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Resource name: /E-Library/Disciples/Tehmi/English/Tehmi's painting of Sri Aurobindo - gift to Narad.htm
  Below are the lines from Savitri that Tehmi wrote on the back of the painting. He must enter the eternity of Night And know God’s darkness as he knows his Sun. For this he must go down into the pit, For this he must invade the dolorous Vasts. *                  *                  * His love has paved the mortal’s road to heaven: He has given his life and light to balance here The dark account of mortal ignorance. Savitri
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Demeter and Persephone A MYSTERY PLAY THÉMIS SRI AUROBINDO INTERNATIONAL CENTRE OF EDUCATION PONDICHERRY First Published 21 February 1995 (Typeset in 11/13 Palatino) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT My sincere thanks go to all my friends who have encouraged me to publish this play and specially to the friend who has in addition financed the publication. © Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust 1995 Published by Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education Printed at Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press, Pondicherry, 605 002 PRINTED IN INDIA
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ACT IV SCENE 1 A room in Zeus' palace. He is looking out of a large window. Ananke, unveiled, stands a little behind him. Zeus Behold, Ananke, how the earth has blossomed Since that gold dawn when thy strong sanctioning word Put its white seal upon my Will, and I Sent forth my child divine into those depths, The rocky dark abyss where Pluto reigns - My child, my Fire-Soul, to dwell within his Night. Ananke I saw and sanctioned thy vast, all-wise plan. Zeus So too, Demeter, loving my pure Will, Consented to the Separation hard, And gave our child, a portion of herself, Self of her self, made of her light and bliss;
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DRAMATIS PERSONAE ZEUS, the Supreme Godhead PLUTO, brother of Zeus, King of the "Underworld" HERMES, messenger of Zeus HELIOS, the Sun-god HESPERUS, the Evening Star HYLON, captain of Pluto's Fort A CHILD, Metaneira's son THE FOUR TITANS A GNOME SEVERAL IMPS (Spry is one of them) MANY SMALL BEINGS: Beings of the Mind Beings of the Vital Beings of the Physical OTHER DARK, UGLY BEINGS DEMETER, the Great Mother-Goddess PERSEPHONE, her daughter by Zeus ANANKE, goddess: the Will of Zeus ATHENE, goddess of Wisdom and War APHRODITE, goddess of Beauty GAIA, the Earth-goddess IRIS (child-
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a dream-fact vision of a truth' DEMETER AND PERSEPHONE: A Mystery Play "Myth is a true story because it is a sacred story, not only by virtue of its content but also by the concrete sacral forces which it sets to work." R. PETTAZZONI Sri Aurobindo:. Alone, she harbours the Absolute Power and the ineffable Presence;... calling the Truths that have to be manifested she brings them down from the Mystery in which they were hidden into the light of her infinite consciousness and gives them a form... and a body in the universe. ...all is her manifestation of the mysteries of the Eternal, the miracles of the Infinite; The aspiration of the psychi