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July 27, 1966 Today is the birthday of Jyotin, the gardener. He brought me this, look! ... (Mother gives a double pink lotus) It's beautiful. Page 155 The day man will be like this ... There, exactly! Exactly what I was thinking. When you see this, you feel your infirmity. (Mother looks at the flower again) It's wonderful, isn't it? Man really isn't an improvement! ... He is full of miseries and ugly things, while this is so simple, so spontaneous. Yes, a few days ago the consciousness was under attack. All that is petty, sordid, ugly, oh ... poor, helpless, all that - it was such an avalanche! ... This poor body, it cried over its incapacity to express anything superior.
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November 3, 1966 Would you like to win 200,000 dollars? What does one have to do for that? One has to prove the existence of the soul after death. Oh, yes, yes, I know - that article.... "A $ 200,000 reward has been offered to anyone on this earth who can give some scientific proof of a soul of a human body which leaves at death. This was found in the will of James Kidd, an Arizona miner who died in 1951. Lawyers executing the will claim that if no real scientific proof is submitted the money will go to any research institute aimed at proving the existence of the human soul." ["The Hindu," October 26, 1966] Some people already have their argument ready, I've heard. A
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_07/December 17_1966.htm
December 17, 1966 A child from the School asked me, "How can mathematics, history or sciences help me to find you?" I found that quite amusing! Page 296 I answered: "They can help in several ways: 1. To be able to receive and bear the light of Truth, the mind must be strengthened, broadened and made supple. These studies are an excellent way to achieve this. 2. Sciences, if you study them deeply enough, will teach you the unreality of appearances and will thus lead you to the spiritual reality. 3. The study of all aspects and movements of physical Nature will bring you into contact with the universal Mother, and you will thus be nearer to me." I still remem
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_07/September 14_1966.htm
September 14, 1966 122 - If thou wouldst not be the fool of Opinion, first see wherein thy thought is true, then study wherein its opposite and contradiction is true; last, discover the cause of these differences and the key of God's harmony. Page 196 123 - An opinion is neither true nor false, but only serviceable for life or unserviceable ... (Mother laughs heartily) ... for it is a creation of Time and with time it loses its effect and value. Rise thou above opinion and seek wisdom everlasting. 124 - use opinion for life, but let her not bind thy soul in her fetters. 125 - Every law, however embracing or tyrannous, meets somewhere a contrary law by whic
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_07/January 14_1966.htm
January 14, 1966 (Following a "tourist" trip Satprem had to make in India for certain reasons.) Did you feel any difference? What difference? Between being here and being in Bangalore? Oh, to me it was all infernal. All that is hell. Oh, that's the effect it had on you? Oh, yes! Then it's all right. Tourism and all that is hell. I did my job - not very well, but I did it. Then it's all right. Page 16 To tell you the whole truth, that's what you said to me, [[In the inner consciousness. ]] but I wanted to know if you had felt it outwardly. I knew it almost right away. And then there was between us a different contact from the one we have here, and it ex
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_07/January 19_1966.htm
January 19, 1966 (Mother copies out in her thick white notebook a few lines from her translation of "Savitri.") ... Near my pen, there is a small disk of Sri Aurobindo's light, which sparkles and sparkles.... I see it more than my handwriting. It's no bigger than this (two inches) and it shines, it shines brightly - blue light, of the silvery blue that was Sri Aurobindo's blue. It shines and shines, and it moves along with my fingers. [[Mother had already made a similar remark last year. See Agenda VI, conversation of November 6, 1965, p. 287. ]] And when I speak, when I say things that "come," there are two disks (I don't know why). Not one, but two, and they are bigger (about f
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_07/November 19_1966.htm
M o t h e r's   A g e n d a   1966-11-19 November 19, 1966 (Mother holds out a small rose to Satprem:) I have a lovely rose for you. Do you know what it is? No, Mother. I thought as much! What is it? It's true tenderness: that of the Divine. People don't know, they always think of something very human. But it's not human ... (Mother closes her eyes and remains standing in concentration) It's extremely luminous, rose-colored, slightly golden ... always smiling.... It's a very particular sensation. (After a long silence) Everything is like a beautiful pink rose - a beautiful rose. It's better than that, much better ... (how can I put it?). No difficulties can exist - they don't exist [when one i
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December 14, 1966 ... On the 16th, Friday, I have eighty-five people to see! ... It's a miracle if I am not in a complete daze. Yes, you lead an impossible life. Oh, day and night. I couldn't put up with your life for a minute. (Mother laughs) Starting from 8 in the morning, this place is frightful. And they're not content! They want more. Even humanly it's not possible. Oh, I can guarantee it's humanly impossible. I know what it is, I have constantly to ... to disappear into the Supreme. Otherwise, it's not possible. The physical personality constantly, constantly goes away like this (gesture upward) so He alone may be there. Otherwise I couldn't hold out. Fo
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December 24, 1966 (Regarding the School's pupils:) From every side they ask the question (they are all like that), "What IS the Truth? What do you mean when you speak of the Truth?" They want a mental definition of the Truth.... Truth cannot be expressed in the mind's terms. That's the point. And all the questions they ask are mental ones. Truth cannot be formulated, it cannot be defined, but it can be LIVED. And one who has completely dedicated himself to the Truth, who wants to live the Truth and serve the Truth, will know EVERY MINUTE what he has to do: it will be a sort of intuition or revelation (more often than not wordless, but sometimes also expressed in word
Resource name: /E-Library/Works of The Mother/English/Agenda/Volume_07/April 23_1966.htm
April 23, 1966 Mother hands Satprem a brochure on Auroville The photos are very pretty. One is quite like a nebula. Practically, is it moving? It seems to be going quite well. A very widespread collective response, and from the two opposite sides: the whole Communist side is moving, and the whole financial, American side is moving. There is an effervescence. It's sure to work, I KNOW it exists - the city is already there (it has been for many, many years). Interestingly, my creation was with Sri Aurobindo in the center, then when Sri Aurobindo left, I let it all rest, I didn't budge anymore. Then it suddenly started coming again, as if to say, "Now is the time, it must be