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December 29, 1971 (A note by Mother in English) We are at a decisive hour in the history of the earth. The earth is preparing for the advent of the supramental Page 349 being, and because of this the old way of living loses its value. One must launch oneself consciously on the path of the future in spite of the new exigencies. The pettinesses tolerable at one time are no more so; one must widen oneself to receive that which shall be born. Page 350
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April 29, 1971 (These few words were said to Sujata at the time of her daily visit to Mother. Mother first asks about Sujata, then about Satprem. Then she sits absorbed.) The world is going mad. We have to keep the faith like this (gesture of clenched fists). Not here (pointing to the forehead), but here, like this, in the Divine. Page 114 May
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_12/April 14_1971.htm
April 14, 1971 (In reference to Mother's latest letter to Satprem.) Mon petit, if I have caused you pain, I am very sorry (Mother takes Satprem's hands). Oh, listen, Mother! You see, I spoke to you the way I speak to myself [in Mother's letter to Satprem], as frankly as possible. But I really didn't think that would cause you pain. I saw in you that you knew things.... Tell me what's bothering you. No, Mother, now it's really all gone. It's over. There were oneor two ... rather difficult days, but now it's over. (Mother holds Satprem's hands tightly) In the end, what I regretted is that all this takes up so much ofyour time, and that we make so much fuss abo
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_12/December 1_1971.htm
December 1, 1971 Nothing new on your part? I am becoming a new person.... But.... It's interesting. (Mother goes within) You see, I am witnessing nature's transformation. When I have nothing to do and I sit very quiet, it's very clear. I see three things: the nature being transformed, or rather the new nature, what we can call the supramental way of seeing things (it's getting clearer and clearer; the memory of the old nature remains but is fading more and more, to such a point that sometimes it's almost incredible, it seems fantastic to have been like that). Then there's the physical deterioration that comes with age: for example, the physical inability to do what I u
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_12/July 31_1971.htm
July 31, 1971 (Concerning a letter by Sri Aurobindo strictly forbidding sexual relations among disciples. Mother had several thousand copies of the letter printed with the following title: "Conditions for living in the Ashram and becoming a disciple.") "... To master the sex-impulse, -- to become so much master of the sex-centre that the sexual energy would be drawn upwards, not thrown outwards and wasted -- it is so indeed that the force in the seed can be turned into a primal physical energy supporting all the others, retas into ojas. But no error can be more perilous than to accept the immixture of the sexual desire and some kind of subtle satisfaction of it and look on t
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_12/May 5_1971.htm
May 5, 1971 I have some news from S. about the Russian translation [of "Supermanhood"]. The person who's doing it has already translated the introduction and sent her text. S. says this, "In Russian it is very beautiful -- enthralling. The very sound of the language conveys something that goes straight to your heart. Page 119 And personally, in the little I've read, I have felt the particular flow of your style...."[[The translation never went beyond the introduction. ]] Oh, that's good, that's good. I have great hope for the Russians.... I don't know why.... They've had an experience and have realized the emptiness of it all. (Mother goes within
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May 8, 1971 How are you? It's not easy! What's the matter? Well, EVERYTHING gives the impression of being like that. Thefeeling something is fiercely after the world, after people. Yes. Page 122 Something very fierce, which wants to destroy everything. Everything seems topsy-turvy. Yes. What has happened up there [in Delhi]? I have no idea.... Indira only said.... Here, I'll give you an example: yesterday, from a quite reliable source, I was told that every country -- almost every foreign country -- has recognized Bangladesh and only India has not (and another one I don't remember). Today I am told that Indira said that no country has granted recogniti
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_12/November 17_1971.htm
November 17, 1971 I had things to tell you, but ... I don't remember now. Things about your experiences? Yes, something like that. It's very strange, my whole vision of things has changed.... There were some very significant experiences, a change.... I remember when I noticed it, I thought, "This would be interesting for Satprem to know." And then, gone. So totally changed.... (long silence) I don't know if you knew this. One day a disciple from Germany saw a blind beggar in the street, sitting (you know how they wear a sign on their chest), and on the sign, in German, "The Order of Sri Aurobindo." "The order," what's the word? Not "command," no: group. You mean
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October 2, 1971 (Last year, after the death of General de Gaulle, Satprem's friend Y.L. had met André Malraux at Verrières; he immediate ly asked her, "Is the Mother still alive?" As Y.L. was a little taken aback, he added, "I went there before you, 33 years ago.... So I assume you know what they have been looking for in India...." Again a few days ago, Y.L. met André Malraux after his cry "Volunteer for Bengal"; he said to her, "What is essential in the fight I'm going to wage for Bengal is to know the attitude and action of Pondicherry." Y.L. therefore came to put the question directly to Mother. Mother asked, "When is André Malraux meeting Indira Gandhi?" "In
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_12/September 14_1971.htm
September 14, 1971 (Sujata's visit to Mother. The day before, Sujata had gone to the Cazanove gardens, in the suburbs of Pondicherry, to see the tombstones of Pavitra and Amrita.) (Sujata:) Yesterday I went to visit Cazanove. Oh, why? To see Amritada and Pavitrada.... You know, nothing hasbeen done, no work until now to cover the tombs, in two years. How are they? They are covered with "Sri Aurobindo's Compassion," and Page 239 near the head, there is a slightly broken pot with "new crea tion," and near the feet a pot of "devotion,"[[Portulaca, tuberose, and basil. ]] the same for both.... I found that very nice, but nothing has been done.