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The Reign of Truth   Have you seen this?   No, Mother.   (Mother gives me a card with a painting and this message)     It is the year [1966] that begins. Like Dramatic Dawn, it will be sudden and sure of its manifestation. It will be so quickly and so suddenly established — as you can see on the card — that nobody will be able to perceive it. Or only a very few people. It was dark a moment ago, then all of a sudden it will be like this — all illumined. (showing the card)   And then, you see this — Truth, it will be established after "Dramatic Dawn", this year towards the end or a little before, but this year, certainly. The reign of Truth w
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mona Sarkar/English/Sweet Mother/^Transformation^.htm
-024_^Transformation^ 'Transformation'   Bonjour! Bonjour, Sweet Mother.   Here, four 'Transformations'.1 (Mother gives me the flowers one by one) This is for the mental transformation, this, for the vital, this, for the physical, and this, for the psychic. This is a whole programme — to transform the different parts of the being. You know, I am not satisfied with an effort to make the Peace come down into the system, or even to realise the Divine. It is not enough to change your consciousness by a higher consciousness. There must be a radical transformation of each part of the being. To change them is not enough. It is not a mere change I want. I want a complete transformation, and nothing
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mona Sarkar/English/Sweet Mother/Football-^A Complete Game^.htm
-031_Football-^A Complete Game^ Football "A COMPLETE GAME"   Can't you play football without hurting yourselves? What, can't one do better than that? Accidents! Every day there is something, an accident or an unpleasant story. Someone is limping, another one has broken his arm, yet another has twisted his ankle, and many others... the list is endless. What, there is no end to all this. That is the condition. Can't one be a little more conscious? All of you are in such a deplorable condition. You are wallowing in the mud, and you do not want to do anything better.   But, Mother,what to do?   So, is this the effort you are making to be conscious?   Sometimes we try, and soon we forge
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mona Sarkar/English/Sweet Mother/Football-The Power Behind Her Words.htm
Football THE POWER BEHIND HER WORDS   Bonjour!   Bonjour, Sweet Mother.   Well, what is it?   Mother, there is a match...   A football match?   Yes, Mother.   So, what must I do?   Mother, You have to give Your permission, if You want us to play and then put Your signature here.   Hmm... I sign it on condition that there are no accidents, and no injuries. I do not want any accident. Well? Is it all right like this?   Yes, Mother.   No hesitation, and no doubt. Will you not come back and tell me: "We tried our best, but in spite of that we could not avoid this accident?"   No, Mot
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Grace   You know, the Grace is something that pushes you towards the goal to be reached. Do not try to judge it with your mind — you will get nowhere. For it is something tremendous which is not expressed in words or in feelings.   You know, when the Grace acts, the result could be a death or misfortune or happiness; it could even be a catastrophe but it is always the best for the individual. It is a blow sent by the Divine for a bounding progress. The Grace is that which makes you advance rapidly towards the realisation.   (Then, Mother speaks about a letter I had written to Her about a dream concerning a friend who was seriously ill.)   *I have read your letter but you
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mona Sarkar/English/Sweet Mother/Blessed Be The Day.htm
Blessed Be The Day   Blessed be this air that quivers with joy, having touched Her robe or lightly stroked Her face, or, having caressed Her hair, stolen a little of Her fragrance and Her sweetness.   Blessed be the feelings and emotions that ardently aspire to be identified with Her, wherever Her glory is sung or a sunlit future is in the making.   Blessed be the still moaning earth; but, having borne the Divine Mother, it cannot restrain this Ananda any longer and wants to burst its shell of unconsciousness and breathe Her plenitude.   Blessed be those whose hearts are still vibrating with that felicity and still remember that unique happiness.  
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mona Sarkar/English/Sweet Mother/Mental Silence.htm
Mental Silence   Mother, how to silence the mind? How to quieten the mind completely?   Ah! this is very easy. It is the first step in yoga. There are some means which are very effective. First of all, you must sit quietly, without moving, absolutely quiet, and try not to think about anything at all. Absolutely nothing, and try to concentrate there — in the heart. You catch hold of all the threads of thought, the sensations, and the impulses without letting a single one escape, and try to concentrate there (the heart) very deeply. If you do that for a few days, then you suddenly notice that the head does not think any more, and a kind of peace gets established. There is the
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mona Sarkar/English/Sweet Mother/To Correct One^s Defect.htm
-009_To Correct One^s Defect To Correct One's Defects   Look carefully into yourself and see what is it that revolts, which part of the being does not collaborate. Concentrate properly in order to apply the force there, and we shall see. Firstly, one must be able to distinguish the part that is not in harmony, then to go there, deep, to find the cause. Then you will do this operation of pouring the Peace and the Force so that it changes. Once you decide that nothing in your being ought to contradict the aspiration of your deepest truth, you must try all possible means, even force, in order to get rid of that. So there will be nothing to worry about, for with the will to realise comes the power to overco
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mona Sarkar/English/Sweet Mother/The Subtle Worlds.htm
The Subtle Worlds   Eh, Eh! (in a teasing tone) I thought you had evaporated as you were not here a moment ago. Yet, I saw you when I passed by maybe ten minutes back.   Mother, I went downstairs for some work.   But I thought you had disappeared, melted... gone. I could not see you, but I felt that you were somewhere in the room — a part of your being which you had left behind was looking at me. That is why I was wondering whether you had been transformed so quickly, or whether you had melted away!   But, Mother, I did not feel that a part of my being had detached itself from me. I did not feel anything, or see anything.   Oh, my child, it happens oft
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mona Sarkar/English/Sweet Mother/^Be Like a Flower^.htm
-027_^Be Like a Flower^ "Be Like a Flower"   Bonjour! Bonjour, Sweet Mother.   Take this. (Mother gives me a flower) Do you know what it is?   Yes, Mother: 'Aesthetic Beauty'.1   How tender and fresh it is...   Mother, are You giving it to me so that I may cultivate aesthetic beauty, or is it because it corresponds to a part of my being?   It is in answer to the aspiration from the very depths of your being that I give the flowers. It is a need or an aspiration, it depends on the individual. It may fill a void or else give an impetus for progress, or find the inner harmony in order to establish peace. Do you understand?   Be like a flower. One must try to b