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Wastage …The ways of Nature are slow, obscure and complicated. She takes a very long time to do a thing which could probably be done much more rapidly, easily and without wastage by means of the spirit. At present there is a terrible wastage in the world. But the thing is done. The Mother 5: 343
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Choice Of Envelopes Mother was always particular in choosing the right envelope for her letters. The envelope had to be just the size for the paper – neither too big nor too tight. The recipient should find it convenient to take out the letter easily – these were the requirements. After the envelope was chosen, she would decide whether she would write the name of the person on the envelope or not. For some she would write on the envelope itself. For some others she would write the name in a small slip of paper and clip it to the envelope. For some she would write the name in pencil; for some it would be in a deeper shade, for some in a faint colour. She used to keep
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Energy Wasted Mother, why is it that here, in work, some people venture to satisfy their fancies and thus much money is wasted? It is not money alone that is wasted! Energy, Consciousness is infinitely, a thousand times more wasted than money. Should there be no wastage…my word, I believe the Ashram couldn’t be here! There is not a second when there isn’t any wastage – sometimes it is worse than this, there is a habit – hardly conscious, I hope – of absorbing as much Energy, as much Consciousness as one can and using it for one’s personal satisfactions. That indeed is something which is happening every minute. If all the Energy, all the Consciousne
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-017_The Mother^s principle.htm THE MOTHER'S PRINCIPLE OF ACTION AND WASTE I did not consider it necessary to say anything about the ques­tion of waste beyond assuring you that the undertaking of useless and unnecessary work only in order to keep the men employed was no part of the Mother's principle of action. The Mother did not know to what pipe you referred and had no time or inclina­tion to make enquiries about it. It is quite true that, so long at least as the Sadhaks are not Siddha Yogis, self-control is the law; they have to learn to refrain from indulgence of excess in any direction – the provision made for them being ample for a Sadhak and much more than is allowed
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Do not Waste Energy Human beings do not know how to preserve energy. When something happens, an accident or an illness, they ask for help and a double or triple dose of energy is administered. They feel that they are receptive and they receive it. This energy is given for two reasons: to repair the disorder caused by the accident or illness, and to give a power for transformation in order to mend, to change what was the true cause of the illness or accident. Instead of utilising energy in that way, immediately, immediately they throw it out. They begin to move about, they begin to be active, they begin to work, they begin to speak, they begin… they feel themselves
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Income and the Expenses The income and the expenses must balance; money must be found for the work of building up the Ashram. All the rest comes after. Sri Aurobindo ‘Champaklal Speaks’ P.236
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To Buy Sometimes we go to the bazaar to buy our things. Is that good? One cannot make general rules. This depends on the spirit in which you make your purchases. It is said that you should have no desires – if this is not a desire, it is all right. You understand, there is no movement, no action, which in itself is good or bad; it depends absolutely on the spirit in which it is done. If, for instance, you are in a state of total indifference about what you have and what you do not (it is a condition a little difficult to realise, but after all one can attain it – a state of detachment: “If I have it, I have it; if I don’t, I do
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Indispensable There was someone else also who told me: “Oh! I can absolutely do without anything at all" – we were speaking of a walking-tour with a minimum of baggage on the back (when you are compelled to carry it for miles on end, four or five kilometers a day, you try to reduce the weight of your bag as much as possible); so we discussed about what was indispensable and had to be put in the bag. He said his toothbrush. Another told me he needed a piece of soap, ( usually this spins around very simple tiny things of this kind). But here how many people there are who have never used soap, and that doesn’t prevent them from being clean! There are other ways of be
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Money From the beginning Mother used to count the money offered, carefully separating the notes according to the denominations, clipping them and so on. She would arrange notes in a uniform manner - heads up, same size notes in one bundle etc. If anyone had put together notes topsy turvy and somehow packeted them, she would at times exclaim: Clumsy ways of people! She said that she herself was handling money because when it was so treated, money tended to flow in more and more. ‘Champaklal Speaks’ P. 36
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Dining Room Food Some one had complained to the Mother that some people were taking their food in carriers and sharing it with unauthorised persons in their rooms. Mother: People are dishonest. (She repeated this remark thrice and showed her displeasure by her expression.) She remained quiet. After some time that day I asked: Suppose I take my loaf which comes to me as my quota, I give it to somebody who has permission to stay here but is so poor that he cannot afford to pay for food from Dining Room. The person is very anxious to stay here. If I give my share to him, under these circumstances, is it still dishonest, is it stealing? Mother: Yes. C: Mot