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1 THE AVATAR – SRI AUROBINDO or ... SAMBHAWAMI YUGE-YUGE 2Sambhawami Yuge-Yuge 3 SRI AUROBINDO SOCIETY RAJASTHAN STATE COMMITTEE JAIPUR THE AVATAR – SRI AUROBINDO or ... SAMBHAWAMI YUGE-YUGE Dwarika Prasad Gupta Foreword By Georges Van Vrekhem Introduction By Dr. Alok Pandey 4Sambhawami Yuge-Yuge First Edition: 2012 © Dwarika Prasad Gupta Published by: Sri Aurobindo Society Rajasthan State Committee Jaipur, Rajasthan Price : Rs. 300/- Our acknowledgement to Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry for p