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Tribute to Mary Helen – Bob   9 February 2002   Dear Narad,   I received news two days ago from Lilouben of Mary Helen's passing and just now read the fine write up on her.  For her the going is good.  She was a radiant, valiant being who fought for the light and truth.  She has left this earth of fear, anxiety, pain and weariness to rest in the Mother's bosom, to repose in the psychic world of peace and bliss.  For you the going is a great loss and will be hard to bear, but you are close to the Mother and she will give you the strength to endure, understand, accept and grow.  Surely she will; you are her child. I told Huta over the phone  She sends her "heartfelt condolences a
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Tributes/Tribute to Mary Helen from Ananda.htm
Tribute to Mary Helen from Ananda     Dear Narad,   Mary was indeed a very beautiful soul and has become one with the spirit of Savitri.   Love,   Ananda
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Tributes/Tribute to Mary Helen _ Manoj Das Gupta.htm
Tribute to Mary Helen – Manoj Das Gupta   Dear Narad,   Arati and I were deeply touched to receive the packet of dry-fruits that you sent though Chali.   We shall always remember Mary Helen and you for the wonderful and inspiring example set by both of you – how true faith and love for the Mother and Sri Aurobindo carries one through all ordeals and pains!...   May we all be worthy of their Love.   Manoj
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Tributes/Tribute to Mary Helen _ Michele.htm
Tribute to Mary Helen – Michele   Dear Richard,   I am devastated.  I spoke to Chali this morning and just found out.  My heart goes out to you and Chali.  I planned on calling you but thought I'd wait til Sunday after Chali arrives.   I know she plans to ask you, but she asked if I would come to Atlanta later next week (probably the weekend of the 15th) . . . if it's ok.  I told her that I could stay at a hotel as I know this is a private time for you and I don't want to intrude..  I would really like to be there for Chali (and you too of course), if that's ok – even if it's just for a few days next weekend and I can stay near by and be there when/if either of you need me.  
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Tributes/Tribute to Mary Helen – Daya, Kim and Family.htm
Tribute to Mary Helen – Daya, Kim & Family   My Dear Narad, I am saddened by the news of Mary Helen's passing away.  I heard that she was ill through Joss Brooke & Anita.  I remember Mary Helen as a young, beautiful and quiet person when you came to Singapore many years ago.  She was then taking good care of Shelly, her daughter, who was then a young girl.  You were busy with the orchids.  Many years have passed since then but I still remember all of you when you visited Singapore.  The three of you were the first Aurovilians we came to know in Singapore. Our deepest condolence & sympathy to you, Shelly and all members of Mary's family. We are still staying at the same place in Singapo
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Tributes/Tribute to Mary Helen _ Constance.htm
Tribute to Mary Helen – Constance   Mary Helen and Dhruva were the first Aurovilians I met when I arrived in Pondy in 68.  They drove me out to the land – ferrying me, for the final few kilometers, to this birth's destination.   Later, we worked together in the Matrimandir Nursery, where we both lived.  Mary Helen is very much a part of my life – and her passing is experienced even in my body.   How do we explain the spiritual intimacy of this family – this wonderful wave of souls that moves together in and out of time?                     Together                         approaching the earth                   Together born                        living togethe
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Tributes/Tribute to Mary Helen _ Odette.htm
Tribute to Mary Helen – Odette   From my heart my condolence for the loss of Mary Helen.   I feel deeply sad for the ordeal you both had to go through with this (still) very terrible disease.  I feel terribly sad that someone has to leave at such a young age because we are still not able to conquer this disease.   You, Narad, will forever be engraved in my heart for that unique moment, when you were about to leave Auroville and you gave me some 50 pots of unforgettably beautiful Frangipani species from all over the world that you had grown near the Matrimandir.   I have later planted them all on our place near Fraternity and took special care, they grew magnificently and th
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Tributes/Tribute to Mary Helen _ Julie.htm
Tribute to Mary Helen – Julie   Dear Narad,   I wish you a host of warm and loving energies to surround you and yours in this time of transition.  I know of you through Shraddhavan and the work I am doing with her on Invocation.  I will keep the picture from the files in my heart and continue to send you well wishes and to Mary Helen as she moves into her next plane.  She has made marvellous contributions to humanity and I am sure you have lots of memory footage to replay as you keep her near and dear to you heart.  Your tribute was a loving and courageous one, you've done her proud.  Take good care of yourself.   Namaste   Julie
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Tributes/Tribute to Mary Helen – Susan and Richard.htm
Tribute to Mary Helen – Susan and Richard   8th February, 2002   Dear Narad,                   Bob came into the computer room just now with the sad news of Mary Helen's passing.  Out thoughts, love and prayers have been with you these past days since your last email and now it is as though we were there with you in sorrow, but with gratitude and love that our dear Mary Helen is safely with The Mother and Sri Aurobindo and that their love and protection are with you.  We will always remember Mary Helen for her extreme beauty, delicacy and intensity of soul which always shone so clearly through her.                     When Bob came just now we were looking at an unused passage
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Mary Helen/English/Tributes/Dolly to Narad – On Mary Helen.htm
Dolly to Narad – On Mary Helen   Dolly embraced me again and again, then said, "She is one of us and may already have taken birth and is with us or working for the earth".  Mother said, "They who remember me are mine, my sign is on their head"  Then Dolly asked me to come to tea tomorrow and "Tell Uncle (Nirodbaran) everything"  She also said that as Mary Helen left the day before her birthday she was ready to take birth immediately.