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August 2, 1969 I've received a line from P.L. He is arriving on the 8th. He justwrites this: "The distress of these last few weeks is slowly turn ing into strength and calm .... I confess that I suffered a good deal from my failure regarding the Vatican, but after what you conveyed to me from Mother, everything is growing clearer ..." Yes, I had told him that it wasn't at all a question of outer triumph or failure, that the simple fact of his PRESENCE there acted as a kind of "relay" enabling the Light to enter there-the very fact of his being there. That's what I had told him. As for me, I'll add something. You understand, they made an attempt to unify all of Ch
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December 6, 1969 (Satprem reads out to Mother the conversation on the supramental Consciousness, which he proposes to publish in the next Bulletin.) I know many people who will read it with ... but it's not enough. Not enough, how do you mean? Page 464 I mean there are lots of people who won't understand a word of it. No, no, I don't think so. I don't know ... Nolini will have to be consulted. As for me, I think it will impel people to make an effort. (Mother laughs) Unless they say, "It's lost all meaning!" No, it can't be, because anyway there are things that are too fullof evident meaning! Really-really, it's the
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April 16, 1969 (Mother listens to a few pieces of pop music brought to her by François B., an enthusiastic visitor) It's very amusing! (Mother laughs) It's the vital in full revolt against the mind, but it's magnificent! They reject the whole mind. It's interesting, very- interesting! You get the feeling that if they pushed a little farther on (gesture of piercing above), they would catch something. (François B.:) Mother, a few groups have pushed much farther on. This one [the Rolling Stones] is the most vital of all the groups. But there are others, more open, less rough. They are really ready to recognize you, but they don't know. It's clearl
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/April 30_1969.htm
April 30, 1969 This Consciousness is truly extraordinary, and with such a sense of humor, you know! ... It's educating this body, beginning with sweeping away all moral notions. The body is spontaneously in a sort of adoration, and all of a sudden this Consciousness showed it a big, huge serpent, with two formidable fangs, which was like this (gesture erect in front of Mother). And at the same time it gave the explanation: "The poisoned fangs ... It's the Supreme Goodness that invented them, of course ...." You know, it was so ... It's irresistible. And this poor body remained like that, a little flabbergasted .... It realized it had never thought of that! It had taken things as they are,
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/September 3_1969.htm
September 3, 1969 For two days, I've had a sort of retrospective vision of the horrors of life ... as though seen with the new Consciousness. And the odd thing is that you wonder how it was possible to go through all those horrors .... It began with a sort of thoroughly repellant perception of people's condition from the standpoint of consciousness - of the darkness and of this so narrow sort of egocentric vision. That was the beginning, and then the Consciousness seemed to be telling me, "Oh, but don't worry, it's much better than it was before!" (Mother laughs) And it showed me everything like that (gesture as in a film), oh! ... it was so frightful that I wondered how it could ha
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August 6, 1969 (After studying various matters of printing, Motherabruptly asks:) I'd like to ask you a material detail: have you enough cheese for one week?! Yes, yes, Mother. Are you sure? ... Because cheese is good for you. If you want more, there's nothing easier ... (Mother peers at Satprem's face) Ah, it's yes! (To Sujata) Go and ask for a box. You think of everything! You know, I don't "think," but things come like this (gesture as if on a screen). All of a sudden I see, so it must be true, it's not my imagination. Yet it's not in my consciousness! Ah, mon petit, I see much more than what you're aware of! (Mother laughs) It's in your subcon
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/May 17_1969.htm
May 17, 1969 (About Pavitra's departure. Pavitra was the oldest French disciple; chemist and engineer of the École Polytechnique, he came Page 180 to the Ashram in December, 1925, after having pursued his quest all the way to Mongolia's lamaseries. [[Pavitra left some very interesting memoirs of his conversations with Sri Aurobindo and Mother in 1925 and 1926, which unfortunately were barbarously mutilated (with whole pages torn away, almost a third of Pavitra's notebooks) by his closest collaborator, under the pretext that it would be "better left unsaid." We shudder to think what would have been the fate of this Agenda had it come into the hands of those same "collaborator
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June 28, 1969 Oh, I've received this from little S.U., again in relation to your book: (Mother holds out a letter) Page 223 Sweet Mother, What is the idea behind this sentence from the "Adven ture": "Unfortunately, the West has too much intelligence to have much clear vision to translate outwardly, while India, too full within, is not demanding enough to match what she lives with what she sees"? (Mother smiles and dictates straight off) It means that in the West (especially in France), the intellectual development has prevailed over the spiritual development and the contact with higher regions, while in India, the inner knowledge has remained mor
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January 25, 1969 (The whole time is spent in contemplation, except for a moment when Mother comes back to say:) All the time, all the time, something like a slight indication passes by - and noiselessly: it's not words. Page 36
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May 3, 1969 This Consciousness is very interesting. It has (smiling) ... it's not scorn, it's a sort of faraway indifference for all human ideas - all conventions, all principles, all moralities, it finds all of that ... absolutely grotesque. Now and then, it comes into contact with human ideas (Mother takes a surprised tone of voice): "Ooh! So that's what they think ..." It's amusing! There are two things. Death, it doesn't at all understand what we mean by that, the importance we attach to it - but not at all. And then, money, to this consciousness, is buffoonery: this system of money, the invention of this system, which prevents you from doing anything unless you pull out a banknote, t