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December 6, 1967 I saw you last night. Oh, yes? Do you remember?... No. We were in the subtle physical. I saw lots of people: Purani [a departed disciple] and so on, people who are no longer on earth. It was in Sri Aurobindo's ... not his house, but his domain. I saw and did lots of things. There were people who live on earth and people who no longer do: they were all together. And at the end (for many details Sri Aurobindo was there, then he left), at the end I looked at all that, and for the first time in the subtle physical, I said, "Oh, how insipid and useless your life is, and flavorless, when you don't think of the Divine." The experience was so acute! So acute. T
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June 21, 1967 A few days ago, I said something about Muslims and Israelites, and F. noted it down.... The impression it made on me (what should I say?) ... The whole life is gone, at any rate: it's hollow, dry, like an empty shell - well, the impression is of an unlit lamp. A lightless lamp! (Mother laughs) Here it is anyway: "The Muslims and Israelites [[Mother later explains (see p. 242) her dislike of the word "Jew." ]] represent the two religions in which faith in God is the most extreme. Only, the Israelites' faith is in an impersonal God, while the Muslims' faith is in a personal God. "Their enmity perhaps exists only because they are neighbors! ... I should add that it wa
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October 19, 1967 It seems the Gospel announces a great battle for this year.... For this year, in the Gospel! Not this year, but it says there will be a terrible battle before the second coming of Christ.... As for me, I know nothing about that! But a lady disciple in Holland has written a letter: it seems everyone there is terror-stricken, there's a panic in the whole country (!) and they say it's the year of the battle. And here in India (not concertedly, of course), astrologers have said that September and October are months of a terrible battle (maybe not a war, but a battle) between Truth and Falsehood. There in Holland, it seems it's like in the year 1000: they gather for
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November 29, 1967 Well, read me this letter. "Sweet Mother, in the Bulletin you said, 'Psychic memories... are unforgettable moments of life when the conscious ness is intense, luminous, strong, active, powerful, and sometimes also turning points in your life which gave it a new orientation. But never will you be able to describe the dress you wore or the gentleman with whom you spoke or the neighbors or the kind of field you were in.' (Questions and Answers of May 6, 1953) And regarding the memory of small details, you said, 'It's perfectly silly.' Page 392 "But then how is it that one often enough reads in newspapers the story of little chi
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August 16, 1967 What did you feel at the darshan yesterday - not "darshan," at the meditation?... Nothing special? No, Mother. It was fine, but I don't know. Ah ... (in a disappointed tone). You were at home? No, in Sri Aurobindo's room. Oh.... Do you know, I sat down when it was nearly time [for the meditation], maybe half a minute before, and instantly, without warning, like a staggering blow: such a powerful descent (I was completely stilled) of something.... At the same time Sri Aurobindo seemed to tell me (because the definition came along with the "thing" - it was a vision which wasn't a vision, which was absolutely concrete), and the word was golden peace. But
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September 6, 1967 I have four baskets full to the brim, more than a hundred letters to read! So in the morning (Mother shows a stack of letters on her table) this much comes, and in the afternoon it will be the same thing. Then A. comes in the evening at seven with other letters.... That is, twenty-five to thirty letters a day. Out of them, if I work hard, I can reply to four or five! So you understand, the residue piles up: four baskets! *** Soon afterwards I have made discoveries these last few days.... I have discovered that in former lives (I don't know which ones), my psychic being was several times in a tortured body. And it comes back for (how should I put it?) a coll
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_08/December 27_1967.htm
December 27, 1967 (Mother studies an enlargement of the photograph of the November 24 darshan, which she already commented on in the conversation of November 29.) I am beginning to think it's a sort of "prototype of a way of being." A prototype, up above, of a way of being. I don't know, it's that and not that; I don't know how to explain.... It strikes me as a photograph of what might be popularly called a "mood" - a universal way of being. It's very odd, at any rate. (Laughing) We could call it a mother's way of looking at her progeny, or the Creator's way of looking at his creation! ... Very odd. You see, we've always been given the picture of a smug and self-satisf
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May 17, 1967 I don't know if you would be interested in this: I've read an article on the electric power of cells. [[Sunday Standard, May 14, 1967. ]] Oh! An Italian professor did some research in Mexico. He says: "Human cells can generate enough elec trical energy to electrocute another human being standing eighteen feet away. Dr. Ruggiero, who feels that his experiments in human cells may result in the cure of paralysis, says that an electrical energy screen generated by human cells could be used to stop bullets. Electrical energy could make a 'human dynamo' capable not only of inflicting death, but of literally walking on air. By con necting cables t
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June 24, 1967 Much to say, but ... It's better to reach the end. It's a curve - it's better to reach the end. It's too early to talk. (After a silence) The near totality of the body's movements are movements of habit. There is, behind, the consciousness of the physical mind (what I call the "cellular mind") which, for its part, is constantly conscious of the divine Presence and anxious not to let in anything except That. So a whole work is going on to change, to shift the origin of movements. I mean that instead of that origin automatically being habit, the work is for the divine Consciousness and Presence to automatically be the prime mover (Mother makes the gesture of forcing the co
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July 26, 1967 (Mother, laughing, holds out to Satprem a note she has just written:) "The goal we aim at is immortality. Of all habits, death is certainly the most inveterate!" We could call our world "the world of bad habits." There has been for some time, I don't know, a sort of benevolent, smiling and ... constructive irony. As if a "spirit" had come. Then, there is another thing (but I know that one), which Sri Aurobindo used to call a censor. He told me, "You have a very strong censor in your atmosphere." It kept criticizing me constantly, all the time; not so often now, but it's still there. And now and then, it tells me, "But you shock people! They expect something nobl