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VISHWASAMAN SUKTA 22 O thou of the universal peace, as the Atri sing the word of illumination to Fire of the purifying light who is to be prayed in the pilgrim-sacrifices, the Priest of the call, most rapturous in man. Page – 234 Set within you Fire, the knower of all things born, as the divine ordinant of the rite; let your sacrifice march forward today most strong to bring the epiphany of the gods. Mortals we fix our minds on thee the godhead who hast the mind of conscious knowledge for the protection as we journey, for the guardian supremely desirable.
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Hymns to the Mystic Fire_Volume-11/Vimada Aindra or Prajapatya or Vasukrit Vasukra.htm
VIMADA AINDRA OR PRAJATYA OR VASUKRIT VSUKRA SUKTA 20 Bring to us a happy mind. I pray the Fire, the friend who is irresistible in his own command, in whose law the white rays attend on the Sun-world, serve the teat of the mother. Page – 396 Fire whom face to face a home of light, one who brings the ray of intuition by his lustre they increase; he blazes with his row of flaming tusks. He comes to us as a noble path for men when he travels to the ends of heaven; he is the seer
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Hymns to the Mystic Fire_Volume-11/Parashara Shaktya.htm
make him grow increasing in his bulk by their toil,¹ the Flame well-born in their womb, in the abode of the Truth. He is as if a delightful thriving, he is like the earth our wide dwelling-place. He is enjoyable like a hill and bliss-giving like fast-running water. He is like a charger in the battle rushing to the gallop and like a flowing river;² who shall hedge in his course? He is the close comrade of the Rivers as is a brother of his sisters. He devours the earthʼs forests as a king his enemies. When driven by the breath of the wind he ranges around the forests, the Flame tears asunder the
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Hymns to the Mystic Fire_Volume-11/Gaya.htm
GAYA SUKTA 9 Thee, O Fire, men bringing offerings pray, mortals the godhead; I meditate on thee as the knower of all things born and as such thou earnest our offerings without a break. Page –219 Fire is the priest of the call in the house of the giver who has plucked the grass for the seat of sacrifice and in him our sacrifices meet and our plenitudes of inspired knowledge. Verily, the two tinders have brought to birth as if a new-born infant Fire who does aright the pilgrim-sacrifice, to be the upholder of the human beings. Verily, thou art hard to seize lik
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Hymns to the Mystic Fire_Volume-11/Tryaruna Traivrishna, Trasadasyu Paurukutsa, Ashwamedha Bharata.htm
TRYARUNA TRAIVRISHNA, TRASADASYU PAURUKUTSA, ASHWAMEDHA BHARATA SUKTA 27 O Will, O Universal Power,¹ the mighty One supreme in vision, master of his being, lord of his plenitudes has given me his two cows of the Light that draw his wain. He of the triple dawn, son of the triple Bull,² has awakened to knowledge with the ten thousands³ of his plenitude. He gives to me the hundred and twenty4 of the cows of dawn; his two shining5 horses he gives, yoked to the car, that bear aright the yoke. O Will, O Universal Power, do thou rightly affi
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GATHIN KAUSHIKA SUKTA 19 Fire I choose the Priest of the call in the sacrifice, the wise, the seer, the omniscient, free from ignorance: he shall do worship for us strong for sacrifice, in the formation of the godheads; for the wealth, for the plenitude he wins all kinds of amassings. ¹ Or, as long as I have the power, Page – 141 O Fire, I mission towards thee a power of giving bearing my oblation, luminous, full of lustres. May he come to the sacrifice with his givings, with his treasures turning round it and widening the formation of the godheads.
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Hymns to the Mystic Fire_Volume-11/Suditi and Purumilha Angirasa.htm
SUDITI AND PURUMILHA ANGIRASA SUKTA 71 O Fire, guard us by thy lights¹ from every hostile force and from mortal foe. O beloved in thy birth, mortal wrath has no power over you: thou art master of the nights. So do thou with all the gods, O child of Energy, O happy light, give us the wealth in which are all boons. The hostile forces, O Fire, cannot divorce from the Riches the mortal giver whom thou rescuest. O Fire, O illumined seer, he whom thou in the winning of the purity speedest
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Hymns to the Mystic Fire_Volume-11/Bharadwaja Barhaspatya.htm
BHARADWAJA BARHASPATYA SUKTA 16 O Fire, thou art set here in all as the Priest of the call in the sacrifice, set by the gods in the human being. Offer worship with thy rapturous tongues in the Rite of the Path to the Great Ones. Bring the gods to us, do them sacrifice. O ordainer of works, mighty of will, by thy revealing light¹ in the sacrifice thou knowest the tracks of the gods and their highways. ¹ Or, with thy straight going Page – 276 Now has the Bringer of the Treasure with his horses of swiftness
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Hymns to the Mystic Fire_Volume-11/Devashravas, Devavata---Bharata.htm
DEVASHRAVAS, DEVAVATA — BHARATAS SUKTA 23 Churned out and well-established in the house of his session, the Youth, the Seer, the leader of the pilgrim-sacrifice, imperishable in the perishing woodlands, the Fire, the knower of all things born, has founded here immortality. The sons of the Bringer, god-inspired and god-beloved, have churned out Fire of the perfect discernment. O Fire, look widely on us with the vast riches, become the leader of our impulsions throughout the days. The ten who throw the Light have brought to birth all around the Ancie
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/SABCL/Hymns to the Mystic Fire_Volume-11/Virupa Angirasa.htm
VIRUPA ANGIRASA SUKTA 75 1. O Fire, yoke like a charioteer the horses most powerful for Page – 365 the calling of the gods; take thy seat, O ancient Priest of the call! 2. And now, since thou hast the knowledge, speak for us towards the gods, make true to our aspiration all desirable things. 3. For thou, O Fire, O most youthful son of force, thou in whom are cast the offerings, art the possessor of the Truth to be worshipped with sacrifice. 4. This Fire is the lord of the hundredfold and thousandfold plenitude, the seer who is the head of the treasu