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Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Amal Kiran (K D Sethna)/English/The Secret Splendour/The Secret Splendour - Tryst.htm
Tryst   Fall shut, vain eyes, for you have never seen Him: Your gaudy eagerness serves but to screen Him. Forget your revel, O insatiate ears: You have not heard the Heart of the universe. Lips, guard all breath—awaiting on your own Stillness the silent kiss of the Unknown....   Life flows a river foaming ferryless  Between the myriad marge of outwardness  And the Eternal Lover's lonelihood Of unseen bank—until a soul-sense mood Winters the hurrying wave, a fozen sheet Of trance to bear across the all-beautiful Feet. Page-20
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Amal Kiran (K D Sethna)/English/The Secret Splendour/Uncollected Work - World-Tour.htm
World-Tour   When He went abroad, He covered the great glow Which proved Him to be Lord: He went incognito,   And by His magic framed A myriad alibi And took the devious different roads That are you and I.   He travels without noise, Invisible even by day,  But leaving everywhere Footprints upon our clay.   Sometimes He meets Himself— Then folks light up and love,  Not understanding what immense  Secrecies move   Their tiny hands and mouths To treasure in sealed touch The joy they fear would scatter and fade If they spoke too much.   But ever the one soulless word Is
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Amal Kiran (K D Sethna)/English/The Secret Splendour/Uncolleted Work - Truth^s Wayfaring.htm
-227_Uncolleted Work - Truth^s Wayfaring Truth's Wayfaring   Silently in the dark Roamed Truth across my mind Nor ever left behind Her footfall's radiant mark,   Because no quiet lay Of purity on thought: The dust-whir s never caught Her happy hushful way.   But now all passions drowse Beneath unmoved trance-snow  And Truth's calm footprints glow, Guides to her secret house.   3.9.33 Page-437
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Amal Kiran (K D Sethna)/English/The Secret Splendour/The Adventure of the Apocalypse - White Stallion.htm
White Stallion   White stallion champing the barley Of silent bliss— Gathering into thy heart's Vermilion abyss   A power outrunning time, As if to a witching west Out of a wizard east Racing were one with rest,   A calm that suddenly views Here grown to There, A wide-awake sleep devouring Aeons with a single stare!   Fastest of all the flames Born of the Cave beyond sight.  Bringing on starry nostrils A neigh that is night—   Carrier of immortality Between blue wings., Yet hooved with a hurry to spurn Imperishable things —   On all the tracks of truth S
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Amal Kiran (K D Sethna)/English/The Secret Splendour/Uncollected Work - Grass.htm
Grass   Not lowly is the grass: Nodding this way and that  It shows the world how keen it is To be a democrat   And welcome both the dark and bright, The beggar and the king, With a sensitive equality That bows to everything. 1941 Page-521
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Amal Kiran (K D Sethna)/English/The Secret Splendour/Altar and Flame - Dante meets Beatrice in purgatory.htm
Dante meets Beatrice in Purgatory   (From Purgatorio, Canto XXX)   A woman, white-veiled, crowned with olive, came— Under the shade of her green mantle, all  Her body clothed in colour of living flame.   Long years had passed since the first trembling fall My spirit knew, love-broken in youth's hour Before her beauty's height, but the same thrall   I stood now, caught by her secret flow of power And needing not mine eyes to gauge the source  Of the old mighty love which made me cower.   As soon as on my vision struck the force That through and through I had felt my boy's heart shake
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Amal Kiran (K D Sethna)/English/The Secret Splendour/Overhead Poetry - Poems with Sri Aurobindo^s Comment - 2.htm
-055_Overhead Poetry - Poems with Sri Aurobindo's Comment - 2 2   PRELUDE   O Fire divine, make this great marvel pass.  That some pure image of your shadowless will May float within my song's enchanted glass! Sweep over my breath of dream your mystic mood,  O Dragon-bird whose golden harmonies fill With rays of rapture all nfinitude!...   Or else by unexplorable magic rouse The distance of a superhuman drowse, A paradisal vast of love jnknown, That even through a nakedness of night My heart may feel the piissance of your light, The blinding lustre of a measureless sun!     SRI AUROBINDO'S COMMENT   "Very fine—language and rhythm re
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Amal Kiran (K D Sethna)/English/The Secret Splendour/Altar and Flame - O Heart.htm
O Heart..."   "O heart that would be saint, How will you wash the taint Of your own blood? Before the child eyes knew A light between their lids. Some ancient fire threw Hell's heat into this flood And woke to unsleeping lust Each atom of the dust.   "Where can you fly O heart,  From your own throb? Even if you mount the sun's cart And watch the gold wheels turn, Still must you live with that red  Shouting or russet sob."   But the heart knows strange depths And why its cry was born— The meaning of the colour It took from Creation's morn. Within its narrow room Infinities are
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Amal Kiran (K D Sethna)/English/The Secret Splendour/Uncollected Work - Heartbreak.htm
Heartbreak   Our heart is a time-bomb And its love-load Is lapped in earth until the day It must explode.   What Saboteur has planned The abysmal sigh That breaks wide open the earth's hold. Blows us sky-high? 9.3.44 Page-541
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Amal Kiran (K D Sethna)/English/The Secret Splendour/Altar and Flame - Seven Suns.htm
Seven Suns   Seven suns are plunging down like diamonds To deck the body of man with, deathlessness. Bursting the brain to an omnipresent truth, Piercing the brows to a gaze unbound by time, Thrilling the throat with a word which rhythms the worlds, Gripping the heart with a oneness that is all, Wakening the belly to a laugh of infinite space, Unloosing within the loins a swirl of stars, Coiling at the base of the spine an almighty calm, They take their splendorous stations in frail flesh— And the flesh suddenly knows itself supreme As though heaven's roses bore dust-intimate roots! No gods are they from foreign farnesses