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Mind Nature and Law of Karma   MAN IS not after all in the essence of his manhood or in the inner reality of his soul a vital and physical being raised to a certain power of mental will and intelligence If that were so, the creed that makes our existence a manifestation of a Will to life, a Life Force moved by no other object than its own play, heightening, efficient power, expansion, might have a good chance of being the sufficient theory of our universe, and the law of our Karma, the rule of our activities would be in entire consonance with that one purpose and ordered by that dominant principle Certainly in a great part of this w
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The Strength of Stillness   THERE are two great forces in the universe, silence and speech Silence prepares, speech creates Silence acts, speech gives the impulse to action Silence compels, speech persuades The immense and inscrutable processes of the world all perfect themselves within, in a deep and august silence, covered by a noisy and misleading surface of sound —the stir of innumerable waves above, the fathomless resistless mass of the ocean's waters below Men see the waves, they hear the rumour and the thousand voices and by these they judge the course of the future and the heart of God's intention; but in nine cases out of ten
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Yoga and Hypnotism   WHEN the mind is entirely passive, then the force of Nature which works in the whole of animate and inanimate creation, has free play; for it is in reality this force which works in man as well as in the sun and star There is no doubt of this truth whether in Hinduism or in Science This is the thing called Nature, the sum of cosmic force and energy, which alone Science recognises as the source of all work and activity This also is the Prakriti of the Hindus to which under different names Sankhya and Vedanta agree in assigning a similar position and function in the Universe But the immediate question is whether this force can act in man ind
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Title: 1352
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1352 MISCELLANEOUS NOTATIONS c. FEBRUARY ­ APRIL 1927   [1]   No power will descend tonight. Knowledge first, power afterwards. Telepathy perfects itself first, then tapas, then the supreme T2. Till then nothing else can be finally perfect. == Tonight Ananda, Drishya, Knowledge, Telepathic and Tapasic T2. —   [2]   There can be no doubt of the result. Only the time is doubtful and the full extent of the achievement. Tomorrow the entire lifting of the obstacle. Once more a free and rapid action. There is also
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Title: 1319
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1319 VEDIC EXPERIENCE, 14 AND 15 DECEMBER 1913   I. [176]1  यस्य विश्र्वानि हस्तयोः पंच क्षितीनां वसु | स्पाशयस्व यो अस्मध्रुग् दिव्येवाशनिर्जहि || असुन्वंतं समं जहि दूणाशं यो न ते मयः | अस्मभ्यमस्य वेदनं दद्धि सूरिश्र्चिदोते ||   O thou in whose two hands are all the possessions of our five dwelling places, make clear to our eyes him who betrays us, slay him even in heaven becoming the thunderbolt. Slay him who presses not out the nectar, the indifferent and oppressed in hope, who is not thy lover, give us the knowledge of him becoming utterly
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of Sri Aurobindo/English/CWSA/Record of Yoga/7 JANUARYto 1 FEBRUARY 1927.htm
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1410 AUTOMATIC WRITING, c. 1920   Manek. Manek is the name of the old introducer of the writing. Let us get rid of him at once. My name does not greatly matter. I am a spirit of the higher realms not present on the earth, but communicating from above. First, let me tell the purpose of the script. It is to open a first means of embodied communication with the other worlds. There can be other means, but this was the readiest at the time. In all respects it was the most suitable. As a beginning only. The object now is to introduce the wider knowledge of past, present and future beyond the range of the present terrestrial mind—That is all today—   1411 AUTOMATIC WRITINGS,