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Respiratory Exercises Important Acupressure Points (murmas) Therapeutic Postures Page-65 Nadi-Shuddhi: calm in-breathing and out-breathing The subtler the in-breathing and out-breathing, the mightier the force. In this calm in-breathing and outbreathing, the peace has to be visualised. "If properly done, it drives out every lurking disease in the body." In the following breathing exercise, mid-chest, followed by calm abdominal breathing is done rhythmically. Do not force. Imagine that the life-energy is flowing to all the vital organs in and around the abdominal region. It removes toxic gases and builds strong muscle
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Glossary Abhyasa: constant practice (usually of a spiritual discipline). Arya (Aryan): the good and noble man; he who fights and overcomes inwardly and outwardly all that stands opposed to human advance. Bhakti: devotion; in yoga, the path of love and devotion. Buddhi: the intellect, the reason; the thinking and discriminating mind. Citta: the mental substance; the basic consciousness. Kshoba: disturbance; vibration. Manas: the mind proper, distinct from the intellect (buddhi) and the sense-mind. Nadi shuddhi: purification of the nerves. Prakriti: Nature; the executive Force of the Purusha. Purusha, manomaya purusha, sakshi, anumanta, ishwara:
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INVOLUTION-EVOLUTION Before there could be any evolution, there must needs be an involution of the Divine All that is to emerge. Otherwise there would be not an evolution, but a successive creation of things new, not contained in their antecedents, not their inevitable consequences or followers in a sequence but arbitrarily willed or miraculously conceived by an inexplicable Chance, a stumblingly fortunate Force or an external Creator. The long process of terrestrial formation and creation, the ambiguous miracle of life, the struggle of mind to appear and grow in an apparent vast Ignorance and to reign there as interpreter and creator and master, the
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BEGINNING OF TRANSFORMATION You must dismiss the fear of concentration. The emptiness you feel coming on you is the silence of the great peace in which you become aware of your self, not as the small ego shut up in the body, but as the spiritual self wide as the Universe. Consciousness is not dissolved; it is but the limits of the consciousness that are dissolved. In that silence thoughts may cease for a time, there may be nothing but a great limitless freedom and wideness, but into that silence, that empty wideness descends the vast peace from above, light, bliss, knowledge, the higher Consciousness in which you feel the Oneness of the Divine. It is the
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THE NEED OF AN INTEGRAL EDUCATION FOR A CHANGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS The Training of the Senses There are six senses which minister to knowledge, sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste, mind, and all of these except the last look outward and gather the material of thought from outside through the physical nerves and their end organs, eye, ear, nose, skin, palate. The perfection of the senses as ministers to thought must be one of the first cares of the teacher. The two things that are needed of the senses are accuracy and sensitiveness. We must first understand what are the obstacles to the accuracy and sensitiveness of the senses, in order that we may
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Dr. Karan Singh MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT RAJYA SABHA (UPPER HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT) PRESIDENT INDIAN COUNCIL FOR CULTURAL RELATIONS (ICCR) PREFACE It is extraordinary how deep were the insights of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, not only into the inner spiritual path but also in its outer manifestation in a world which, despite considerable material progress, is still torn with conflict and strife, poverty and malnutrition, illiteracy and disease. The work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother stands as a monumental heritage of the human race. There have been many compilations f
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VIDYA AND AVIDYA Vidya, the Knowledge of unity Avidya — the Knowledge of the multiplicity THE ONE AND THE MANY Knowledge and Ignorance There are always two possible views of the Universe. The one supposes with modern science and the knowledge of the multiplicity (Avidya), matter to be the beginning of things, and studies everything as a process of material evolution. If it is true, as material science maintains, that matter is the source and beginning of all things, how do you explain the emergence of mind, life, of Spirit? For if there was no conscious force behind matter, matter would know only its own static existence. The other i
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The Knowledge within The Source — The Breath — The Five Elements The Body or Matter Compiled from the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother by Kalu Sarkar First Edition 24th November 2012 Printed at Newcon Global Services, Pondicherry © Copyright: Kalu Sarkar 2012 email: sarkar@auromail.net Mob : +91 97877 77567 Quotations from the works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother are reproduced with kind permission of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust.
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CREATION Everything begins with vibration or movement, the original kshobha or disturbance. If there is no movement of the conscious being, it can only know its own pure static existence. Without vibration or movement of being in consciousness there can be no act of knowledge and therefore no sense; without vibration or movement of being in force there can be no object of sense. 55 Creation is not a making of something out of nothing or one thing out of another, but a self-projection of Brahman. Creation is not a making but a becoming in terms of conscious existence.56 Spirit exists from the beginning and was before any beginning, infinite and sempiternal, bu
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THE LIFE-FORCE THE DYNAMIC LINK BETWEEN MIND AND MATTER What we need to do To reject doubts means control of one's thoughts - very certainly so. But to control of one's thoughts is as necessary as the control of one's body - for the yoga, and not for the yoga only. One cannot be a fully developed mental being even, if one has not a control of the thoughts, is not their observer, judge, master, the mental Purusha, Monomaya Purusha, Saksi, Anumanta, Iswara. It is more proper for the mental being to be the tennis ball of a rudderless ship in the storm of the desires and passions or the slave of either the mertia or the impulses of the body. I kno