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-13_My Closest Friend (Loretta).htm My Closest Friend -Loretta I was never interested in the usual daily life. From the age of five I only wanted to be an artist and create beauty. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sculpture and I was working on a Master of Fine Arts Degree in ceramics when Indian yogis started teaching in America. I became interested in meditation, so on January 11, 1969, I went to India for a six week vacation. The India I came to was very deeply peaceful and spiritual. I met people who were deep and wise. I had never met people like this before. I loved everything about India, especially the idea of personal progress, called sadhana in yoga. I forgot about America. Inst
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-47_Mother's Messages.htm Mother's Messages Page-182 Page-183
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-34_There shall be no more Time (Dr. K. R. Srinivasa Iyengar).htm "There shall be no more Time!" - Dr. K. R. Srinivasa Iyengar They were coming still, the stream of visitors to the Ashram swelled day by day till it grew into a flood on the day of darshan. Men, women and children, with their packages and their hold-alls, their Sunday Hindu and their umbrellas, crowded near the gate of the Ashram on the morning of the fifteenth of August 1943—and the sadhaks discharging "gate duty" patiently coped with the rush with a quiet assurance, with a ready smile for one and all. From the four ends of India—from obscure nooks and by-paths, from distant cities and inaccessible hamlets—the pilgrims had assembled i
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-07_Privilege of meeting the Divine in (Francois Gautier).htm Privilege of meeting the Divine in a human body - Francois Gautier A little bit of background on how I came here. I had just turned 19 in Paris when I heard there was a caravan of cars driving to Auroville - Pondicherry in India. In my conscious mind, I was least interested about Auroville and India but I had an urge to go around the world and see the world and 'something' in me compelled me to go. And maybe this caravan was an opportunity to start my journey around the world. It is funny how fate or chance, or whatever you call it picks you up and brings you to your destiny. Actually in Paris I tried to read Sri Aurobindo because
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-29_Sri Aurobindo is here (Amal Kiran).htm Sri Aurobindo is here Amal Kiran interviewed by Sudhanshu Mohanty, published in 'The Golden Chain' magazine (August 2002) This Errant Life This errant life is dear although it dies; And human lips are sweet lips though they but sing Of stars estranged from us; and youth's emprise Is wondrous yet, although an unsure thing. Sky-lucent Bliss untouched by earthiness! I fear to soar lest tender bonds decrease. If Thou desirest my weak self to outgrow Its mortal longings, lean down from above, Temper the unborn light no thought can trace, Suffuse my mood with a familiar glow. For 'tis with mouth of clay I supplica
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CHAPTER - 5 ...And with an Endless Beginnings From a skit performed @ Bharat Nivas Narration by Shraddhavan. This earth is evolving from matter to plant, plant to animal, animal to man and evolution continues. The Indian Mythological concept of the ten avatars amply illustrates this aspect. The next stage is 'supermind.' The ancient SEERS had visualized the TRUTH, the supermind, but could not proceed further. "Hiranmayena Pathrena satyasyapihitam mukham Tatvam pushan apavrunu satyadharmaya dhristaye" (The face of the Truth is covered with a brilliant golden lid: that do thou remove, O Fosterer, for the law of Truth, for sight.) Sri A
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-31_One can advance towards perfection through any work (Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya).htm One can advance towards perfection through any work Extract from the booklet 'What I have learnt from the Mother' by Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya Man's aim is to move towards an integral perfection. Life is the field of action given to us for developing that integral perfection. And the path is the total surrender of our life and action. Sri Aurobindo's sadhana does not exclude the world. It is the integral transformation of the world by bringing down from the heights the Divine Consciousness. This is not possible solely by human endeavour. The human aspiration from below and the respon
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-17_India will not be overrun, because the Supermind has descended (Navajata Bhaiji).htm CHAPTER - 2 "India will not be overrun, because the Supermind has descended" Extract from the book 'A Divine Life in a Divine Body' by Navajata Bhaiji I first heard of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo in 1929 when I was only seven years old. Even then something in me, in a childlike manner, spontaneously accepted Them as my masters. Physically, Sri Aurobindo was not accessible to us except on Darshan days or through correspondence, so it was usually to the Mother that we referred problems and experiences - spiritual and material - of ourselves and of others. Her guidance invariably brou
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-11_To please Sri Aurobindo (Prof. Arabinda Basu).htm "To please Sri Aurobindo" - Prof. Arabinda Basu Children of the Mother, I feel very hesitant to say what I will say this afternoon because Shraddhavan has asked me to speak of my impressions and experiences. I have always been told that one should not speak of one's experiences. Impressions I can, to some extent, but not my experiences. On the other hand one will have to touch upon one's experiences a little to explain what Sri Aurobindo has to say and to comment on those. I am doing this because Shraddhavan has been a very good friend for a number of years and I like to believe that she has a soft corner in her heart for me because of my specia
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-27_Their vigilant eyes kept watch (Nirodbaran).htm Their vigilant eyes kept watch Extracts from the book 'Memorable Contacts with The Mother' by Nirodbaran I was sleeping in the passage in front of Sri Aurobindo's room. I heard someone calling out "Nirod" in a very sweet and melodious voice which was very distinct. I was startled out of my sleep and exclaimed, "Who is there? Who is calling?" Somebody was perhaps asking for help, I thought. I switched on the light and saw it was 3.25 a.m. I took it to be the Mother's voice. In the morning, when I told Her about it She said, "Ah! But I told you many things. " About the time also She replied, " Yes, that's exactly the time." *** Nearly a