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The Mother on Internet?...   I saw Y. on the 31st. She stayed for about an hour and told me of her hopes: she sees the possibility of a sort of world television (I don't know how that would be arranged), with a telephone and a central office where answers to all possible questions would be collected - each question answered by someone eminent or qualified. The result would be the organization of a universal - well, a world education that would really be an education for all countries, in which the knowledge and best qualities of every country in the artistic, literary and scientific fields would be gathered in a kind of transmitting ce
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Aurokruti History The word 'Aurokruti' means 'Sri Aurobindo's creation'. In 1990s, a few computer connected people of the Ashram coined the idea that we should have one department in the Ashram which can look after all computer related needs of the Ashram. Dyuman, the then managing trustee, was approached with this thought. He approved and said, "Start a private computer unit and serve the departments along with the commercial activities." Thus Aurokruti was started  in 1993, initially it was named Auresys and it was a partnership unit,  in the same year it was converted to a proprietary unit and named Aurokruti. Later the unit expanded into a private limited company - Aurokru