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Well, yesterday I saw R. He was asking me questions about his work and particularly about the knowledge of languages (he's a scholar, you know, and very familiar with the old traditions). This put me in contact with that whole world and I began speaking to him a little about what I had already said to you concerning my experience with the Vedas. And all at once, in the same [absolute] way as I told you, when I entered into contact with that world a whole domain seemed to open up, a whole field of knowledge from the standpoint of languages, of the Word, of the essential Vibration, that vibration which would be able to reproduce the supramental consciousness. It
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The A rya began in June 1914, and the first issue was scheduled to come out on August 15, Sri Aurobindo's birthday; and the war broke out before the first issue appeared - on August 3, I believe - a very interesting point. June 21 was Paul Richard's birthday, [[On June 28, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated at Sarajevo. ]] so on that day we announced the coming publication of the A rya and that the first issue would appear on August 15. Between June 21 and August 15, the war broke out. But since everything was ready we went ahead and published it. page 369 - Mother's Agenda, volume -2 , 5th Nov. 1961 I wrote in my book
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And then there have been certain political problems [[Mother is probably alluding to difficulties in obtaining the dismissal of the Defense Minister, Krishna Menon. It might be recalled that, under Nehru, India's foreign policy was quite pro-Chinese (the slogan of the day was Hindi-Chini-bhai-bhai: Indians and Chinese are brothers), and when China began to sweep down into India, the Defense Minister calmly left for London on some mission or other, declaring: oh, it's nothing! ]] - all this making for a bit of work, which turned out rather well. But it's always mixed, never the full thing; there's always a result, but not THE result.... I don't think "the" res
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I am with you because I AM you or you are me. 'I am with you' means a world of things, for I am with you at every level, on every plane, from the supreme consciousness to my most physical consciousness. Here, in Pondicherry, you cannot breathe without breathing my consciousness. It permeates the atmosphere in the subtle physical almost materially and extends right to the lake, seven miles away from here. Beyond, my consciousness can be felt in the material vital, and then on the mental and the other higher planes everywhere. When I came here for the first time, I felt Sri Aurobindo's atmosphere, felt it materially, ten miles from the shore - ten nautical miles,
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That's what I always tell those who criticize the government: "You deserve to be put in the place of the Prime Minister, or any other minister, with decisions to make; and with the responsibility placed on you, suppose you suddenly had to decide on things of which you know nothing - you'd soon see what fun it is!" You see, to govern properly, you have to be ... you have to be a sage! You should have a universal vision and be above all personal questions.... There is not one - not one. page 53 , Mother's Agenda , volume 4 , 19th Feb 1963
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Another thing: we happened to talk of Sri Aurobindo and Lele.' Concerning Lele, X told me, 'He was a devotee of the Bhaskaraya School; this is why there is close connection ...' I do not know if this is so, but X seemed to know. page 319 - Mother's Agenda , volume -1 , 13th June
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The most recent incident took place a few days ago, for there was a general excitement in the factory due to the expected visit of a government minister during the day. That afternoon, exactly at half past three, I felt that I had to make a little concentration. So I paid attention and saw poor L' praying to me. He was praying, praying, calling me - such a strong call that it pulled me. I was having my bath (you know what happens when I'm very strongly pulled - I'm stopped right in the very midst of a gesture, then the consciousness goes wandering off! And I can't do anything, it stops me dead. That's exactly what happened to me in the bathroom). When I saw what was
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I have seen other things - but I have rarely seen anything favorable in churches. Here, I remember going to M I was taken inside and received there in quite an unusual way - a highly respected person introduced me as a 'great saint'! They led me up to the main altar where people are not usually allowed to go, and what did I see there! ... An asura (oh, not a very high-ranking one, more like a rakshasa [[Rakshasa: demon of the vital plane, as opposed to an asura, a demon of the mental world. ]] ), but such a monster! Hideous.... So I went wham! (gesture of giving a blow) I thought something was going to happen.... But this being left the altar and came over to tr
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Then there is a doctor, V., who comes here twice a year to give a check-up to all who take part in the physical education program and all the children. He is an extremely honest and sincere man who believes in the mission of medical science. Each time he comes, I write something in his diary on the day of his departure (his whole diary is full of things I've written - they usually appear in the Bulletin or somewhere). On that very same day I learned that V. was leaving, and it suddenly came to me - so clearly! Falsehood in the body - that sort of juxtaposition of contraries, the inversion of the Vibration (only it doesn't really invert - it's a curious phenomenon: