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Peace and Silence  CALM Be very careful to remain always calm and peaceful and let an integral equanimity establish itself more and more completely in your being. Do not allow your mind to be too active and to live in a turmoil, do not jump to conclusions from a superficial view of things; always take your time, concentrate and decide only in quietness. Mother, for several days I have been suffering a lot. It is the inner being that suffers and always wants to unite with the divine consciousness but cannot be- cause of the outer consciousness. Mother, really I am suffering.   You know that it is indispensable to be calm; you must try hard to
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DEPRESSION How to avoid attacks of depression? Do not pay attention to the depression and act as if it was not there. 31 March 1934 * My heart feels arid, sad and gloomy, Mother. Why don't you try to read something beautiful and interesting and turn your attention away from yourself? That is the best remedy.  6 September 1935 * Do not indulge in such ridiculous ideas. “Madness” and “hell” and “dark cell” are all in your imagination. You had better replace them by the sense of my love and blessings.  9 October 1937 * My dear child, I hope your poem is only a poem and that you are not truly suffering from depression. Indeed, depression is t
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Mistakes MISTAKES CAN BE EFFACED If errors and mistakes could not be effaced at every moment, there would be no hope of salvation for the world. Do not give too much importance to the little incidents of life. The importance of these incidents lies in the extent to which they have served you to make a progress.             And once the progress has been made, the consequences of past errors, if there are any, disappear through the intervention of the divine Grace. For the Supreme Lord, sin does not exist ― all defect can be effaced by sincere aspiration and by transformation. What you feel is the aspiration of your soul that wants to discover the Divine an
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The Guru In an age like ours success alone counts and the material satisfactions it brings. However, an ever-increasing number of dissatisfied people are seeking to know the reason of life. And, on the other hand, there are sages who know and strive to help suffering humanity and to spread the light of knowledge. When the two meet, he who knows and he who wants to know, there springs up a new hope in the world, and a little light penetrates the prevailing darkness. The western mind always finds it difficult to submit totally to a Guru and without total and unquestioning surrender to the Guru his help to you is paralysed. That is why generally I advise westerners to
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Relationship with the Divine All is relative except the Supreme. The Supreme alone is absolute; but as the Supreme is at the centre of each being, each being carries in himself his absolute. After all, it is very simple, we have only to become what we are in the depths of our being. 18 May 1954 * There is nothing more beautiful than to unite with the divine Consciousness. One is sure to find what one seeks ― if one seeks it in all sincerity; for what one seeks is within oneself. None can say to the Divine, “I have known Thee'', and yet all carry Him in themselves, and in the silence of their soul can hear the echo of the Divine's voic
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Duty towards the Divine and Others Duty towards the Divine is far more sacred than any social or family duty; it is all the more sacred because within the human collectivity it is almost wholly ignored or misunderstood. One who has given himself to the Divine has no longer any other duty than to make that consecration more and more perfect. The world and those who live in it have always wanted to put human − social and family − duty before duty to the Divine, which they have stigmatised as egoism. How indeed could they judge otherwise, they who have no experience of the reality of the Divine? But for the divine regard their opinion has no value, their will has
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HONESTY Honesty is the best protection. A peaceful heart is the best reward of honesty. Be sincere and honest and your mind will be at rest.                                                                                                                                                           10 December 1959 * Vital honesty: not to allow our sensations and desires to falsify our judgement and determine our action. Mental honesty: one does not try to deceive others or to deceive oneself. Mental sincerity: the essential condition for integral honesty. SPEAK ALWAYS THE TRUTH To speak always the truth is the highest
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All bitterness in life always comes from the ego refusing to abdicate. All that happens is to teach us one and the same lesson, unless we get rid of our ego there is no peace either for ourselves or for others. And without ego life becomes such a wonderful marvel!... We can contemplate the divine smile when we have conquered our ego. Without the play of ego, there would be no conflicts; and if there were not in the vital a tendency to drama, there would be no dramatic happenings in life. Yes, those who live in their ego live constantly in an ugly drama. If people were a little less selfish things would not be so bad. Meanwhile we must meet all these adverse circumst
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Collaboration and Harmony in Work   The field of work does not change. What you are doing now, you will continue to do. It is in the attitude in the work, especially in the relation with the other workers, that the change must take place. Each one sees the work in his own way and believes it is the only true way, the only way that expresses the Divine Will. But none of these ways is completely true; it is only by rising above these divided conceptions that one can reach a better understanding of the Divine's Will. This means mutual understanding and collaboration instead of opposition and clash of wills and feelings.  23 May 1934 * For harmony and better wor
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Truth and Speech TRUTH Effort towards the truth should exist in every man of goodwill. Our life ought to be governed by the Love for Truth and the thirst for Light. Absolute truthfulness must govern life if one wants to be close to the Divine. Only those who are perfectly truthful can be my true children.  13 December 1933 * Let the light of Truth be born upon earth from today and for ever.  21 February 1953 * The Light of Truth broods over the world to permeate and mould its future. Page ― 204 Everything must be transformed by the knowledge of the Truth.