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SUMMARY OF BOOK SIX CANTO I THE WORD OF FATE Narad, the sage, from Paradise came chanting through the air "bordering the mortal's plane". He came attracted by the golden summar-earth that lay like a bowl "tilted upon a table of the Gods" He came from happy paths of the immortals "to a world of toil and quest and grief and hope", of death and life. From Mind he passed to Matter. He passed through a sea of ether and then through "primal air", from there he went through the "creative fire" and saw its triple power "to build and form". "He beheld the cosmic Being at his task" and "the eternal labour of the Gods". Then a change of mood came over Narad:
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SUMMARY OF BOOK ELEVEN THE BOOK OF EVERLASTING DAY CANTO ONE THE ETERNAL DAY: THE SOUL'S CHOICE AND SUPREME CONSUMMATION NOW God's everlasting day surrounded Savitri: She lived in the finite fronts of Infinity—they were ever new to an everlasting sight. Delights, grandeur, powers, scenes, forms—all came from the eternal Source. Night was impossible there. It was "a march of universal power in Time" harbouring a cosmic rapture in endless figuring of the spirit. Of all that was there "eternity was the substance and the source". All occult planes were seen and found active: "seven immortal earths", ''homes of the blest", pastures of eter
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