For the moment, the real Force - the real Force - is in silence. (Mother plunges in) Page 373
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April 14, 1973 (Mother is very short of breath, she seems to be in pain.) My nervous system is being transferred to the Supramental. It feels like ... you know, what people call "neurasthenia" [[Mother may have used this term in its original Greek root meaning: "strengthless nerves." Unless she meant "neuralgia" in its broader sense. ]] - they have no idea what it is; but the entire nervous system is.... It's worse than dying. [[We recall Mother also saying, "When people come into my room with ill thoughts, all the nerves are tortured." ]] Yes, Mother. But I think ... I think I can transmit the divine Vibration. Oh, yes, definitely! Will you tell me if you feel it? Bu