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The Solution   In this part of the book, we shall try to suggest some lines along which a solution to the problem of Indian political unity may be brought about. It has to be clearly understood that when we speak of the political unity of India, we mean the unity of the whole subcontinent and not just the unity of India and Pakistan. The question whether the unity will take the form of a federation or a confederation depends on circumstances and is not of paramount importance. But the creation of this unity is of great importance not only for India, but also for the whole world. In fact, one might go so far as to say that unless India becomes united, there is little hope of
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Sri Aurobindo Ashram A Pilgrimage : K. M. Munshi                                                                        "August 15. It is a wonderful day, the day when Freedom came, Sri Aurobindo was born, and Lokamanya Tilak left us the legacy of our birthright."   ‘On March 12, 1952, I got off at the Madras station and went by car to Pondicherry. The Yuvaraja of Pithapuram—a zamindar of Madras—joined me on this occasion, as on a previous one. Sri
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(Photo - From right : K.M. Munshi,  Nolinikant Gupta and MadhavPandit In the Ashram sports Ground) K. M. MUNSHI AND SRIAUROBINDO   MYSTERIOUS SACRIFICE   It was on 9 July 1950 that K.M. Munshi, once Sri Aurobindo's pupil at Baroda and now a Cabinet Minister at the Centre, had private darshan of the Master. After the passage of