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12 OCTOBER 1940 The Czech national committee of Bombay published a pamphlet on the oppressive rules instituted by Germany in Czechoslovakia against university education. The Mother brought a copy of it to Sri Aurobindo in the morning SRI AUROBINDO (after breakfast): Those who think that Hitler's rule in India won't make much difference from the British, can read it. Then they will see why I support the British. But this is only one example of their oppression, directed only against the university. PURANI: I have read it. Jallianwalla Bagh seems only a small incident by its side and that was committed by a single man who was afterwards compelled to retir
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/5 to 13 May 1940.htm
5 MAY 1940 PURANI: I don't think England has withdrawn from Trendjheim because of the Italian threat. SATYENDRA: The debate comes on Tuesday. The Labour Party is going to heckle Chamberlain. Simon says, "Be cheerful and we will win in the end." (Laughter) Page - 614 SRI AUROBINDO: He means, " Be cheerful and we will muddle through." Hore-Belisha will now say, "I told you so." NIRODBARAN: Almost all the papers have supported the Government except The Mail, The Herald and The News. SATYENDRA: The papers say the Ministers have all agreed on their policy. SRI AUROBINDO: Yes, Hore-Belisha also, I suppose! Chamberlain said, "We are perfectly
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/25 to 31 December 1940.htm
25 DECEMBER 1940 EVENING Dr. Manilal had a warm cloth wrapped around his head and was sitting leaning against the small book case. When Sri Aurobindo sat up on the edge of the bed, he looked at him. SRI AUROBINDO: You are looking like one of the pictures of Ajanta, thinking the world to be a burden and being cold and miserable. (Laughter) NIRODBARAN: Today he has put on one more vest. DR. MANILAL : That can be easily taken off. I was not feeling cold but to prevent any draught I put it on. SRI AUROBINDO: I was speaking of your expression; you were looking like an incarnation of suffering. DR. MANILAL : But I am supposed t
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/26 to 30 June 1940.htm
26 JUNE 1940 PURANI: Hitler has presented a plan for the federation of continental Europe from which England and Russia will be barred. This man is full of ideas. SRI AUROBINDO: His New World Order? PURANI: Yes, Europe will be divided into three blocks: they will have no armies. SRI AUROBINDO: Wait a minute. How will the blocks be formed? PURANI: One block in the Balkans, one in Belgium, Holland, France, etc., and another in Spain, Portugal and other countries, I suppose. They won't have any armies. Hitler alone will have an army. SRI AUROBINDO: Of course, small nations won't be able to resist, except Franco's Spain, and she can have some weig
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/24 to 31 March 1940.htm
24 MARCH 1940 PURANI: Jinnah speaks of two Indian States-one Hindu and one Muslim. SRI AUROBINDO: Why two and not several? PURANI: Armando Menezes, the Goan poet, has come. He is publishing another book called Chaos and a Dancing Star. SRI AUROBINDO: The dancing star will be taken for a cinema star. (Laughter) PURANI: Yes, he himself fears so. NIRODBARAN: One criticism of Nishikanto's book is out. SRI AUROBINDO: I was wondering why no criticism had been made by anybody. What does it say? NIRODBARAN: It is by Buddhadev. He says that Nishikanto, by using fine images and rhythms, gives us pictures as well as sound-patterns so that both ey
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/10 to 16 June 1940.htm
10 JUNE 1940 SATYENDRA: Will there be any hierarchy among the supramental beings? SRI AUROBINDO: Supramental beings? In the Overhead, there is a hierarchy: Higher Mind, Illumined Mind, Intuition and so on. PURANI: That includes the Overmind. SRI AUROBINDO: Yes, among the supramental beings too there is a hierarchy, in the sense of a gradation of consciousness towards the Sachchidananda. NIRODBARAN: Sisir was saying you have written in the last volume of The Life Divine that the supramental beings will retire into islets. SRI AUROBINDO (laughing): I meant by islets, living in collective groups. NIRODBARAN: I also said the same thing to him.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/1 to 9 January 1941.htm
l JANUARY 1941 The radio news said that Hitler has prayed to the Almighty to protect him against his enemies, as he is a single power surrounded by enemies. SRI AUROBINDO: Since when has he become pious? DR. MANILAL : God must be in a fix, Sir. (Laughter) Page -1000 SRI AUROBINDO: He is always in a fix. DR. MANILAL : And Hitler prays to the Almighty, not just to God. SRI AUROBINDO: He thinks himself a mighty man; God, being almighty, will be on his side, he thinks. DR. MANILAL : On which side would Krishna be, Sir, in this war? On the British? SRI AUROBINDO: But his army might be on the other side as in the Mahabharata. S
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/17 to 21 June 1940.htm
17 JUNE 1940 Reynaud has resigned, Pétain has become the Premier and other members of the Cabinet have been picked from the military. NIRODBARAN: Was there any difference in policy among the members of the Cabinet? SRI AUROBINDO: Probably. Reynaud is unpopular. Now it is practically a military dictatorship. PURANI: Even after the war it may remain. Most of them seem to be Catholics and from the right wing. NIRODBARAN: Weygand hasn't shown any remarkable qualities till now. SATYENDRA: Pétain has no time, and besides the supplies and equipment are too poor. What can he do? At present what is most necessary is men; equipment doesn't matter so much.
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/10 to 18 April 1940.htm
10 APRIL 1940 PURANI : It seems that Germany collected all its navy, merchant ships and trawlers to carry its army to Norway. And the British navy is firing on them. SRI AUROBINDO: If the whole German fleet is out and gets attacked and intercepted by England, then it will be Germany that will have to turn back. Hitherto the Germany navy has not proved itself superior to the British navy. But it depends on what proportion of the navy is there. If it is only a part or if they have to collect it from various places, then it will be difficult for them. Of course, if the French fleet is also there, then it will be all right. If they had possessed foresight, they w
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Nirodbaran/English/Talks with Sri Aurobindo-Part_2/1 to 9 April 1940.htm
1 APRIL 1940 PURANI: A poet friend of mine has written that he met X and was impressed by him. He found X to have illimitable Bhakti for the Mother and you. SRI AUROBINDO: Illimitable? Well, X had a strange way of showing it. PURANI: Then my friend writes that X has gone very deep down in his consciousness. SRI AUROBINDO: It is always possible to go down. (Laughter) PURANI: Here is a letter from Indumati. She asks whether or not her Bhakti for Krishna is genuine and how she can dedicate herself to Krishna and pray to him to free her from all bonds. SRI AUROBINDO: It is a little dangerous to pray for that. PURANI: Then she says that some