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Listen With Your Heart Welcome the Mother by Niranjan Guha Ray Copyright © 2006 by Amita Guha Roy First Edition Published in the U.S.A. by Bhaktiland i iii Om Sri Aurobindo saranam mama Om Douce Mère saranam mama Pranam, pranam, pranam Niranjan Guha Ray was born in East Bengal, now Bangladesh, in 30 May 1920. His family moved to New Delhi where he studied before joining the Indian Air Force as a pilot and career Officer. After the war as he said often himself that - "having realized that the war was not the solution," he r
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Souvenirs When the inner gates are open The world becomes a figure and mould of the living Spirit, A home of delight, symbol-image of an impenetrable Mystery. All the bodies and forms reveal the divine Resident, The inconceivable Splendor, the Eternal multiple Being. Wherever we turn our gaze we meet only an ineffable Wonder. This world of double opposite terms, good and bad, sorrow and happiness, Life and death, day and night, God and demon, friend and foe Disappears in a glorious epiphany of supernal harmony. 48 Each face recalls a picture-gallery of a thousand souvenirs, Some snapshot images
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O Vibration Supreme Far beyond all conceived universes Far beyond the Supreme Person Unsiezable, unknowable O Supreme Vibration Intimate, immovable, peace and silence absolute Consciousness, Substance, inalterable Presence in all manifestation O Thou, Supreme Vibration Beyond evil and goodness Thou, indivisible, Who supports and fulfills all forces, all forms. O Thou, untouchable O Supreme Vibration Thou who alone exists, beyond all existence, Soul of all existence, Thou, unconditionally, inexhaustible source, unknown origin Undiscoverable, Thou, forever unk
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Elan I ride the wild winds and enjoy Flying over the green hills and dales, I rise like a rocket in the sky, Then dive into perilous seas for fun. All earth is my home, all people my own. In a flash I am where my hands are needed. I obey the command of my Sovereign, Mother Divine. I am Her faithful, fearless soldier on duty. Her Light gives a shine to my thoughts and emotions. Her Force makes me do what my soul most desires. Her Love gives me all I need in life and more. By Her Grace, a tiny spark becomes a giant Star. 86 - 87 The Divine Lov