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June 30, 1967 (About an Indian disciple from South Africa who has been jailed for a few months in Syria under the pretext that his banknotes were counterfeit.) ... They have no government to protect them. Before India's independence they had a British passport, but now the government of South Africa doesn't recognize them, the government of India doesn't look after them, so they're like that, neither fish nor fowl, and with no one to protect them. It's rather peculiar. There are a few here [in the Ashram] who still have a British passport, and they don't know what to do. They're neither this nor that, they're nothing I To those who are nice I say, "Never mind, you wil
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August 5, 1967 (Mother gives Satprem a quotation from Sri Aurobindo.) "I have never known any will of mine for one major event in the conduct of the world affairs to fail in the end, although it may take a long time for the world-forces to fulfill it." Sri Aurobindo (October 1932) It's very interesting! I didn't know Sri Aurobindo had said that so openly.... I knew the fact, I had noted it, but I didn't know he had said it so openly. Interesting. Everything is certain. (Mother nods her head) Page 256
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May 6, 1967 I made a speech to P. and A. (not "made a speech," but they told me about something and I started speaking), and P. tried to note it down. He hasn't read it to me, I don't know what he wrote; you can read it to me if you like. But wait.... On the morning of the 4th, when I got up (it was 4:30), suddenly I seemed to be sent ... well, it was as if I were sent a ball of lightning like this (Mother strikes her head). I said, "Ah, very well!" (Mother laughs) But it shook me! It was so strong that it shook me (I was sitting over there). Then came the explanation of the "message" for 4.5.67. It came in English. He told me, "You must say this, you must say this, you must ..." and it
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_08/January 28_1967.htm
January 28, 1967 Mother shows a note she has just written: I wrote this to someone here.... He hasn't been in India for a long time, and he doesn't understand anything about Indians - which isn't a crime, but he's full of scorn. Because he doesn't understand he is full of scorn. So I wrote him this: "One should be careful not to scorn what one does not understand, for innumerable are the marvels sealed from our narrow view. "The Lord has unsuspected splendors which He reveals progressively to our too limited under standing." Page 35 It's a whole category of ways of thinking. Those who think they have superior intelligence and scorn what they don't understand
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July 5, 1967 You remember that man who had left for Israel - the Indian Embassy has refused him a visa to come back here! ...[[Because India does not recognize Israel. ]] So he is forced to go to America (America is his country, he is American), he is going to America, and then, he writes to me, he will make some money so he can come and bring it to me! Another boy here was to go and work in Germany with E., everything was arranged, then Germany said, "No, we don't want any Indians." So there's universal brotherhood. But with the Israel affair and the stand they have taken, theIndians haven't made many friends. No, they haven't. Oh, but from Holland a woman who was here wr
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M o t h e r's   A g e n d a   Undated Undated ... because I do know nobody who could make a grown-up body into which I could step without losing my consciousness. Page 388 ISBN 2-902776-33-0
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December 13, 1967 Did you feel the earthquake?... It was in the morning of the day before yesterday, at 4:30. I didn't feel anything. But some people felt it and told me. Over there it was quite bad. [[In the Indian state of Maharashtra. ]] My mother reached Bombay on that day and felt it. All the dogs were howling; for three seconds houses were shaken. A small town has completely disappeared. [[The village of Konya. ]] But it's strange.... I wasn't asleep but was outside my body, so I didn't notice anything. It didn't wake up my body. But it must have been very weak here. I was awake but didn'tfeel anything. Page 411 (silence) Is there something beh
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January 11, 1967 ... In the afternoon, the lists [of appointments] have lengthened to such a point that I have no time left. Before, I used to start my daily work (the mail to be signed and so on) at 3:30, then it became four, and now it's quarter to five. There was a time when I finished at four, so I did the translation of Savitri (that was a very, very long time ago); later I finished at 4:30, so I still had time to take something, eat a little; now I finish after five, so (laughing) that settles it! It MUST be like that since it is like that. It's perhaps a lesson (it's an indication), but there is a purpose to it.[[This long phase of "invasion" from outside, which had start
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May 10, 1967 (Satprem reads Mother an old Playground talk of May 23, 1956, in which Mother suddenly asked various questions about the pronunciation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.) Was there something special that triggered your questions? At one time, I was very interested in knowing about it. I tried to recall the memory of the elements that lived at that time, but ... Yes, you say, "I wondered how they retrieved the names of the pharaohs and gods." Then you ask, "Is the Egyptians' language contemporary with the most ancient Sanskrit, or still more ancient?... Or is there another human language older than the oldest Sanskrit?" You also ask, "Is this hieroglyphic Egyptian langu
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November 15, 1967 Anything to say? No, the feeling is that unless something miraculous happens inthe way men understand it, well, it will take many centuries. But you never expected it not to take any time!? Obviously not. But I never thought, I never believed it could come fast. First of all, if one just tries with one's own body, as I do, one soon sees the difference between matter as it is, its constitution as it is, and ... well, and what we may conceive of a divine existence - "divine," that is, not tied down every second to the darkness of a nearly unconscious matter.... How long will it take? How long did it take to change the stone into the plant, the plant in