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Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Arjava/English/Poems By Arjava/Musician.htm
MUSICIAN SPLENDOUR beyond conceiving wave against wave of swirling light uprear their sinuous crests and are thrust forward in a' seething foam of melody within the listening coves and over the untrod sandways of the heart. January 7, 1938. Page-289
Title: THEY
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Arjava/English/Poems By Arjava/They.htm
THEY AS they wander by the edges of the world In the uncharted place, By shimmering lagoons and shores impearled With light from all the moons that ever curled Thin horns round Space, They whisper to each other words of boding From no human lips Like windle-straws that feel the night wind's goading, Like the whine when rockets reel and zoom, exploding, And the star-shower dips. They weave no shadow pattern with the moon-rays, They cast no shade As they stalk across the land of that lagoon-maze : Though their feet have crossed the sand on certain noondays, No dints were made. November
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Arjava/English/Poems By Arjava/Unlinked From Time.htm
UNLINKED FROM TIME COME nearer ; do not tarry ; Quickly pass The odorous gates of twilight And the dew-drenched grass. Bring the mazer moonlight-filled— All dreams dissolve Therein : and with the moon-dance Let slow steps revolve. Then by this conjuration Unlinked from Time, As from a hilltop vantage Be witness of world mime. March 30, 1936. Page-178
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Arjava/English/Poems By Arjava/Richard.htm
RICHARD A HUNDRED forms would pass the languid eye Each one its proper load of hue would bear. Singly the world-changing instant sauntered by, Was Richard's hair. Thousands of glances throng my sight in vain, Holding such harvest as an un reaped book : I see now hence a sapphire with no stain In Richard's look. Idly the singing sands of life I heard ; Not they could make the selfless self rejoice. A flawless promise of new heaven stirred In Richard's voice. February 5, 1938. Page-293
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Arjava/English/Poems By Arjava/Dreamscape.htm
DREAMSCAPE SOLITARY breath of silent dream, You show the lonely breakers op a shore ; Untrodden are the hue less sands that gleam ; Never that foam-waste brooked a plash of oar. A narrow spit runs far into the sea : The empty sea calls to an emptier land. No throng of birds to shake the air with glee ; Naught stirs beneath upon the strew of sand. To landward, hillocks thinly set with trees (Vacancy garbed with listless leaf and bough), —Their blooms lie idle, tenantless of bees, Hearing no motion but the sea-wind's changeless sough. March 2, 1936. Page-161
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Arjava/English/Poems By Arjava/Atlantis.htm
ATLANTIS FRET Truth into false flinders And-rend time moment-meal, Leave on Love's altar cinders, —Let no bells peal. Moider the sage and the wizard, Be fleering-fain to trace As A leads on to izzard So fair to base. Now in no darn full acre Is manhood leasing-loath; Wealth guards the craven breaker Of yester-oath. O moon, draw the waters over Atlantean fields : Let some star, some aeon-rover Be the egg that yields Singers of truth who mingle All beauty in one cry,-— A wingway where Love's single Phoenix shall fly. Page-36
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Arjava/English/Poems By Arjava/Moon-Prompted.htm
MOON-PROMPTED A SILVER shimmer and silence Far out upon the sea : Silenceward steps of yearning Inly to Thee, Mother of tranquil shine. Soft pearl glimmer in hazing, Yet moon-revealing, sky : A hush and a dim heard footfall— And Grace is nigh, Mother of inner hood shrine. Power and immaculate Glory, Whom outward eyes may greet— In this hour might the inward quicken, Cloudlessly meet Mother and Beauty Divine. September 24, 1934. Page-88
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Arjava/English/Poems By Arjava/New Country.htm
NEW COUNTRY PRECARIOUS boat that brought me to this strand Shall feed flame-pinnacles from stem to stern, Till not one rib my backward glance can find— Down to the very keelson they shall burn. Now to the unreal sea-line I would no more yearn ; Fain to touch with feet an unimaginable land. . .. The gates of false glamour have closed behind ; There is no return. December 28, 1935. Page-142
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Arjava/English/Poems By Arjava/The Master-Light.htm
THE MASTER-LIGHT THE silent Deep all strewn with stars Unswayably withholds A moon to reap the star-fraught ears That midnight's acre folds ; Though a sickle-blade in the harvest hour Reap all the stars away, And the gleaner maid of dawn shall leave The stark bare field of day. O Siva-moon be swift and raze Number and name and form, Leaving the boon of Wideness bright And Peace beyond all storm. March 12, 1934. Page-59
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Arjava/English/Poems By Arjava/Sacrifice Offered By The Physical.htm
SACRIFICE OFFERED BY THE PHYSICAL SEED-SCATTERING and withered stems precede The earth-redemption, the return of light : Orphean fragments,—like offering,—still bleed, Shed over forest dene or upland height. Four elements on inmost altar ranged In equal balance, body of Orpheus slain ; By a fifth, his death to Incorruption changed,— Soul's quintessential Light within the fane. One paten with five sides I contemplate, Foreseeing far-off lives ; thereon we heap Actions and struggles and the thoughts we keep For future pyres, betokening mastery. " How should unnumbered acts be rendered