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August 9, 1972 (A news item originating from Boulder, Colorado, and dated August 8, reports a solar flare covering over 2.8 billion square miles of the sun's surface. Within an hour of the eruption, the effect was felt on earth, causing a magnetic storm that seriously disrupted communications in many parts of the world In terms of magnitude, the current sunspots are the greatest ever recorded since at least 1964 [Indian Express, August 91.) Did you hear about the explosions on the sun? Yes. They say it's falling to the earth ... Ah? ... and it's going to affect humans. Did you hear that? I didn't hear it was falling to the earth. They say it w
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/October 18_1972.htm
October 18, 1972 (This is the season of "pujas," the time of rituals to the Universal Mother.) Do you want some silence? Yes, Mother, if you like.... I'm tempted to ask you if Durga won a victory this year? We shouldn't talk about it. I think it was a REAL victory. (Mother plunges in till the end. Then Sujata draws near her) Did I give you the [blessing] packets yesterday? Of "Victory," yes. (To Satprem:) Did he get the Victory? (Satprem:) Yes, Mother, I hope so! [laughter] (Sujata:) Which victory, Mother? Which victory? But there is only one, my child. Page 297 Which is? Which is THE Victory ... we can call it what we like: the Victory
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/January 1_1972.htm
January 1, 1972 Happy New Year, mon petit! (Mother takes Satprem's hands. He offers her a "Divine Love." [[Pomegranate flower. ]] She then distributes some presents.) You saw Indira's letter, I showed it to you.... Yes, Mother, I noted it down. They're becoming conscious up there, some very interesting things are happening. You mean at the Center, in Delhi? No, at the front, in Bangladesh. That fellow who returned from America [[This certainly refers to Bhutto who had gone to America as Pakistan's Minister of Foreign Affairs and was called back last month to be nominated President of Pakistan. ]] says he doesn't want to end the war - we'll see.... But we're plainly
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/November 4_1972.htm
November 4, 1972 The whole subconscient is ... (gesture of something rising up en masse). (silence) And then ... how can I put this? ... It isn't sensation or knowledge, it's a kind of ... (Mother feels the air between her fingers), you can't even say conviction: it's a certitude - a certitude in the perception - that Bliss is there ... right there, WAITING FOR us, but a whole world of contradictions that have been repressed in the subconscient keeps rising up from the subconscient to prevent us from feeling it. So ... you could say it's a battlefield, but in a perfect calm. It's impossible to describe. Impossible to describe. When I remain still and enter that Consci
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/September 13_1972.htm
September 13, 1972 I wrote this the other day (Mother holds a piece of paper), and Z told me, "Oh, this would be good for the New Year!" But it's in English.... Can you read it? Page 283 "When you are conscious of the whole world atthe same time, then you can become conscious of the Divine." My idea is not that being conscious of the world automatically makes you conscious of the Divine, but when your consciousness is vast enough to see and be conscious of the whole world, then you become capable of.... How can I say it? ... I don't want to be too specific. I mean I want each one to understand according to his capacity - you follow? Do you follow what I mean? Y
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/April 8_1972.htm
April 8, 1972 Perhaps you remember that in January, Msgr. R. wrote to you,and you concentrated on him for a long time; then you asked me to write him and ask "if he had been conscious of some thing." [[See conversation of January 29. ]] I have received his reply: one letter addressed to me and another to you. Here's what he writes to me (his answer was delayed because of Cardinal Tisserant's death): "My brother, ... Actually, on the 29th of January (between five andsix o'clock), Mother paid me a visit. An inner visit, but to me it was beyond a shadow of doubt. She told me so many things ... in so short a time. I think I am now ready to break with an entire past
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/January 29_1972.htm
January 29, 1972 (Mother listens to Satprem read a letter from Msgr. R., the friend of P.L., who is intently turning to Mother to start a new life. Mother concentrates on him for a quarter of an hour.) Is he ill? He had several very serious operations in a row, and I think hehad a lung removed in the last one. Ooh! He's a man who has been severely stricken. He went through arecord number of operations. What's the time difference between here and France? Five or five and a half hours. Which means? Which means, it is now five-thirty or six in the morning there. Note the time it is now. It's eleven o'clock. Could you ask him if.... What's the
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/September 16_1972.htm
September 16, 1972 Here's a "Grace" - for both of you. (Mother gives a white hibiscus) I had a practical question to ask you.... A thought occurred tome, and Id like to know how you consider it. Two or three years ago, I sent my book, "The Sannyasin," to Europe; I asked P.L. to try to find a publisher for it in Europe. Now it's in the hands of "Auropress." When I sent it to Europe, P.L. asked me, "What terms do you have in mind for the book?" I wrote him what came to me at the time: "This book belongs to India, I owe it to India, Page 286 and if it generates any profit, that money belongs to India." But in Europe they didn't want it, and now it'
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/June 24_1972.htm
June 24, 1972 (Mother has not been well lately. She listens to Satprem read the conversation of May 6, 1972 for the next Bulletin: "A golden force pressing down on the earth.... An absolutely material Power, but with no need for any material means.... A world is trying to be born into this world ") What you've written is very good, it's far better than what I said! (Satprem, somewhat flabbergasted:) But it's the exact trans cription of what you said, Mother!! (Mother laughs, unconvinced) This way it's turned out very good. But it's exactly what you said! I just added a few commas andcolons, that's all [laughter], and the paragraphs. But that's all! A
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/March 31_1973.htm
March 31, 1973 So, what would you like to tell me? First, how are you? I can't hear you. Are you asking how I am? ... Yes-you "can't hear"! But what does it mean? I can only be well when ... there's no I. I have been asking myself a question. Ah? About that new consciousness. I can grasp (or guess) its con templative or passive aspect, but not so well its dynamic or active aspect. I don't quite see how it ACTS-I understand the contemplative part, but how does it act? Page 384 I don't know. I have no idea. But do you act or are you simply in ... ? Yes, I act. But what exactly do you mean? ... Yes, I act! For example, when you are inside, in