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February 1, 1969 (Mother first translates into French the following extract from a letter of Sri Aurobindo:) "As for immortality, it cannot come if there is attachment to the body, - for it is only by living in the immortal part of oneself which is unidentified with the body and bringing down its consciousness and force into the cells that it can come. I speak of course of yogic means. The scientists now hold that it is (theoretically at least) possible to discover physical means by which death can be overcome, but that would mean only a prolongation of the present consciousness in the present body Unless there is a change of consciousness and change of functionings
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November 29, 1969 I have news of the healer - not from him, indirectly First, N.S.'s husband said that A.R. went to see her several times, and he writes, "She is completely cured, free from pain anywhere." He said she would write (she was very busy - they're terribly busy there at this time). We'll wait for her letter to see whether it's continuing. The second thing is T. from Calcutta: he said A.R. was coming to Calcutta and had asked him to put him up along with HIS GURU! ... It seems he's found a guru .... Good! So T. didn't like it much, he told me, "The guru, I don't feel like receiving him." I said, "Receive him and tell us who he is" - so as to know who this famous g
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/August 9_1969.htm
August 9, 1969 UNESCO want to publish a brochure on "tolerance," and they wrote to K. to ask him for a message from me. So I wrote something (Mother laughs), here it is: "Tolerance is only the first step towards wisdom. The need to tolerate indicates the presence of preferences. He whose consciousness is one with the Supreme Consciousness meets all things with a perfect equanimity" They puff themselves up like that, they still think themselves highly superior because they have "tolerance" - and tolerance is looking down on things with contempt. (silence) Page 283 Have I seen you since that experience? ... I spent one night (but I forget which), it was strange .... I
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/January 4_1969.htm
January 4, 1969 (Mother gives roses to Satprem, then breathes in the smell of a bunch of small yellow flowers [[Hymenantherum, small yellow daisies. ]] near her.) It smells nice! It's for my own satisfaction. These, and the "New Birth," [[Origanum vulgare, marjoram. ]] oh, these two fragrances are so clean .... (Pointing to the bunch of daisies) This is "Simple Sincerity" You know, a sincerity that doesn't make any fuss! So what are you bringing me? Nothing, Mother. Nothing ... On the 1st, something really strange took place .... And I wasn't the only one to feel it, a few people felt it too. It began just after midnight, but I felt it at 2, and othe
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January 1, 1969 There's a frightful crush! And even as it is, I don't see half of the people who've asked to see me. I started at 8 this morning ... without stop. That's not too good! It's certainly less than half of what I've been asked. But naturally, there has to be a limit, otherwise it would start all over again as it was before. There was a time when I had only two hours for sleep and when I pretended to eat ... but ... One can do that for a time, but not for too long. It's not the physical work that tires, it's what people add. With some, after five minutes you feel as if everything is about to break apart; with others it's fine. With most people, I must say, wha
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January 29, 1969 What do you have to tell me? Me, I have nothing to say ... Are you tired? It's going on .... The difficulties of those around, of the work, of people, keep increasing, from health to understanding (there seems to be a general crisis), but the Help and the Power keep increasing too. It's like a sort of demonstration. But the difficulties are taking on rather unpleasant proportions. (long silence) Children are nicer and nicer! ... The NEW children are truly remarkable. Today I saw Ws little girl: she's two years old, I think, but she is as children used to be at the age of six or seven. Alert, intelligent ... It's strange. What do you have to say?
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/March 22_1969.htm
March 22, 1969 Two days ago (not yesterday, the day before), this Consciousness told me something; I said, "Very well," but it went on saying the same thing again and again and again, until I'd written it down! So here it is (Mother holds out a note). And it explained to me why there was "we." We will strive to make Aurovillethe cradle of the superman." Ah ... it's important news! (Mother smiles) So then, I said, "Why we'?" It answered, "It's because the attempt will be to get those who will live in Auroville to collaborate." Then, once I'd written it, it left me in peace, but until I did, it came back again and again .... It's more and more active. It's active in people:
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April 5, 1969 Now, what's the news of P.L.? He writes this: Rome, March 29, 1969 "When I canceled my ticket for Pondicherry, I felt a spell of giddiness as when one receives a sharp blow to the head and one's balance seems lost .... I was summoned to the Vatican and told to remain at the entire disposal of the Holy Father, who entrusts me with a grave and difficult question concerning the president of the Italian Episcopal Conference: I am asked to solve that problem. The Pope is counting on my skill, and so on. I was questioned about the reasons for my remarks of February 24 (on March 24, I did not open my mouth), for there had just been a
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_10/54_August 2_1969.htm
August 2, 1969 I've received a line from P.L. He is arriving on the 8th. He justwrites this: "The distress of these last few weeks is slowly turn ing into strength and calm .... I confess that I suffered a good deal from my failure regarding the Vatican, but after what you conveyed to me from Mother, everything is growing clearer ..." Yes, I had told him that it wasn't at all a question of outer triumph or failure, that the simple fact of his PRESENCE there acted as a kind of "relay" enabling the Light to enter there-the very fact of his being there. That's what I had told him. As for me, I'll add something. You understand, they made an attempt to unify all of Ch
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December 6, 1969 (Satprem reads out to Mother the conversation on the supramental Consciousness, which he proposes to publish in the next Bulletin.) I know many people who will read it with ... but it's not enough. Not enough, how do you mean? Page 464 I mean there are lots of people who won't understand a word of it. No, no, I don't think so. I don't know ... Nolini will have to be consulted. As for me, I think it will impel people to make an effort. (Mother laughs) Unless they say, "It's lost all meaning!" No, it can't be, because anyway there are things that are too fullof evident meaning! Really-really, it's the