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...THEIR  DEEP  COMPASSION        A: Well — the best thing you could do is not to listen to what people say, it would save you from many falls of con­sciousness—     This afternoon when I looked at you in silence I told you, "be faithful to your love". I suppose this is a sufficient answer and you do not expect me to justify my love in front of the foolish ignorance of such interpretations. Whether you believe it or doubt my love and blessings are with you. 12-8-1939 *     Q: I apologise humbly for my yesterday's query and pray to be forgotten. How could I question your love, you why are the soul of truth and love and goodness? If you were not true, you who are the incarna
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Satyendra Thakore   THEIR  DEEP  COMPASSION   You ask me how my contact with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother started and when. Well, it is difficult to fix it. All that I would say is that when I was a small boy I remember standing as a volunteer witnessing a procession in Surat of Sri Aurobindo and the other national leaders of that time. Later as a student in the college I had occasions to read the Master's books like Yoga and its Objects, Yogic Sadhan, Isha Upanishad, etc. My cousin (who later became Adviatananda) was a regular subscriber to the Arya and held Sri Aurobindo in very great regard; he introduced me to the writings of Sri Aurobindo. I was d