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11       I was most happy to get your letter and the "Triple-Life" tablets. From this afternoon I'll start being triply alive. In the meantime, with whatever warmth of a single life I have, let me thank you for both the wisdom and the wit of your letter. Yes, wit has come in, whether you meant it or not. Of course, "always and all ways" is a conscious expression, but I don't think you intended a paradoxical pun in writing: "A world gone illiterate by increasing degrees" - that is to say, the more the academic qualifications obtained, the more incapable the world grows of a true reading of life's riddle! Then there is the phrase: "...as fast as glych and glamour are being em
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12       I was delighted to get your poem' for my birthday, all the more because it brought a breath of England with its conjuration of flowers from Sussex hills and woods on the music of a language which is part of my inmost being. There is a slight touch of early Milton and a half-hint of Shakespeare in the verbal turn here and there, but both are taken up most felicitously into the quintessential You, and this taking up is all the richer because of that faint waft of the past, which I love, mingling with the air of the England your dear self carries into my heart. I have particularly in mind the phrases - remarkable in both image and rhythm - in lines 5-10:   A Bi
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22       I am surprised that in Spanish the equivalents of the English "portent" and "portentous" - namely, "portento" and "por-tentoso -can only mean "wonder" and "wonderful" and their synonyms but never anything to do with the suggestion of a significant sign, whether favourable or unfavourable. In that case, Calderon could have chosen for his well-known play "Il Magico Prodigioso" the adjective "Portentoso" to go with the noun. It seems that both in Spanish and in French there is nothing corresponding to the ambivalent epithet "foreboding" in the Savitri-line:   The huge foreboding mind of Night, alone...   where, so far as the meaning in general is co
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17       I have two letters from you and some photos. The first recounts the misery you feel when you don't hear from me for a long time. Fart of your misery is due to your fear that I may be unwell or may even have bidden goodbye to the earth. Except for the infirmity of my legs I am in fair-enough health and have had no wish to become "the late lamented". In fact I am likely to be rather "late" in becoming "lamented": I am already past 86. So be of good cheer. And what is this appeal to me that if I quit the earth-scene I should carry you along with me? You are 30 years younger than I am. Life for people like us is for doing Yoga and you should never think of cutting sho
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6       You unpredictable wonderful little girl of fifty odd years, what is all this sudden lamentation and shedding of tears and self-doubting? The Divine Mother is always with you and has accepted you and given you not only good relatives and friends, dear and near ones, but also an elder soul-brother out of the blue who though physically far is ever close to you inwardly and never forgets you even when he delays writing letters. You must hold your soul in peace. We are devotees of Sri Aurobindo who said that his Yoga is founded in equanimity, a wide solid calm, which can sustain all the extraordinary experiences which he can give to his children. If there is no tranqui
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28       Let me hurry up to wish you a birthday which will be - in some words from Savitri - A golden temple-door to things beyond.   The "things beyond" are the holy presences in the inmost sanctuary to which the temple-door leads and of which the goldenness of that entrance is the promise, A soul-state of intense yet steady luminosity revealing the Supreme Lord and the Divine Mother as the immortal In-dwellers of our being is the best birthday-realisation I can wish you.   I am sure that nothing less than this can meet the needs of your nature. You are a bom devotee of the Eternal and the Infinite. I think you belong to that rare company to whom instinc
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1       Your beautiful New-Year card enshrining your soul's hope and aspiration has been lying in front of me for quite a while. Whenever I looked at it my heart warmed up and wished to reply. The picture it carried - the tall tree stretching its branches towards the monastery - expressed my own mind. The branches lower down seemed to lift the building right from its foundation and pass it on to the upper boughs to bear it higher than its present height. All the fine things of the past need not only a new vision at the top but also a new impulse at the bottom. There is a greater sky than seen so far and a greater earth than felt up to now. The sense of a sky hidden within th
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4       It is curious that I have somehow neglected your birthday on the 12th of March. You have drawn my attention to it more than once but I have acted as if I were unconcerned altogether. I know that birthdays have an importance. According to the Mother, one is more plastic than at other times to the Divine and there is a new chance each year on that occasion to bring one's soul to the front. But there are people who are constantly being re-bom day after day, and for such people the official birthday is not of special significance. To me you are a person who is made "new" more and more in the image of the "true" every twenty-four hours. Your whole life is attuned to the
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10       Your long letter was a great relief. You have been on my mind ever since we last got a ghostlike sense of your presence somewhere. Your total disappearance puzzled and worried all your friends. In the meantime we heard nasty news about the activities of your ill-wishers. You must have come to know of them too. But you are a soul as tough on one side as it is tender on the other - a sort of Belisarius though not battered by Fate so horribly. Belisarius was the greatest general during the reign of Justinian in Rome. Both he and his emperor married dancing girls. The empress conspired his ruin and had him degraded. His wife ran away with a monk. In the end the once-fa
Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Amal Kiran (K D Sethna)/English/Life-Poetry-Yoga (Vol 2)/chapter 016.htm
16       Your long-distance call was a unique event in the history of Mother India. Never before has any voice from beyond Pondicherry come precisely in reponse to my work in our Monthly Review of Culture with such an irrepressible joy. In more than the sense of sheer surprise the call seemed to arrive "out of the blue". It was as if Sri Aurobindo, from another world which is yet mindful of earth's aspiration and effort, had found on earth a receptive soul to transmit his still continuing appreciation of what a child of his had been trying to do ever since February 1949 for a periodical about which he had once said when a carping critic had doubted the authenticity of the v