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March 14, 1961 I haven't done anything, haven't worked, answered questions or prepared anything for the Bulletin - nothing at all. You saw the people waiting in the corridor; when I left the other day they kept me there three-quarters of an hour and when I finally went upstairs I was ill. Not really ill but not well. So once again it's all called into question. (Mother goes on to the work and listens to the reading of an old Talk of September 26, 1956, to be used in the Bulletin. In it she speaks of moments of opening in the yoga: 'Then there are days when you are in contact with the divine Consciousness, with the Grace, and all is tinged, colored by this Presence, and things whi
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December 18, 1961 (Letter to Mother from Satprem) Sweet Mother, A long letter from the publisher. He has understood NOTHING, felt nothing in this book, finding it 'too abstract.' In a word, they won't accept it without extensive modifications and 'explanations.' May your will be done, With love, Signed: Satprem (Mother's reply affixed to Satprem's letter.) This was to be expected. But don't go and spoil your book just to make it digestible for them. We shall publish it here, taking out the unnecessary pictures - having only a few will make the book more interesting. I suppose you can return their money and cancel the contract - but reserve the right to
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March March 4, 1961 (Mother gives Satprem a ruffled mauve petunia.) Look, it's Enthusiasm, see how beautiful it is! It must be put in water right away, otherwise.... It needs vital force and water is vital force. It's lovely! What fantasy! And this one is the Consciousness one with the Divine Consciousness, [[Hibiscus, double flower, light pink. ]] but supramentalized - beginning to be supramentalized. And here is a very pretty Promise of Realization [[Nasturtium. ]] , and here's Balance [[Begonia. ]] and ... the Peace of Faithfulness. [[Portlandia grandiflora. ]] There you are, mon petit. Now then, anything to ask? (silence) Oh, it's dreadful, each one ... (Mother is
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June 6, 1961 (Mother arrives looking weary. Satprem asks if she is tired.) No.... I had finished reading the Veda and wanted to take up The Life Divine, but as I had never read On Himself, [[Sri Aurobindo's letters on his life, his experience and his yoga. ]] I chose it instead. I read the first chapter dealing with his life in England and to me it all seemed.... Oh, why speak of all these things in connection with Sri Aurobindo? Why? I know quite well that he himself has replied - or rather rectified inexact things people had said about him - but it made such a painful impression on me! Such a painful impression. Something must definitely be done which is free of that whole useless
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December 16, 1961 (Mother comes in with a rolled-up paper.) Here's my original manuscript - although it's not very 'original.' It's a message for the first of January. One day ... (I'm translating the last section of The Synthesis of Yoga, 'The Yoga of Self-Perfection' - it plunges you into bottomless gulfs ... ) and one day (I think I've told you this), I had a vision of the gap between ... not even what ought to be, because we probably haven't the slightest idea of that, but between our concept of what we would like to be and what is. And it was so dreadful that the body was thrown into, oh ... an anguish, a horror; and along with it an intensity of aspiration, a prayer. The g
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July 18, 1961 66 - Sin is that which was once in its place, persisting now it is out of place; there is no other sinfulness. I don't feel any inspiration. Do you have a question? Sin is said to be something no longer in its place. But has something like cruelty, for example, ever had a 'place'? Exactly what came to me - I receive all the questions people ask. The question arises immediately: if one kills out of cruelty, for instance, or inflicts pain out of cruelty, did that ever have a place? ... For even though deformed in appearance, it is nevertheless (we always come back to the same thing) an expression of the Divine. What lies behind, tell me? Sri Aurobind
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February 5, 1961 O my Lord, If this swelling of the legs is useful for Thy work, let it be. But if it is only an effect of my stupidity, I ardently pray that Thou shouldest remove it quickly. February 5, 1961 [69] Page 69
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April 8, 1961 After more than a month I have resumed my translation [of The Synthesis of Yoga], and I fell exactly - it's splendid! - exactly on the passage that helped me understand what has happened, why there are all these difficulties. And the Synthesis and the Veda go hand in hand, so reading that passage brought some improvement; it's like being able to shift position, you know, so that now it's a bit better. Anyway.... * (Then Mother listens to a reading from the 1960 'Agenda.' At the end, Satprem remarks, as though to excuse himself for noting some apparently irrelevant details.) All these things are interwoven, you see - each time, you seem to be adding a touch. Even a
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March 21, 1961 Last night I had two consecutive experiences showing with extreme precision that black magic is at the root of all this (Mother is speaking of both general and personal difficulties, in the Ashram and in her body). First of all, on the mental plane (the physical-mind, the material mind) I saw an individual.... I am not entirely certain of his identity (when I saw him last night I didn't associate him with anyone in particular) but from his outer appearance he is evidently a sannyasi. He was pursuing me, blocking my way and trying to stop me from doing my work (it was a long, long affair). But I was very conscious and could foresee everything he was about to do, so it
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November 6, 1961 (Letter to Mother from Satprem: [[This letter survived because Mother returned it with her reply written on the reverse. ]] ) Sweet Mother, When I read the Veda I thought I understood that the Rishis, finding the passage blocked above (since they would fall into Page 376 ecstasy and lose their hold over the body), set out to find the Supermind by the downward path. But reading Sri Aurobindo, I seemed to understand the opposite: that FIRST he rose up, and then made the Light redescend to open the passage, and that the pressure of the Light from above is what opens the doors below, in Matter. I would like to understand the process. With all my l