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September 19, 1958 Something the modern world has completely lost is the sense of the sacred. Ever since my childhood, I have spent my time veiling myself': one veil over another veil over another veil, so as to remain invisible. Because to see me without the true attitude is the arch-sin. Anyway, 'sin' in the sense Sri Aurobindo defines it - meaning that things are no longer in their place. Page 198 ISBN 2-902776-33-0
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April 4, 1956 (Letter to Mother from Satprem) Pondicherry, April 4, 1956 Mother, two months ago I had a clear mental perception of what was asked of me: to spend the rest of my life here. This is the source of my difficulties and of the inner hell I have been living through ever since. Each time I try to emerge, there is this image that rises up in me: your-whole-life - and this casts me into a violent conflict. When I came here, I thought of staying for two or three years; for me the Ashram was a means of realization, not an end. I understand now that as long as my whole being has not ACCEPTED that it must finish its life here, there is no way out nor any 'recovery' possible. T
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August 25, 1954 (Mother reads to the disciples an excerpt from Sri Aurobindo's THE MOTHER, in which he describes the different aspects of the Creative Power - what is India is called the 'Shakti,' or the 'Mother' - which have presided over universal evolution.) ' ... There are other great Personalities of the Divine Mother, but they were more difficult to bring down and have not stood out in front with so much prominence in the evolution of the earth-spirit. There are among them Presences indispensable for the supramental realization, - most of all one who is her Personality of that mysterious and powerful ecstasy and Ananda2 which flows from a supreme divine Love, the Anand
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December 25, 1960 (Letter to Mother from Satprem) Pondicherry, December 25, 1960 Sweet Mother, I want to tell you that X completely changed my japa this morning. Instead of ten hours a day, I now have only about half an hour to do three times a day! He told me that 'everything' is in this new japa. And I want also to tell you how grateful I am. You think of us even in the smallest human details - grateful is not even the word. Simply, may I serve you better, may I better give of myself. With love. Signed: Satprem Page 501
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January 31, 1959 (Letter to Mother from Satprem) Rameswaram, January 31, 1959 Sweet Mother, I have reflected for a long time on that passage in your letter where you say that your body needs a mantra to hasten its transformation. Certainly X can do something in this realm, but I have not yet spoken to him (and I shall not speak of this to Swami). X knows very little about your true work and what Swami has been able to explain to him is rather inadequate, for I do not believe that he himself understands it very well. So I shall have to try to make myself understood quite clearly to X and tell him exactly and simply what it is you need. The word 'transformation' is too a
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Undated 1956 (d) (Letter to Mother from Satprem) Pondicherry Sweet Mother, for many long months I have been struggling with myself in a painful conflict, and at times I have even felt certain dangers. Finally, I went within myself, into the calm, and it seemed to me that I would do well to go away for a while. I had thought I could free myself from this conflict by writing a book. But in fact, it is not the mind that needs to be freed, or at least not only that, it is the vital that needs to WEAR ITSELF OUT. I believe I have a clear mental perception of the goal to be attained, and I no longer doubt the spiritual meaning of my life, but this kind of mental maturity is coming
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October 4, 1958 Do all our vibrations reach you or must they have a specialintensity? It must be strong enough to pull me from my concentration or my activity. If' I knew when you concentrate or do your puja,' I could tune into you, and shell I would know more; otherwise, my inner life is too ... I am not at all passive inwardly, you see, I am very active, so I don't usually receive your vibrations unless they impose themselves strongly or unless I have decided beforehand to be attentive to what is coming from someone or other. If I know that at a given moment something is going to happen, then I open a door, as it were. But it's difficult to speak of these things. When
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February 3, 1958 (The following experience was later read out to the Wednesday class on 2.19.58) Between the beings of the supramental world and men, there exists approximately the same gap as between men and animals. Sometime ago, I had the experience of identification with animal life, and it is a fact that animals do not understand us; their consciousness is so constituted that we elude them almost entirely. And yet I have known domestic animals - cats and dogs, but especially cats - who made an almost yogic effort of consciousness to understand us. But generally, when they watch us living and acting, they don't understand, they don't SEE US as we are and they suffer becau
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October 7, 1956 I cried towards the Light and Thou gayest me knowledge. Z asked me, 'Why didn't you stop it?" I replied, 'Probably because I am not omnipotent!' Then he insisted: 'No, that's not it. I make no distinction between your will and the divine will ... and I know that you don't either. So why didn't you stop it?' And suddenly, I understood. It was because I hadn't thought of it. It hadn't even grazed my consciousness. The divine will is not at all like that, it is not a will: it is a VISION, a global vision, that sees and ... No, it does not guide (to guide suggests something outside, but nothing is outside), a creative vision, as it were; yet even then, the word
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March 19, 1956 AGENDA OF THE SUPRAMENTAL ACTION ON EARTH On March 19 during the translation class the inner voice said: 'Hold yourself straight' and the body sat up and held itself absolutely straight during the entire class. 1. The following text was given by Mother in both French and English. 2. Later added by Mother 3. Note written by Mother in French At this period, Mother's back was already bent. This straightening of her back seems to be the first physiological effect of the 'Supramental Manifestation' of February 29, which is perhaps the reason why Mother noted down the experience under the name 'Agenda of the Supramental Action on Earth.' It was