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Forces of Action and Reaction and Destiny All energies put into activity - thought, speech, feeling, act - go to constitute Karma. These things help to develop the nature in one direction or another, and the nature and its actions and reactions produce their consequences inward and outward: they also act on others and create movements in the general sum of forces which can return upon oneself sooner or later. Thoughts unexpressed can also go out as forces and produce their effects. It is a mistake to think that a thought or will can have effect only when it is expressed in speech or act: the unspoken thought, the unexpressed will are also
Resource name: /E-Library/Compilations/English/The Hidden forces of Life/Forces of Illness and Accident.htm
Forces of Illness and Accident The suggestions that create illness or unhealthy conditions of the physical being come usually through the subconscient - for a great part of the physical being, the most material part, is subconscient, i.e. to say, it has an obscure consciousness of its own but so obscure and shut up in itself that the mind does not know its movements or what is going on there. But all the same it is a consciousness and can receive suggestions from Forces outside, just as the mind and vital do. If it were not so, there would not be any possibility of opening it to the Force and the Force curing it; for without this consciousness in it
Resource name: /E-Library/Compilations/English/The Hidden forces of Life/Forces in Human Interchange.htm
Forces in Human Interchange There is a constant mental, vital, subtle-physical interchange going on between all who meet or live together, of which they are themselves unaware except in so far as its impacts and interpenetrations touch them as sensible results of speech and action and outer contact: for the most part it is subtly and invisibly that this interchange takes place; for it acts indirectly, touching the subliminal parts and through them the outer nature. But when we grow conscious in these subliminal parts, that brings consciousness also of all this interaction and subjective interchange and intermingling, with the result that we need no lo
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The Psychic At the beginning the soul in Nature, the psychic entity, whose unfolding is the first step towards a spiritual change, is an entirely veiled part of us, although it is that by which we exist and persist as individual beings in Nature. The other parts of our natural composition are not only mutable but perishable; but the psychic entity in us persists and is fundamentally the same always: it contains all essential possibilities of our manifestation but is not constituted by them; it is not limited by what it manifests, not contained by the incomplete forms of the manifestation, not tarnished by the imperfections and impurities, the defects and depravations of
Resource name: /E-Library/Compilations/English/The Hidden forces of Life/Hidden Forces Around.htm
III HIDDEN FORCES AROUND There is no visible foe, but the unseen Is round us, forces intangible besiege, Touches from alien realms, thoughts not our own Overtake us and compel the erring heart; Our lives are caught in an ambiguous net. SRI AUROBINDO Savitri, Book Six, Canto Two A grisly company of maladies Come, licensed lodgers, into man's bodily house, Purveyors of death and torturers of life. In the malignant hollows of the world. In its subconscient cavern-passages Ambushed they lie waiting their hour to leap, Surrounding with danger the sieged city of life: Admitted
Resource name: /E-Library/Compilations/English/The Hidden forces of Life/Occultism- Science of Hidden Forces.htm
Occultism - Science of Hidden Forces Occultism is associated in popular idea with magic and magical formulae and a supposed mechanism of the supernatural. But this is only one side, nor is it altogether a superstition as is vainly imagined by those who have not looked deeply or at all at this covert side of secret Nature-Force or experimented with its possibilities. Formulas and their application, a mechanisation of latent forces, can be astonishingly effective in the occult use of mind-power and life-power just as it is in physical Science, but this is only a subordinate method and a limited direction. For mind and life forces are plastic, subtl
Resource name: /E-Library/Compilations/English/The Hidden forces of Life/Supermind- Force of the New World.htm
Supermind - Force of the New World The Supermind is veiled here and does not work according to its characteristic law of being and self-knowledge, but without it nothing could reach its aim. A world governed by an ignorant mind would soon drift into a chaos; it could not in fact come into existence or remain in existence unless supported by the secret Omniscience of which it is the cover; a world governed by a blind inconscient force might repeat constantly the same mechanical workings but it would mean nothing and arrive nowhere. This could not be the cause of an evolution that creates life out of Matter, out of life mind, and a gradation of planes of
Resource name: /E-Library/Compilations/English/The Hidden forces of Life/Occult Forces.htm
V OCCULT FORCES In a mist of secrecy wrapping the world-scene The little deities of Time's nether act Who work remote from Heaven's controlling eye, Plotted, unknown to the creatures whom they move, The small conspiracies of this petty reign Amused with the small contrivings, the brief hopes And little eager steps and little ways And reptile wallowings in the dark and dust, And the crouch and ignominy of creeping life. A trepidant and motley multitude, A strange pell-mell of magic artisans Was seen moulding the plastic clay of life, An elfin brood, an elemental kind. As
Resource name: /E-Library/Compilations/English/The Hidden forces of Life/Hidden Forces Within.htm
II HIDDEN FORCES WITHIN Only a little of us foresees its steps, Only a little has will and purposed pace. A vast subliminal is man's measureless part. The dim subconscient is his cavern base. SRI AUROBINDO Savitri, Book Seven, Canto Two A portion of us lives in present Time, A secret mass in dim inconscience gropes; Out of the inconscient and subliminal Arisen, we live in mind's uncertain light And strive to know and master a dubious world Whose purpose and meaning are hidden from our sight. Above us dwells a superconscient god Hidden in the mystery of his own light:
Resource name: /E-Library/Compilations/English/The Hidden forces of Life/Human Will, Nature-Force and Divine Will.htm
Human Will, Nature-Force and Divine Will ... at least nine-tenths of our freedom of will is a palpable fiction; that will is created and determined not by its own self-existent action at a given moment, but by our past, our heredity, our training, our environment, the whole tremendous complex thing we call Karma, which is, behind us, the whole past action of Nature on us and the world converging in the individual, determining what he is, determining what his will shall be at a given moment and determining, as far as analysis can see, even its action at that moment. The ego associates itself always with its Karma and it says "I did" and "I