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April 29, 1973 (Mother sees Sujata. Sujata enters Mother's room after sitting a long time outside, in front of Mother's door, engrossed in the English translation of the "Sannyasin." Mother takes her hands.) Your contact is most pleasant, my child, I can tell you that. Most pleasant. Page 406
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/March 3_1973.htm
March 3, 1973 We have nothing for the next Bulletin, no "Notes. (silence) One would like to know if one is on the right path ... What path? Your path, the path to the new consciousness. (Mother indicates that she does not want to talk) For the moment, the real Force - the real Force - is in silence. (Mother plunges in) Page 373
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/April 14_1973.htm
April 14, 1973 (Mother is very short of breath, she seems to be in pain.) My nervous system is being transferred to the Supramental. It feels like ... you know, what people call "neurasthenia" [[Mother may have used this term in its original Greek root meaning: "strengthless nerves." Unless she meant "neuralgia" in its broader sense. ]] - they have no idea what it is; but the entire nervous system is.... It's worse than dying. [[We recall Mother also saying, "When people come into my room with ill thoughts, all the nerves are tortured." ]] Yes, Mother. But I think ... I think I can transmit the divine Vibration. Oh, yes, definitely! Will you tell me if you feel it? Bu
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/March 17_1973.htm
March 17, 1973 I had a question I wanted to ask you. What is it? I was wondering about the difference between.... Youremember, in the past you used to go into trance, into the inner states. I wanted to know the difference between the trance you knew in the past and the one now? Completely different. So it isn't a "trance." No. Page 377 No, it's another type of consciousness. The difference is such that I wonder ... sometimes I wonder how it is possible - at times, it is so new, so unexpected it's almost painful. Aah!... So I ask myself, "What?" And externally I see but one solution: externally - I repeat OM Namo Bhagavateh. Constantly - that's for the o
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/June 7_1972.htm
June 7, 1972 What do You bring? ... And how do you feel? Well, I think I can feel your presence better. Ahh! In fact, I feel that alone can straighten things out. It's the Lord's presence passing through me - through what people call "me." An aggregate of cells which ... (laughing) took this form pretty long ago! Yes, but this form is very.... This form is.... It's most peculiar, you know: that [cellular] consciousness gives an impression of something trying to become fluid. Something is obviously trying to make it manifest a ... an otherness. Be an otherness. But how? ... (silence) The body is comfortable only when it is conscious of the divine Force acting (ges
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/April 18_1973.htm
April 18, 1973 What would you like? Stay like this. (Mother takes Satprem's hands and goes off immediately) Page 404
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/February 2_1972.htm
February 2, 1972 (Mother listens to the English translation of "Notes on the Way" of December 18, 1971, which causes a good deal of confusion between R., the American translator, and Nolini: "a muddle." Mother stops in particular at the following sentence.) "... Everything was simply taken away from me - themind is completely gone. If you like, in appearance, I had Page 51 become an idiot. I didn't know anything. And it's the physical mind that developed little by little, little by little ..." (Mother comments in English) One shouldn't repeat "little by little." It is not little by little. It was rapid because it took place suddenly. It came like
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/November 26_1972.htm
November 26, 1972 (A Note by Mother in English) Before dying falsehood rises in full swing. Still people understand only the lesson of catastrophe.Will it have to come before they open their eyes to the truth ? I ask an effort from all so that it has not to be. It is only the Truth that can save us: truth in words,truth in action, truth in will, truth in feelings. It is a choice between serving the Truth or being destroyed Page 316
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/April 22_1972.htm
April 22, 1972 (Mother silently hands some flowers to Satprem. Then she looks ... at what? She seems quite tired. Satprem informs her that he is moving to his new house at "Nandanam," on the outskirts of Pondicherry. Mother goes off ... somewhere, for forty minutes.) Page 162
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_13/January 15_1972.htm
January 15, 1972 (Mother gives Satprem her latest notes.) Do you have all these papers? ... I had given this message [in 1966]: Let us serve the Truth, [[Italics indicate words Mother spoke in English. ]] and someone asked me (in a childlike tone), "What is the Truth?" So I answered: Put yourself at the service of Truth, and you will know the Truth. *** Is it possible to develop in oneself a capacity forhealing? By consciously uniting with the Divine Force, all is possible in principle. But a procedure has to be found, depending on the case and the individual. The first condition is to have a physical nature that gives energy rather than draws energy from others.