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Inspiration from Savitri Colours and Gems Vol. VI Narad (Richard Eggenberger) First Edition 21 February 2013 ISBN: 978-93-82547-36-5 Published by Savitri Foundation 10, Jorbagh, New Delhi – 110 003 Ph: 011-43001448 E-Mail: info@savitri.in Website: http://www.savitri.in Publisher’s Note Savitri Foundation considers it a privilege to bring out a series of books under the title Inspiration from Savitri edited by Narad (Richard Eggenberger). We are thankful to the author for enthusiastically participating in this significant venture. Guide to Indexing o
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Inspiration from Savitri Beauty, Wonder and Sweetness Vol. VIII Narad (Richard Eggenberger) First Edition 29March 2014 ISBN: 978-93-82547-62-4 Published by Savitri Foundation 10, Jorbagh, New Delhi – 110 003 Ph: 011-43001448 E-Mail: info@savitri.in Website: http://www.savitri.in Dedication To all for whom Savitri is the Light on the Way Foreword The Colours of Beauty Can a string ofquotations make a coherent volume which widens our perceptions ofexistence in a significant manner?The
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BIBLIOGRAPHY   Abbott, Daisy T., The Indoor Gardener, Univ. of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN, 1939. Adams, William D., Shrubs and Vines for Southern Landscapes, Gulf Publishing Com  pany, Houston, TX, 1979. Arp, Gerald K., Tropical Gardening Along the Gulf Coast, Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, TX, 1978. Baines, Jocelyn and Katherine Key, The ABC ofIndoor Plants, Alfred A. Knopf, New York.NY, 1973. Barrick, William E., Salt Tolerant Plants For Florida Landscapes, Univ. of Florida, Gainesville, FL, 1979. Bateson, Wade T., Landscape Plants for the Southeast, Univ. of South Carolina Press, Columbia, SC, 1984. Beckett, Kenneth A., The Royal Hortic
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DEDICATION   IN MEMORIAM   Maureen Elizabeth "Kewpie" Gaido 1916-1995   Friend and champion of the Oleander. Through her love, enthusiasm and vivacious personality, thousands of gardeners have been introduced to this magnificent family of plants. Wherever she traveled she spoke eloquently of utilizing the beauty of oleanders to enhance our landscapes. All who love flowers owe her a debt of gratitude for her indefatigable efforts in promoting oleanders world-wide.   vii
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 We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. T. S. Eliot, The four Quartets 'Little Giddings'     New & Dwarf Varieties   The Turner Hybrids   I spent a wonderful day with Ted Turner, Sr. and Ted Turner, Jr. at their nursery Turners Gardenland in Corpus Christi, Texas, recording their experiences with oleanders. We walked through greenhouses filled with oleanders in bloom, photographed Ted Sr.'s latest hybrids, viewed rows of container-grown oleanders being pruned to multi-trunk specimens and patio trees, and visited l
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INDEX OF COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS   Agnes Campbell' 26 'Algiers' 27 'Apple Blossom' unxcx front 'Apple Blossom' with 'East End Pink' 109 'Barbara Bush' 12 Bob Newding with 'Sorrento' and 'George Sealy' at Gaido's 137 Bouquet form oleander 80 'Casablanca' 57 'Centennial' 139 'Commandant Barthelemy' 16 Curbside planting in Galveston 109 'East End Pink' 144 'EdBarr' 58
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Turner's Shari D™   14   Among the grasses, A flower blooms white, Its name unknown.                                  Shiki   Plant Patents   The world is indebted to those who are instrumental in creating and/or discovering new plants. We have included this section on plant patents to encourage anyone who has ever considered hybridizing, or who may have discovered a new and unique plant, to understand the United States patent process as given in the examples below. If a new plant is truly of merit, having characteristics superior to the type whether in flower form, shape, color, size, length of flowering season or plant habit, etc., on
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THE HANDBOOK ON OLEANDERS by Richard & Mary Helen Eggenberger   First Editon Mrs. F. Roeding ii iii iv
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Commandant Barthélemy When worshippers offer flowers at the altar they are returning to the gods things which they know, or (if they are not visionaries) obscurely feel, to be indigenous to heaven. Aldous Huxley   History and Geography Distribution and Climatic Range   Tolerant of a wide range of soil and climatic conditions, oleanders are found naturally occurring near the Mediterranean Sea in northern Africa from Morocco through Algeria to Tunisia, in southern Europe along the Mediterranean coast from Gibraltar to Lebanon and Israel, and
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Franklin D.Roosevelt   10   "Little flower- but if I could understand What you are, root and all, and all in all, I should Know what God and man is." Alfred Lord Tennyson   Oleander Research   Plant research is often highly technical requiring sophisticated laboratory facilities, years of background and training in botanical sciences, and many more years of painstaking experimentation and documentation. Current research is focused on the various cardenolide glycosides and other constituents in oleanders and their pharmaceutical applications, especially with regard to cancer. Known historically to have been used to treat cancerous ulcers and exter