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The origin of the word shudra The deeper truth of these things was reserved for the initiates, for those who were ready to understand and practise the inner sense, the esoteric meaning hidden in the Vedic scripture. For the Veda is full of words which, as the Rishis themselves express it, are secret words that give their inner meaning only to the seer, /kavaye nivacan/ā/ni niny/ā/ni vac/ā/msi. / This is a feature of the ancient sacred hymns which grew obscure to later ages; it became a dead tradition and has been entirely ignored by modem scholarship in its laborious attempt to read the hieroglyph of the Vedic symbols. *Yet its recognition i
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The Congress has sometimes been described as His Majesty's permanent Opposition; but the aim of the originators was to make it something less futile than a mere meeting of powerless critics; they certainly hoped that the plebiscites or resolutions of the Congress would eventually come to have a sovereign force and translate themselves almost automatically into laws. But they took no sufficient notice of the immense difference in the conditions of a struggle for popular rights which is introduced by the foreign character of the ruling caste. There can always be an accommodation between the contending factions or classes within the same nationality, even though
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I Dreamed Of Dreams * I dreamed a dream, 0 friend. The wedding was fixed for the morrow. And He, the Lion, Madhava, the young Bull whom they call the master of radiances, He came into the hall of wedding decorated with luxuriant palms. I dreamed a dream, 0 friend. And the throng of the Gods was there with Indra, the Mind Divine, at their head. And in the shrine they declared me bride and clad me in a new robe of affirmation. And Inner Force is the name of the goddess who adorned me with the garland of the wedding. / dreamed a dream, 0 friend. There were beatings of the drum and blowings of the conch; and under
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Here is what Carlyle says about silence: “When one considers the clamorous emptiness of the world, words of so little sense, actions of so little merit, one loves to reflect on the great reign of silence. The noble silent men scattered here and there each in his province silently thinking and silently acting, of whom no morning paper makes mention, these are the salt of the earth."
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In very ancient Egypt Ptah Hotep said: “Do what thy Master tells thee; it is good.”
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The Buddha has said : " There is more joy in one desire conquered than in a thousand desires satisfied " The Buddists Scriptures from the Chinese, tell us: “Let us watch over our thoughts.” “A bad thought is the most dangerous of thieves.” The Mahaparinibbana Sutta teaches thus: “To avoid the company of fools, to be in communion with the sages, to ren
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Here is a bit of Chinese Wisdom expressed by Meng-Tse: “Our inner self is provided with all necessary faculties.”
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Angelus Silesius, the Christian mystic, has said: “Eternal wisdom builds: I shall be her palace when she finds repose in me and I in her.”